EU lodges new WTO protest against Russia

Today @ 18:35

The EU lodged its fourth formal complaint against Russia to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Friday in the latest round of the trade battle between the two blocs.



Europe’s tax haven investments in Africa

Today @ 08:22

A combination of lax rules and no-questions-asked policy means that money from the European Investment Bank, the EU's longterm lending institution, is flowing to tax havens. An Egyptian case study shows how this happens.

EU clears eurozone budgets after French, Italian tweaks

29.10.14 @ 08:57

In its last major political act before it steps down at the end of the week, the current EU commission has given the provisional all-clear to each of the 18 eurozone budgets.


Juncker's €300bn is beginning of 'fiscal union'

27.10.14 @ 09:26

Juncker's €300bn-strong investment plan is laying the ground for a fiscal union although no one dares call it such, according to a top EU official.

Barroso, Rehn 'unfairly criticised' for eurozone austerity

Today @ 08:03

As Jose Manuel Barroso steps down as European Commission President, one of his few left-wing colleagues says that he was unfairly labelled as an austerity ideologue during his time in office.

One in five EU banks fail stress tests

27.10.14 @ 09:29

One in five EU banks would be unable to cope if another financial crisis hit the bloc, according to the European Central Bank.

Draghi warns eurozone leaders on recession 'relapse'

24.10.14 @ 20:09

ECB chief Draghi has warned eurozone leaders of recession unless they agree a "concrete timetable" for reforms and spur investments.

Cameron vows to reject €2 billion EU bill

24.10.14 @ 16:16

UK PM Cameron vowed to oppose "in every way possible" an extra €2.1 billion EU budget bill, in a which row dominated the second day of a summit in Brussels.

EU fiscal rules won't be changed, says Juncker

22.10.14 @ 19:55

TThe EU's rules on debts and deficits will not be re-written, Juncker told MEPs in his first speech as European Commission president.

New accounting rules save EU deficit

21.10.14 @ 18:01

Budget deficits in the EU were within the limits set out in the bloc's stability pact in 2013 thanks to changes to accounting rules.

Ailing eurozone back on markets' radar

16.10.14 @ 16:52

The eurozone appears to have come back onto the markets' radar amid, low inflation, bad economic news from Germany and Greece's bailout exit plans.

Barroso clashes with Italy over published budget warning

23.10.14 @ 15:32

European Commission president Barroso has hit out at Italy for publishing a letter the commission sent asking Rome to justify its budget for 2015.

Bank rescue fund to rely on big lenders

22.10.14 @ 09:29

Europe's biggest banks will foot almost all of the bill for a new EU rescue fund for stricken lenders, according to a plan published on Tuesday.

Sex and drugs drive EU growth surge

17.10.14 @ 09:23

Eurostat is set to publish figures on Friday showing that the bloc's GDP has grown by nearly 2.5 percent.

EU watchdog to close loophole on bank bonuses

15.10.14 @ 18:57

The EU's banking watchdog is poised to close a loophole allowing banks to use special allowances to get round rules on bonus payments.