Kabila re-elected in Congo

10.12.11 @ 15:46

The international community calls for calm as the main opposition leader declares himself victor.


01.11.11 @ 09:02

Investigative Report: Congo

01.11.11 @ 09:02

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01.11.11 @ 09:00

EUobserver Investigative Reports

Congolese tensions spill onto streets of Brussels

05.12.11 @ 21:54

Post-electoral tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo spilled onto the streets of Brussels on Monday, with angry supporters of opposition presidential candidate Etienne Tshisekedi damaging vehicles and briefly occupying the EU capital’s inner ring-road.

EU steps back, as tensions build ahead of Congo elections

25.11.11 @ 15:11

The EU has pushed for greater Congolese 'ownership' of the upcoming elections, but bouts of violence have already broken out across the country.

Warlords undermine EU security mission in Congo

14.11.11 @ 10:42

EU security missions in Congo have scored a number of technical successes, but fundamental problems remain untouched.

EU blames Congo electoral chaos on poor planning

02.12.11 @ 12:15

Scenes of chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo this week have given way to fears of a protracted standoff between opposing sides.

Congo's conflict minerals divide EU opinion

18.11.11 @ 18:09

The exploitation of certain minerals in eastern Congo is fueling the region's ongoing conflict, but the EU's response is still unclear.

Black gold in Virunga, curse or saviour?

04.11.11 @ 15:56

The DRC's Virunga National Park is teaming with wildlife but also sits atop huge oil deposits, traditionally a magnet for corruption in parts of Africa. New EU legislation covering the extractive industry may help.

Congo fatigue: EU funding in the heart of Africa

01.11.11 @ 09:02

The Democratic Republic of Congo was last year the largest recipient of EU support among ACP states. But critics say this approach has failed, drawing a question mark over the EU's next step.

Congolese opposition to EU: help us avoid Ivory Coast scenario

07.07.11 @ 09:53

The EU needs to check how its funds are being used in Congo and make sure the country doesn't descend into Ivory Coast-type violence after the presidential elections in November, opposition leader Medard Mulangala said in an interview.