Disability rights and the crisis

22.11.12 @ 13:12

With Europe now in its fifth year of economic crisis, the most vulnerable in society are feeling the effects of governments' reined-in spending. Disabled people, often reliant on both state services and allowances, are among those hardest hit.


EU parliament leaders in disability pledge

10.06.13 @ 17:25

European Parliament leaders have committed themselves to better upholding the rights of persons with disabilities, starting with making their political websites more universally accessible ahead of next year's EU elections.


Disability in the EU - a 'paradigm shift'

04.12.12 @ 10:14

Over recent decades, there has been a "paradigm shift" in the way disability rights are treated in the European Union with policy-makers now focussing on how to make society more inclusive of disabled people.

Impact of austerity measures 'absent' from policy-makers' thinking

22.11.12 @ 13:14

Disabled people from all over Europe will travel to Brussels at the beginning of December to voice their anger at social welfare cuts.

'No money for EU projects discriminating disabled people'

07.12.12 @ 17:05

As the EU nears a deal on its seven-year trillion-euro budget, disability campaigners are fighting to ensure that EU regional funding is only spent on projects that also benefit disabled people.

Economic crisis turning back the social clock for disabled people

22.11.12 @ 13:14

Austerity measures are reversing the social, educational and societal gains made by disabled people in recent years, a new study shows.

Reach out to blind people, expert tells employment services

22.11.12 @ 13:18

Three quarters of 30 million blind and partially sighted in Europe do not have a job, amid accusations of "extraordinary complacency" by government officials.