Putin makes nice on Ukraine at EU-Russia mini-summit

17.10.14 @ 19:55

Putin has told EU leaders he wants pro-Russia rebels to make peace with Ukraine, amid scepticism on his true intentions.


Leaked papers show EU disagreement on climate goals

16.10.14 @ 22:41

A week before the EU summit on climate goals, member states disagree on various points of the so-called climate and energy policy framework for 2030.

Sex and drugs drive EU growth surge

17.10.14 @ 09:23

Eurostat is set to publish figures on Friday showing that the bloc's GDP has grown by nearly 2.5 percent.

Farage's eurosceptic EP group falls apart

16.10.14 @ 17:00

The eurosceptic group around Ukip leader Nigel Farage has dissolved after a Latvian MEP resigned.

Russian gas less mighty than it looks, EU says

16.10.14 @ 21:55

A Russian gas cut-off would have a “substantial impact”, but even the most vulnerable countries - Bulgaria, Estonia, and Finland - could get through the winter.

EU states to step up Ebola screening in west Africa

17.10.14 @ 09:30

EU countries have agreed to step up Ebola screening at airports in west Africa but not in Europe, despite a British appeal.

Ailing eurozone back on markets' radar

16.10.14 @ 16:52

The eurozone appears to have come back onto the markets' radar amid, low inflation, bad economic news from Germany and Greece's bailout exit plans.

EU health chiefs to debate entry screening for Ebola

16.10.14 @ 09:29

EU health ministers will discuss the introduction of entry screening for potential Ebola carriers at a meeting in Brussels on Thursday.

Belgian government under fire in its first week

16.10.14 @ 09:26

In his first week Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel has had to condemn collaboration with the Nazis in WWII following controversy over two of his cabinet members.

Juncker approves new Slovenian commissioner

15.10.14 @ 09:21

Juncker had an "excellent" impression after meeting the new Slovenian commissioner candidate, Bulc, who is to take over the transport portfolio.

Albania-Serbia football violence catches EU attention

16.10.14 @ 07:56

Violence at an Albania-Serbia football game has mushroomed in importance, with PMs, presidents, and EU diplomats getting involved.

Putin says Western sanctions threaten nuclear 'stability'

16.10.14 @ 09:29

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said the Ukraine crisis threatens nuclear “strategic stability” and global “economic health”.

EU institutions don't follow own advice on climate

15.10.14 @ 19:16

EU institutions do not systematically apply European Commission advice on reducing carbon footprints, a report finds.

Policy change in Germany only when economy 'hits wall'

15.10.14 @ 18:37

Germany is at risk of economic hubris, a top economist has said, noting that the country should not think it is invulnerable nor that EU membership makes it a victim.

EU watchdog to close loophole on bank bonuses

15.10.14 @ 18:57

The EU's banking watchdog is poised to close a loophole allowing banks to use special allowances to get round rules on bonus payments.