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Post EU ElectionsPolitical interference row between Norway and Hungary escalates

04.06.14 @ 16:57

Norway summoned the Hungarian ambassador in Oslo to the foreign ministry on Wednesday (4 June) after the Hungarian authorities two days earlier raided the offices of NGOs involved in administrating aid from the Nordic ...

EUobservedSelf-determined MEPs

22.11.13 @ 09:30

This EU week shall be remembered for bringing us closer to imagining a day where the phrase ‘travelling circus’ can be consigned to a bin. Preferably in Strasbourg. Although it’s still not the done thing to say that ...

FocusArctic region to see greater focus in EU aid

09.10.13 @ 09:26

In September this year a container ship for the first time completed a trip from China to Rotterdam through the Russian Arctic. The captain docked in the Dutch port after a month of sailing and in the knowledge that his ...

Six EU leaders to skip Nobel gala

30.11.12 @ 09:51

Six EU leaders, including the UK, are to skip the Nobel gala next month, as criticism of the award multiplies. Nobel Institute director Geir Lundestad told EUobserver on Friday (30 November) that 18 EU leaders will come ...

Pride, confusion and sour grapes after EU wins Nobel

13.10.12 @ 08:30

EU officials weary of being sniped at for their handling of the crisis or their big salaries got a morale boost on Friday (12 October) when the five people on the Nobel Peace Prize committee in Norway gave the world's ...

VideoNorway shows female quotas can work

08.03.12 @ 18:19

EU commission vice-president Viviane Reding wants to see more women on boards in top European companies. For this reason, she is threatening to introduce quotas and sanctions. Some say it will not work, but it has been ...

OpinionThe other answer to terrorism is more democracy

12.09.11 @ 08:57

When I boarded the plane in Stockholm to fly to Oslo recently, no one asked me to show my ID. This stunned me – all the more so when I noticed the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Daniel boarding the same ...

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