France, Italy, Belgium to get extra three months on deficit and debt

27.11.14 @ 20:01

The EU commission is set to give France, Italy and Belgium three more months to implement deficit-and-debt cutting measures or face fines.


MEP vote ups pressure on EU to break up Google

27.11.14 @ 09:26

MEPs are - in a vote on Thursday - putting pressure on EU anti-trust regulators to unbundle Google, amid US complaints.

EU blacklists 13 Ukrainians over Russia war

27.11.14 @ 18:10

EU countries have blacklisted 13 Ukrainian “separatists” and five entities, amid uncertainty on what to do if the conflict escalates.

Juncker's plan: Making €60bn worth five times more

25.11.14 @ 21:01

Juncker is to unveil an "investment package" he says is worth €315bn for the next three years. But the EU's actual contribution will be just €8bn.

Mediapart: National Front's Kremlin loan is worth €40mn

27.11.14 @ 09:28

The National Front is in talks with a Kremlin bank to borrow €40 million to win power in France, Mediapart reports.

MEPs endorse Juncker investment plan despite criticism

26.11.14 @ 16:28

Most members of the European Parliament have endorsed Jean Claude Juncker's investment plan based on financial engineering, but critical voices said the scheme did not add up.

EU regulators want right-to-be forgotten to go global

26.11.14 @ 18:24

Demands by EU citizens for their names to no longer appear in a search engine result following a right-to-be forgotten request could be extended worldwide.

Reports multiply of Kremlin links to anti-EU parties

26.11.14 @ 09:29

Austria’s far-right FPO party has defended its relations with the Kremlin, amid signs of a wider Russian strategy to build ties with anti-EU parties.

EU is 'aged and weary', pope says

25.11.14 @ 15:34

Pope Francis has criticised the EU's treatment of migrants, its institutions, and its focus on growth and consumerism.

Member states owe EU over €320bn

25.11.14 @ 18:49

EU internal budget auditors say member states will need to fork out an additional €326 billion to finance their on-going EU-funded projects over the coming years.

World powers extend Iran deadline, as EU mulls Ashton's future

25.11.14 @ 09:28

Talks on Iran’s nuclear programme have been extended until July, with the EU wondering whether to keep Ashton in the process.

Eurozone 'grinding to standstill', OECD warns

26.11.14 @ 09:29

The eurozone is “grinding to a standstill” and now poses “a major risk to world growth”, the OECD has said.

EU funds airline data-sharing despite legal concerns

25.11.14 @ 19:10

The EU commission has awarded €50mn to member states to set up passenger data sharing systems, despite an upcoming EU Court analysis on the probity of similar schemes.

EU commission to publish more trade documents in bid for public support

25.11.14 @ 20:04

The European Commission has pledged to increase the number of documents it makes public relating to ongoing free trade talks with the US in a bid to shore up public support for the negotiations.

Juncker debate prompts scrap between pro- and anti-EU MEPs

25.11.14 @ 06:55

Juncker questioned the motive of the motion of censure, but some say "the shadow of the scandal" will follow the commission president.