Greek PM offers compromise on elections

Today @ 09:29

Samaras has offered to bring forward parliamentary elections and include independent MPs in government in a bid to secure a majority for his presidential candidate.


Report: Juncker threatened Merkel with legal action over road toll

Today @ 09:23

Germany’s plan to impose a de facto road tax on foreigners is continuing to cause friction between Brussels and Berlin.


'Nations talk, but cities act' on green policies

Today @ 08:43

Cities are emerging as the frontrunners in promoting sustainable living and transport.

Merkel: EU strategy is to maintain Russia sanctions

19.12.14 @ 01:36

Germany has warned the EU will not roll back Russia sanctions unless Putin makes major concessions, in Europe’s first “strategic” talks on the crisis.

CIA manual tells agents how to fool EU border guards

Today @ 09:41

Classified CIA manuals instruct US agents with fake identities on how to maintain cover during EU border checks, according to two manual released by Wikileaks on Sunday.

Tusk praised for 'short, concise' EU summit

19.12.14 @ 16:49

New EU council chief Tusk has broken with the two-day summit tradition, making leaders and journalists happy by wrapping up before midnight.

Thousands protest in Brussels against EU-US trade ageement

19.12.14 @ 16:45

Protestors gathered in front of an empty EU summit building on Friday to demonstrate against the EU-US free trade pact talks.

Luxembourg caves in to EU tax listing demands

19.12.14 @ 09:01

Luxembourg on Thursday caved into pressure to give EU-anti trust regulators the details of tax deal schemes it has with multinational companies.

TTIP by end of 2015, EU leaders pledge

19.12.14 @ 01:34

EU leaders have given trade negotiators until end-2015 to finalise a US free trade pact, but some are sceptical about the date.

Dutch PM misses EU summit to save coalition

18.12.14 @ 18:23

Dutch PM Mark Rutte has asked his Luxembourgian colleague Xavier Bettel to take his place at the EU summit in Brussels as he battles to save his government in the Netherlands.

Russian economic turmoil to last two years

18.12.14 @ 18:14

Russia’s economic turmoil could last at least two years, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (18 December).

EU leaders want 'urgent' action on investment fund

18.12.14 @ 22:29

EU leaders have called for a speedy setting up of the investment fund linked to Juncker's €315bn plan, but the EU parliament chief doubts it will be ready by June.

EU leaders hold 'Coke Light' summit on investments, Russia

17.12.14 @ 17:34

New EU council chief Donald Tusk wants to keep EU summits focused and short. His first attempt starts Thursday and might be wrapped up by midnight.

Court crushes EU plan to join human rights convention

18.12.14 @ 18:36

A draft agreement on how to get the EU to accede to the European convention of human rights is not compatible with EU law, says the bloc's top court.

Spain pushes for taxation debate at EU summit

18.12.14 @ 09:29

It was supposed to be all about investments and Russia, but the issue of tax avoidance is likely to creep onto the EU summit agenda, as a letter from the Spanish Prime Minister shows.