Oettinger stirs controversy ahead of new role as digital commissioner

30.10.14 @ 18:29

Recent statements by the next EU digital commissioner Gunther Oettinger on imposing a special tax on Google has drawn carefully worded criticism from within the current EU commission.


EU mission in Kosovo rocked by corruption allegations

30.10.14 @ 19:27

The EU’s rule of law mission in Kosovo is fighting to defend its credibility after allegations of bribe-taking and attempts to gag press.

France denies warship delivery, as Russian bombers skirt EU airspace

30.10.14 @ 09:57

France has said it has not yet decided whether to go ahead with a delivery of a warship to Russia, after a Russian minister published an invitation to the delivery ceremony mid-November.

Most Italians regret changing lira for euro

29.10.14 @ 09:03

A majority of Italians believe that ditching the lira for the euro has been bad for their country, according to a new survey.

EU-brokered gas talks bedevilled by ‘lack of trust’

30.10.14 @ 09:29

Negotiators are struggling to secure EU winter gas supplies, with Ukraine saying chances of a deal are “pretty high”, but complaining of “lack of trust”.

EU citizens overestimate immigrant numbers, survey shows

30.10.14 @ 09:28

EU citizens tend to overestimate the number of immigrants and the unemployment rate in their country, a survey shows.

Spain and Netherlands among countries to buy way to green targets

29.10.14 @ 19:02

Up to nine EU countries may buy their way to achieving targets set under an international climate change treaty.

EU clears eurozone budgets after French, Italian tweaks

29.10.14 @ 08:57

In its last major political act before it steps down at the end of the week, the current EU commission has given the provisional all-clear to each of the 18 eurozone budgets.

Lithuania to see energy independence as liquid gas terminal arrives

28.10.14 @ 09:27

A floating LNG terminal arrived at the Lithuanian city Klaipeda on Monday where it was greeted by locals as the guarantor of the Baltic region's energy supply.

EU border agency 'overwhelmed' by offers of equipment

28.10.14 @ 18:17

The EU’s border agency has received more offers of equipment than it needs as it starts its migrant surveillance operation in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Italy has indicated its naval search and rescue operation will continue.

EU commission warns UK about its rebate

27.10.14 @ 18:07

It would be very difficult for the UK to avoid paying the €2.1bn bill to the EU budget without having the "Pandora box" of its own rebate opened again, the EU budget commissioner has warned.

EU commission lashes out at Hungary's internet tax plan

29.10.14 @ 09:21

The EU commission Tuesday lashed out at Hungary’s proposal to introduce the world’s first Internet tax, while 100,000 people took to the Budapest streets in protest.

Denmark and UK rank top in EU for doing business

29.10.14 @ 09:22

The report also looks at sub-indicators. Registering a property is one of the hardest tasks for a new business in Belgium.

France offers new cuts to meet Brussels' demands

28.10.14 @ 09:25

France and Italy outlined extra measures to cut their budget deficits on Monday as they backed away from a full scale confrontation with the European Commission.

One in five EU banks fail stress tests

27.10.14 @ 09:29

One in five EU banks would be unable to cope if another financial crisis hit the bloc, according to the European Central Bank.