MEPs to back mandatory audits for shale exploration

09.10.13 @ 09:20

The EU parliament is set to say that all plans to explore shale gas drilling will have to undergo environmental impact audits.

Rhetoric and reality on EU car emissions targets

09.10.13 @ 09:20

There is no silver bullet for decarbonising transport. Reaching the EU's most ambitious targets will take time and a lot of money.

Infrastructure rules threaten alternative fuels bill

04.10.13 @ 16:50

The debate in Brussels over how to develop viable alternatives to petrol and diesel boils down to a version of an age-old question: what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Dim prospects for EU energy tax reform

16.09.13 @ 17:53

The logic behind a European Commission's proposal on energy taxation is based on the concept of "fuel neutrality" but it could hurt alternative fuels the most.

What does the shale boom mean for transport?

04.10.13 @ 19:37

For good or ill, the shale gas revolution in the United States has turned the global energy market on its head.

EU searches for alternative transport fuels

11.09.13 @ 14:17

Most governments agree that we should use less oil. Less clear is how to do it.

MEPs agree cap on crop-based biofuels

11.09.13 @ 16:48

The EU parliament has capped the amount of crop-based biofuels that can be used to reach EU energy targets amid environmental fears.