Digital Agenda

Criminals prefer virtual currencies

15.05.13 @ 09:27

Criminals are using bitcoins and other unregulated digital currencies as a payment method of choice when blackmailing companies following a data breach.

Confusion over EU data bill costs

07.05.13 @ 08:19

Those who support the EU's proposed data protection bill and those who oppose it are putting forward vastly different figures on the cost of the new law.

Heart of the matter: who owns your health data?

03.05.13 @ 09:24

The metal box in Hugo Campos’ chest keeps him alive. It also collects data. Who owns it and how they use it is posing questions for EU lawmakers.

Politicians divided on 'Big Brother' Internet laws

25.04.12 @ 07:47

Heated debate on online privacy law has re-emerged in Washington with the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act set to be the first bill on internet piracy to be adopted by the US Congress.


The man behind the EU parliament's data regulation

06.05.13 @ 09:28

German Green Jan Philipp Albrecht is overseeing one of the most complex pieces of legislation to ever hit the European Parliament.

US free to grab EU data on American clouds

28.01.13 @ 09:18

An obscure section in a US law is said to entitle authorities to access, without a warrant, data stored by any EU citizen on clouds run by American companies.

Commission downplays Parliament EU-US data privacy concerns

18.02.12 @ 08:30

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has insisted that US authorities cannot override EU laws on data privacy, following concerns expressed by MEPs that US laws and subpoenas could force EU companies to disclose personal data to US law enforcement agencies.

Online giants to lead reform on child cyber security

23.01.12 @ 19:15

A group of 25 of the world’s leading information and communication technology (ICT) firms have joined forces in a bid to improve cyber security for children in the EU.

Russian anti-virus guru predicts future passports for internet access

15.06.11 @ 09:15

A global internet police force, digital passports in order for users to go online, cyber crime as an 'integrated part' of virtual reality - this is how Russian anti-virus expert Eugene Kaspersky sees the future of the online world.

Business calls for harmonised rules on data protection

05.04.11 @ 16:22

As technology progresses and we move towards a state of being constantly connected, in a world where all objects can always be traced, the question of what is happening to people's personal data has become one of the hottest societal and regulatory issues in the EU.

EU institutions to create new cyber defence unit

20.05.11 @ 18:16

EU institutions are setting up a joint team of internet security experts some three months after the European Commission was hacked in a bid to get sensitive data on external relations and monetary issues.

Netherlands first EU country to enshrine net neutrality into law

23.06.11 @ 09:26

The Netherlands has become the first EU member state to enshrine in law the concept of net neutrality, the idea that there should be no hierarchy of information or services in the internet.

Brussels tackles 'orphan works' problem in digital libraries

25.05.11 @ 09:24

The European Commission has proposed a new law that would permit the digitisation of millions of books, magazine articles, films and audio recordings that currently rest in copyright limbo.

EU should forge ahead with electronic ID, says Estonian minister

05.04.11 @ 16:22

Estonian Economy minister Johan Parts says the quicker everyone in Europe has electronic ID the easier it will be for the EU to implement it Digital Agenda plans. Read more in the EUobserver April FOCUS on Digital Agenda

Illegal downloading 'due to lack of choice'

20.04.11 @ 09:27

As the European Commission enters the final straits in its preparation of proposals on the collecting of royalties for artists and protecting intellectual property rights, two camps are preparing for battle.