Belarus: a look inside Europe's 'last dictatorship'

20.03.12 @ 15:34

Lukashenko's foreign policy is defined by greed and fear. Meanwhile, beyond geopolitics, average people live in the shadow of the country's terrible 20th century history.


Lithuania and Poland complicit in Belarus crackdown

20.03.12 @ 09:12

Lithuania and Poland handed over confidential bank details to Belarus that led to the arrest of human rights defender, Ales Bialistki.

Belarus special forces officer: why I fled to the EU

02.04.12 @ 09:15

A former officer in the 'Diamond' - Lukashenko's elite bodyguard - who lives in exile in the EU, says he "cannot remain indifferent" to the brutality of the regime.

Belarus underground culture defies KGB goons

20.03.12 @ 16:20

Underground culture is flourishing in the heart of Belarus despite regime attempts to establish control.

Who is Lukashenko anyway?

20.03.12 @ 09:11

Eighteen years and still in power, Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko retains a mesmerising hold on a country which glorifies Soviet-era rule.

'Lukashenko put cucumbers in my trunk'

27.03.12 @ 09:09

Belarus' former leader - Stanislav Shushkevich - says Lukashenko is an "arse-kisser" whose power will wane if the EU imposes economic sanctions.

Belarus, EU sanctions and the $1mn bounty

20.03.12 @ 09:24

Even as Lukashenko becomes increasingly cruel and unusual, the EU capital is seeing an unprecedented amount of lobbying on his behalf.

EU billions flow to Lukashenko despite sanctions

30.03.12 @ 09:19

The EU in March blacklisted 29 Belarusian companies, but the measures are a drop in the ocean in terms of Belarus-EU economic relations.

EBRD funds pocketed by Lukashenko henchmen, politician says

30.03.12 @ 09:22

Money from the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been distributed to individuals connected to Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, according to a career politician in the regime.

Earthquake zone on EU border to host Belarus nuclear plant

30.03.12 @ 16:50

Belarus' future nuclear plant, situated just 50km from Vilnius, sits on a fault line which saw a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 1909.

Education used as weapon against young people in Belarus

27.03.12 @ 09:10

Young people in Belarus who defy the regime are denied their education, jailed or punished by reprisals against their family. Many of them just want to leave.