Danish parliament to vote on Palestine recognition

24.11.14 @ 20:03

Danish MPs are to vote on a resolution instructing Denmark to recognise Palestine, but its foreign minister has told EUobserver the time is not right.


EU still undecided on France deficit

24.11.14 @ 09:22

Hawks and doves within the EU commission and member states continue to disagree on how to deal with France's budget deficit, seen as a credibility test for the EU.

EU parliament to vote on Palestine statehood

21.11.14 @ 18:12

MEPs will add their voice to EU pressure on Palestine recognition next week, but diplomats say only the US can make a difference.

German commissioner provokes French wrath

21.11.14 @ 18:11

German commissioner Oettinger has drawn French anger with two rogue op-eds on French over-spending. But did he really act alone?

Le Pen borrowed €9mn from Kremlin-linked bank

24.11.14 @ 09:28

Far-right French party Front National borrowed €9 million from a Russian bank, posing questions over its relationship with the Kremlin.


Romania's Obama moment

21.11.14 @ 12:00

Romania's election of an ethnic German is being compared to America's election of a black president. But who is Iohannis and what does he mean for Romania and the region?

Netherlands to pay EU top-up bill this year

21.11.14 @ 16:34

The Netherlands is paying its extra EU bill, a net payment of €642 million, before the end of 2014, well ahead of the extended deadline of 1 September 2015.

Supra-national border guard system on EU radar

19.11.14 @ 18:41

The EU's new migration chief, Greek politician Dimitris Avramopoulos, wants to create a European system of border guards.

EU commission will use LuxLeaks for new cases

20.11.14 @ 19:08

EU anti-trust chief Vestager will use "Luxembourg Leaks" as "market information" which may lead to further probes into the duchy's deals with big firms.

Hungary triggers rule of law 'debates' in EU council

20.11.14 @ 11:14

EU affairs ministers will hold regular debates on the state of rule of law in the EU, a move seen as a watered-down response to democracy slippages in Hungary.

EU commission promises transparency on lobbyists and US trade talks

19.11.14 @ 15:44

The EU commission has promised to publish all contacts with lobbyists and to give US free-trade talks documents to all MEPs in a new transparency drive. Meanwhile, it backed away from scrapping its first 'unnecessary' EU law.

Ukip claims second election triumph, piles pressure on Cameron

21.11.14 @ 09:26

Ukip continued its insurgency into mainstream British politics on Thursday by claiming its second by-election victory in as many months.

Anti-IS coalition heads to Brussels for first meeting

20.11.14 @ 18:15

The 60-odd members of the US-led global coalition to counter the Islamic state is set to meet for the first time in early December in Brussels.

EU court to throw out UK's bank bonus challenge

20.11.14 @ 15:14

The UK is set to lose its legal battle to overturn EU rules capping bank bonuses after a top legal officer in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said London's case had "no legitimate grounds".

Courts can order EU governments to do more for clean air

19.11.14 @ 18:25

National courts can force EU states to meet clean air targets even if EU institutions grant delays, according to a new verdict by Europe's top tribunal.