France and Germany in tussle over EU economics post

21.07.14 @ 09:22

Germany and France are locked in a tussle about who should be the next EU economic affairs commissioner, a decision that will send a key symbolic message.


Don't touch EU stability pact, warns ECB's Draghi

15.07.14 @ 09:27

ECB boss Mario Draghi urged EU leaders not to meddle with the bloc's rules on debt and deficits on Monday, warning that it could turn the tide on much needed economic reforms.

Valencia faces EU probe over dodgy statistics

12.07.14 @ 18:48

The EU commission has launched a probe into whether the Spanish region of Valencia is guilty of the first case of statistical fraud since the Greek crisis in 2009.

German draft law clears path for EU to directly fund ailing banks

10.07.14 @ 11:04

The EU’s bailout fund has moved closer to being able to directly pump money into troubled banks after the German government introduced a bill allowing direct bank recapitalisation.


Greek workers face arrest for being on strike

13.07.14 @ 15:07

Market fundamentalists are testing something even more dangerous than privatisation of public goods in Greece; public workers now face arrest for being on strike.

Italian EU presidency backs South Stream

10.07.14 @ 19:13

The Italian EU presidency has backed a controversial Russian pipeline, South Stream, which would circumvent Ukraine to bring gas to south-east Europe.

Brics to open alternatives to World Bank, IMF

10.07.14 @ 09:29

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are to establish alternatives to the World Bank and the IMF, which they find too biased towards Europe and the US.

Leaked paper: EU wants 'guaranteed' access to US oil and gas

09.07.14 @ 09:27

The EU wants the US to lift its restrictions on exporting gas and crude oil as part of ongoing trade talks, according to a leaked Commission document.

Juncker: Economics commissioner will be a Socialist

08.07.14 @ 18:01

Future EU commission chief Juncker has promised the economics commissioner post to a Socialist, as part of a grand coalition-type of deal between the centre-right and centre-left ahead of a European Parliament vote on Tuesday.

Germany adopts minimum wage

03.07.14 @ 17:49

The German parliament has approved the introduction of a minimum wage of €8.50 per hour from 2015 on, a policy shift that could boost growth elsewhere in Europe.

Banking debacle sees Austria worry about its financial reputation

30.06.14 @ 18:01

A controversial decision to force investors to take losses on a provincial turned state-owned bank has prompted fears about Austria's financial reputation.


Europe's attention finally shifts from bailouts to tax cuts

08.07.14 @ 19:10

It is a sign that the European economy is no longer in crisis-territory that tax cuts rather than bailouts dominated Monday’s meeting of Eurozone finance ministers.

Combative Renzi hits out at German central banker

04.07.14 @ 16:20

A combative Italian PM on Friday strongly criticised German central banker Jens Weidmann, but said there is no wider dispute with Berlin on fiscal policy.

Bulgaria jittery after bank run 'plot'

30.06.14 @ 17:11

Bulgaria, already grappling with a severe political crisis, is now trying to deal with what the government has called an organised attempt to destabilise its financial system.

EU trade chief plays down fears over investor protection rules

25.06.14 @ 09:27

The EU’s top trade official has played down fears that rules protecting company interests could spark a wave of litigation from US multinationals.