China-EU Relations


EU quiet as trouble brews in Asia

18.09.12 @ 15:20

As tensions rise between Asia’s economic giants, China and Japan, over a small group of uninhabited mini-islands in the East China Sea, reaction from the EU remains conspicuous by its absence.

China urges Germany and France to solve euro-crisis

30.08.12 @ 19:35

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on Thursday offered vague promises to buy bonds from troubled euro-countries, but said that it is ultimately up to Germany and France to solve the crisis.

China-EU trade war looms over solar energy industry

28.07.12 @ 09:22

China and the EU are facing a. trade war after a group of European solar panel producers this week lodged an anti-dumping complaint, sparking immediate threats of retaliation.

Is China picking off individual EU members?

10.07.12 @ 10:18

China is interested in investing in financially sound EU countries, rather than propping up wobbly states, writes Dariusz Kalan.

Amid crisis, Europeans flock to learn Chinese

30.07.12 @ 09:27

Ever since Europe’s economy began spiralling downwards, a growing number of people from Dublin to Athens is learning the language of opportunity: Chinese.

Ashton boat trip seen as new chapter in China relations

12.07.12 @ 12:17

EU foreign policy chief Ashton believes Beijing is ready to step up co-operation after a meeting with her Chinese counterpart.

China keen to scale down EU human rights talks

14.06.12 @ 08:50

China wants to hold human rights talks with the EU just once a year and to curtail discussion of individual victims.

China air chief threatens to impound EU planes

12.06.12 @ 18:35

China might impound European aircraft if Chinese airlines are punished for missing Friday's deadline on CO2 data, a top executive has said.

Rising costs, red tape frustrate EU firms in China

30.05.12 @ 09:45

Most EU firms based in China plan to invest even more, but one in five might leave due to red tape and rising labour costs, a survey says.

EU-China trade relations 'distorted,' MEPs say

24.05.12 @ 09:18

The European Parliament adopted a non-legislative resolution on the imbalance of trade relations between the EU and China on Wednesday.

No time for press at 'globally important' EU-China meeting

19.04.12 @ 08:07

Officials kept a Chinese VIP away from press in the EU capital on Wednesday, with Beijing keen to stop talk of the Bo Xilai scandal.

EU sees dramatic surge in investment from China

07.06.12 @ 17:27

China’s investment in Europe over the last couple of years has multiplied by 10. "We need the money," the EU commission says.

MEPs and China mark change in relationship

31.05.12 @ 17:50

Members of the five big political groups in the European Parliament have met with members of the one big political group in the National People's Congress of China, in what has been described as a “changing” and "very friendly" climate.

China seeks high-tech weapons, 'respect' on EU visit

02.05.12 @ 09:29

China has highlighted access to arms technology and less criticism on human rights as two priorities on a visit to the EU capital by its new-leader-in-waiting.

China slowdown is bad news for Europe

13.04.12 @ 19:26

China's economy so far this year grew slower than ever in the last three years, spelling bad news for its biggest trading partner, the European Union.