US joins EU on Russia economic sanctions

Today @ 09:28

The US on Tuesday announced a widening of its own Russia sanctions to match the EU's economic sanctions adopted just a few hours previously.


EU approves economic sanctions on Russia

29.07.14 @ 19:52

EU ambassadors have approved the so-called stage three - economic sanctions - on Russia, expected to enter into force on Friday.

Obama, EU leaders agree on Russia sanctions

29.07.14 @ 09:28

The leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the US held a conference call on Monday and agreed to impose economic sanctions on Russia as it continues to support the war in eastern Ukraine.

Orban wants to build 'illiberal state'

28.07.14 @ 17:57

Hungary's PM has said he wants to build an illiberal state based on national foundations, citing Russia and China as examples.

EU to 'scrutinise' Cameron's migrant benefits plan

Today @ 09:15

The British government has announced it will tighten benefits to unemployed migrants from the EU in plans that the European Commission has said it will examine closely.

Ex-Kosovo paramilitaries face war crimes indictment

29.07.14 @ 17:31

Senior officials in a former paramilitary group in Kosovo are to be indicted for war crimes and other crimes committed against humanity once a purpose-built court has been created.

EU institutions to be probed on whistleblower rules

28.07.14 @ 18:54

Several EU institutions are to be probed on their whistlerblower rules but the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank will escape scrutiny.

Denmark, Germany benefit most from EU market

28.07.14 @ 18:04

The Danish and German economies have benefited most among EU countries from the expansion of the bloc's single market between 1992-2012, a study shows.

Banking union faces legal challenge in Germany

28.07.14 @ 09:28

Germany's constitutional court is once again to be a testing ground for the eurozone's reponse to the financial crisis as a group of academics has filed a case arguing that the banking union is illegal.

Poll: French most pessimistic about economic future

25.07.14 @ 16:57

Europeans feel a bit more positive about the EU than they did late year, a new survey shows, while the French are among the most pessimistic about their economic future.

German, Dutch firms ready to take hit from Russia sanctions

25.07.14 @ 09:25

German and Dutch companies, so far among the most reluctant to back EU's planned Russia sanctions, are ready to take a hit from possible retaliatory measures.

EU blacklist sheds light on Putin's rag-tag Ukraine army

26.07.14 @ 19:21

The latest EU blacklist on Russia sheds light on the command structures, composition, and ambitions of Putin’s east Ukraine forces.

EU to hit Russia with economic sanctions next week

25.07.14 @ 17:14

The EU is set to impose economic sanctions on Russia next week. Meanwhile, southern member states want the European Commission to consider any blowback effect when it assesses national deficits.

EU blacklists more Russians, prepares economic sanctions

24.07.14 @ 20:55

EU expands Russia blacklist by 15 names, ambassadors to continue talks on economic sanctions on Friday.

Court rules Poland complicit in CIA renditions

24.07.14 @ 16:28

A European rights court Thursday found that Poland allowed the CIA to operate a secret rendition and interrogation camp at its Stare Kiejkuty military base and did nothing to stop it.