Barroso clashes with Italy over published budget warning

Today @ 15:32

European Commission president Barroso has hit out at Italy for publishing a letter the commission sent asking Rome to justify its budget for 2015.


EU leaders gear up for heated climate summit

Today @ 09:29

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for what are expected to be tough negotiations on climate targets. The economy and Ebola will also be discussed.

Poll shows UK support for EU at 20-year high

Today @ 13:38

The rise of the UK Independence party has coincided with increased support for Britain remaining part of the EU, according to a survey published on Wednesday.

EU parliament approves Juncker commission

22.10.14 @ 13:57

MEPs have approved Juncker's new EU commission, with a slightly smaller majority than in 2010, and following a number of concessions on portfolios.

Irish senators build EU momentum on Palestine recognition

Today @ 09:28

Irish senators have urged the government to recognise Palestine, as the EU prepares to set out new red lines on Israel relations.

An American in Strasbourg: US ambassador woos MEPs on trade pact

Today @ 10:24

The new US ambassador is to come to the EU parliament more often, amid efforts to include investor protection in the EU-US trade deal.

Quarter of a million Ukrainians came to EU last year

Today @ 09:34

Ukrainians obtained more EU first residence permits last year than any other nationality, according to the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat.

MEPs withhold millions from EU commission over transparency

22.10.14 @ 17:59

The European Parliament on Wednesday punched a €3.8 million hole in the EU commission 2015 budget as leverage until the Brussels-executive improves its transparency record.

Still no Russia gas deal as Europe heads into winter

22.10.14 @ 08:37

With temperatures already near freezing in eastern Europe, Ukraine will hold elections on Sunday amid uncertainty on Russian gas supplies.

Bank rescue fund to rely on big lenders

22.10.14 @ 09:29

Europe's biggest banks will foot almost all of the bill for a new EU rescue fund for stricken lenders, according to a plan published on Tuesday.

Greece fined for violating asylum seekers' rights

21.10.14 @ 18:08

Asylum seekers in Italy and Greece are a step closer of having their rights vindicated following a verdict on Tuesday at the European Court of Human Rights.

EU fiscal rules won't be changed, says Juncker

22.10.14 @ 19:55

TThe EU's rules on debts and deficits will not be re-written, Juncker told MEPs in his first speech as European Commission president.

Former Polish FM causes scandal on Russia interview

22.10.14 @ 09:30

He came close to being the EU’s new foreign policy chief, but Sikorski’s political future is in doubt over his handling of a press interview.

Culture MEPs rebel against Juncker

21.10.14 @ 19:44

A handful of Liberal, Green, leftist and anti-establishment MEPs dealing with culture have called for a boycott against the Juncker commission because of his Hungarian nominee.

New accounting rules save EU deficit

21.10.14 @ 18:01

Budget deficits in the EU were within the limits set out in the bloc's stability pact in 2013 thanks to changes to accounting rules.