EU fiscal rules won't be changed, says Juncker

22.10.14 @ 19:55

TThe EU's rules on debts and deficits will not be re-written, Juncker told MEPs in his first speech as European Commission president.


Bank rescue fund to rely on big lenders

22.10.14 @ 09:29

Europe's biggest banks will foot almost all of the bill for a new EU rescue fund for stricken lenders, according to a plan published on Tuesday.

Sex and drugs drive EU growth surge

17.10.14 @ 09:23

Eurostat is set to publish figures on Friday showing that the bloc's GDP has grown by nearly 2.5 percent.

EU watchdog to close loophole on bank bonuses

15.10.14 @ 18:57

The EU's banking watchdog is poised to close a loophole allowing banks to use special allowances to get round rules on bonus payments.

New accounting rules save EU deficit

21.10.14 @ 18:01

Budget deficits in the EU were within the limits set out in the bloc's stability pact in 2013 thanks to changes to accounting rules.

Ailing eurozone back on markets' radar

16.10.14 @ 16:52

The eurozone appears to have come back onto the markets' radar amid, low inflation, bad economic news from Germany and Greece's bailout exit plans.

Policy change in Germany only when economy 'hits wall'

15.10.14 @ 18:37

Germany is at risk of economic hubris, a top economist has said, noting that the country should not think it is invulnerable nor that EU membership makes it a victim.

Dublin to scrap 'double Irish' tax loophole

15.10.14 @ 09:26

Ireland is to scrap its controversial tax loophole, as EU countries agree new legislation to claw back the €1 trillion lost to tax cheats each year.

Ministers play down French budget row

14.10.14 @ 09:28

EU finance ministers played down the prospect of a row with France at their monthly meeting on Monday, but insisted that the bloc's rules have to be respected.

France wants billions from EU's 'New Deal'

13.10.14 @ 09:30

France wants €10 billion a year from the EU’s “New Deal” fund, amid warnings that its budget profligacy could harm the “credibility” of EU financial rules.

Germany on brink of recession as exports tumble

09.10.14 @ 14:59

Germany is on the brink of recession after recording its weakest export levels for five years.

ECB defends "whatever it takes" scheme in EU court

14.10.14 @ 19:43

ECB lawyers and their German critics crossed swords at the EU top court on Tuesday over the legality of Mario Draghi's "whatever it takes".

Small businesses could save €41bn on EU red tape

14.10.14 @ 07:03

Small businesses should be exempted "wherever possible" from EU law, according to an expert group tasked with slashing red tape.

Eurozone in danger of repeating Japanese stagnation, IMF chief warns

10.10.14 @ 09:11

International Monetary Fund boss Christine Lagarde has warned that the eurozone risks following Japan and falling into a prolonged cycle of recession and stagnation.

Future EU countries could face new migration curbs

09.10.14 @ 09:26

The EU commission has said future EU members could face extra controls on movement of workers in a concession to the UK.