Culture in Europe

Culture in Europe

25.10.12 @ 10:54

For cash-strapped EU member states, spending on culture is not a priority. Yet the sector drives economic growth and employs millions of people across the European Union. EUobserver looks at the issues.

EU to Poland: artists should be free to 'shock'

01.11.12 @ 13:20

The EU commission has said Poland's prosecution of a rock group on grounds of "blasphemy" is out of tune with European values.


Culture in figures: Nordics most engaged

30.10.12 @ 08:49

In general in Europe, those in the north are more culturally savvy than those in the south, if statistics are anything to go by. But there are some outliers.

Art to protest politics in Spanish town

25.10.12 @ 10:56

In early 2012, Pablo Lag stood in front of an abandoned, half-constructed house in Alicante and kicked in the door. Inside, he began work on an art exhibition “to make people in the world know what is happening in Spain.”

EU culture budget: small and likely to get smaller

25.10.12 @ 10:52

The EU culture budget is a fraction of what member states spend. But its proposed increase is unlikely to emerge unscathed from budget talks.