Luxembourg caves in to EU tax listing demands

19.12.14 @ 09:01

Luxembourg on Thursday caved into pressure to give EU-anti trust regulators the details of tax deal schemes it has with multinational companies.


EU leaders want 'urgent' action on investment fund

18.12.14 @ 22:29

EU leaders have called for a speedy setting up of the investment fund linked to Juncker's €315bn plan, but the EU parliament chief doubts it will be ready by June.

Irish inquiry into banking collapse begins without ECB

17.12.14 @ 09:20

The Irish parliament is opening a formal inquest into the banking crisis that forced the country into an EU bailout, but the ECB will not appear before deputies.

Russian rouble in free fall over oil price, EU sanctions

16.12.14 @ 09:29

Russia's central bank has shored up the rouble by raising the key interest rate from 10 to 17 percent, its biggest move since 1998.

Russian economic turmoil to last two years

18.12.14 @ 18:14

Russia’s economic turmoil could last at least two years, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (18 December).

EU to set out growth pact flexibility in new year

16.12.14 @ 20:06

The European Commission will present guidelines in early 2015 explaining how much flexibility governments will be allowed to increase investment and still keep within the EU’s debt and deficit rules.

IMF says Belgian reforms good step, but more is needed

16.12.14 @ 09:28

On the day Belgian unions organised a national strike against public spending cuts, the IMF released a report saying the government reforms do not go far enough.

Doubts raised about Juncker fund on first stop of PR tour

15.12.14 @ 16:42

The European Commission’s growth fund has been described as relying on a “big bet” and falling just short of “financial engineering” on its first ever promotional outing.

EU's 2015 to-do list: Tax, economic integration, GMOs

11.12.14 @ 15:10

The EU commission next year intends to combat tax evasion, deepen economic integration, and review GMO rules, while scrapping 80 other laws, a draft document says.

Paris announces economy reforms amid protests

11.12.14 @ 09:21

The French government has announced economic reforms aimed at spurring growth and avoiding EU fines - thousands protested in Paris in response.

Inequality reduces economic growth, OECD says

09.12.14 @ 22:20

Rising income inequality has cost European economies up to 10 percent in lost economic output over the past twenty years, according to a new report by the bloc's leading economic thinktank.

Belgium paralysed by general strike

15.12.14 @ 09:09

Flights, trains, and buses all but grind to a halt in Belgium on Monday, as trade unions stage a general strike against public sector cuts linked to EU budget rules.

Brussels increases pressure on Paris to make reforms

12.12.14 @ 09:28

France has made little progress in its attempts to boost competitiveness and restore the viability of its public finances, according to a new report by the European Commission.

Online businesses in despair over EU tax rules

10.12.14 @ 09:28

New VAT rules coming into force on 1 January to close a loophole worth billions of euros have left some businesses overwhelmed and "confused".

EU meeting turns into South Stream funeral

09.12.14 @ 20:46

EU states who were to have hosted Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline have begun looking for other ways to improve energy security.