Lithuanian FM: Ukraine will not attack Russian convoy

Today @ 19:56

Lithuania’s foreign minister has said Ukraine will not attack Russia’s “aid” convoy, despite its “illegal” and “provocative” nature.


Russia relaxes EU food ban, counts costs

21.08.14 @ 09:27

Russia has said its ban on EU food imports will cost it “hundreds of billions of rubles”, while taking several items off the blacklist.

Marijuana should stay illegal, young Europeans say

Today @ 12:40

A narrow majority of Europe’s youth would ban cannabis, according to new research published by Eurobarometer.

Poland demands WTO challenge over Russia food ban

20.08.14 @ 07:45

Poland has made a formal request that the EU take Russia before the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to overturn its ban on EU food and vegetables.

Report: EU countries set out new vision for Gaza

Today @ 09:24

France, Germany, and the UK have circulated a draft UN resolution on Gaza designed to end Hamas rule in return for Israel lifting its seven-year blockade.

Scottish EU membership 'not in serious doubt'

21.08.14 @ 09:28

New research by constitutional experts says Scotland's EU membership “is not in any serious doubt” even if it votes for independence.

Merkel sets limits to Nato solidarity with Baltic states

19.08.14 @ 09:21

Germany has said Nato will defend Baltic states if need be, but will not build permanent military bases in the region.

EU sets aside €125mn to stabilise food prices

18.08.14 @ 17:29

The European Commission has set aside €125 million more for food exporters hurt by the Russia ban.

Nato chief warns Russia against 'green men' tactics

18.08.14 @ 09:26

Nato's top commander has said that if Russian "green men" try to destabilise a Nato country, the alliance would make "a military response".

France scraps deficit target, as eurozone recovery halts

14.08.14 @ 19:17

France has all but abandoned a target to shrink its deficit, as the eurozone endured a turbulent day that raised the prospect of a triple-dip recession.

Tomatoes in line for EU aid on Russia food ban

14.08.14 @ 19:12

Cauliflowers, cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes are likely next in line for EU commission help on the Russia food ban.

EU justice chief criticises Google on 'right to be forgotten'

19.08.14 @ 09:30

The EU’s justice commissioner has accused internet giant Google of leading a campaign to shoot down data protection reforms.

One month to go: Scots confident of keeping EU membership

18.08.14 @ 09:29

With one month to go until Scotland’s referendum on independence from the UK, polls indicate the Yes campaign is gaining ground.

EU countries keeping wary eye on Ebola threat

15.08.14 @ 09:21

Africa's Ebola outbreak could see infected people enter Europe, but EU and UN experts say the risk of it spreading is “very low”.

European industrial output slumps

14.08.14 @ 09:26

The eurozone economy is facing another slowdown after figures revealed that industrial output fell for a second successive month.