EU parliament approves Juncker commission

Today @ 13:57

MEPs have approved Juncker's new EU commission, with a slightly smaller majority than in 2010, and following a number of concessions on portfolios.


MEPs withhold millions from EU commission over transparency

Today @ 17:59

The European Parliament on Wednesday punched a €3.8 million hole in the EU commission 2015 budget as leverage until the Brussels-executive improves its transparency record.

Still no Russia gas deal as Europe heads into winter

Today @ 08:37

With temperatures already near freezing in eastern Europe, Ukraine will hold elections on Sunday amid uncertainty on Russian gas supplies.

Bank rescue fund to rely on big lenders

Today @ 09:29

Europe's biggest banks will foot almost all of the bill for a new EU rescue fund for stricken lenders, according to a plan published on Tuesday.

EU fiscal rules won't be changed, says Juncker

Today @ 19:55

TThe EU's rules on debts and deficits will not be re-written, Juncker told MEPs in his first speech as European Commission president.

Former Polish FM causes scandal on Russia interview

Today @ 09:30

He came close to being the EU’s new foreign policy chief, but Sikorski’s political future is in doubt over his handling of a press interview.

Culture MEPs rebel against Juncker

21.10.14 @ 19:44

A handful of Liberal, Green, leftist and anti-establishment MEPs dealing with culture have called for a boycott against the Juncker commission because of his Hungarian nominee.

Greece fined for violating asylum seekers' rights

21.10.14 @ 18:08

Asylum seekers in Italy and Greece are a step closer of having their rights vindicated following a verdict on Tuesday at the European Court of Human Rights.

Fire-walking EU commissioner clears path for Juncker

21.10.14 @ 09:28

Slovenian commissioner Violeta Bulc has survived a three-hour hearing by MEPs, clearing the way for Juncker's team to be voted in on Wednesday.

EU to uphold Russia sanctions

21.10.14 @ 09:29

EU states decided to uphold sanctions on Russia and to better co-ordinate their response to the Ebola crisis at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

Belgium's main airport starts Ebola screening

20.10.14 @ 09:29

Belgium's main airport, which gets four direct flights a week from the Ebola zone in west Africa, began screening arrivals in the small hours of Monday.

New accounting rules save EU deficit

21.10.14 @ 18:01

Budget deficits in the EU were within the limits set out in the bloc's stability pact in 2013 thanks to changes to accounting rules.

Far-right Polish MEP saves Farage group

20.10.14 @ 19:42

Farage’s eurosceptic group in the EU parliament has been saved by a Pole with unusual views on women.

Lawyers shortlisted for EU data chief post

20.10.14 @ 17:56

Two French corporate lawyers working for American firms and a high-ranking EU official are vying to replace Peter Hustinx as the next European data protection supervisor.

Barroso draws EU red lines in UK speech

20.10.14 @ 09:28

Britain risks “alienating” friends in Europe by loose talk of migration caps, the outgoing EU commission chief is to warn.