France gets three months to tweak budget

Today @ 16:20

The EU commission on Friday said "political" factors merit giving France more time to work on its budget deficit, while urging Germany to spend more to revive eurozone growth.


French and German economies must come closer, experts say

Today @ 13:18

"Germany and France have never been in situations so far apart," says French economy minister Emmanuel Macron. "We need an agenda for convergence."

MEP vote ups pressure on EU to break up Google

27.11.14 @ 09:26

MEPs are - in a vote on Thursday - putting pressure on EU anti-trust regulators to unbundle Google, amid US complaints.

Juncker's plan: Making €60bn worth five times more

25.11.14 @ 21:01

Juncker is to unveil an "investment package" he says is worth €315bn for the next three years. But the EU's actual contribution will be just €8bn.

France, Italy, Belgium to get extra three months on deficit and debt

27.11.14 @ 20:01

The EU commission is set to give France, Italy and Belgium three more months to implement deficit-and-debt cutting measures or face fines.

Eurozone 'grinding to standstill', OECD warns

26.11.14 @ 09:29

The eurozone is “grinding to a standstill” and now poses “a major risk to world growth”, the OECD has said.

Member states owe EU over €320bn

25.11.14 @ 18:49

EU internal budget auditors say member states will need to fork out an additional €326 billion to finance their on-going EU-funded projects over the coming years.

EU still undecided on France deficit

24.11.14 @ 09:22

Hawks and doves within the EU commission and member states continue to disagree on how to deal with France's budget deficit, seen as a credibility test for the EU.

Netherlands to pay EU top-up bill this year

21.11.14 @ 16:34

The Netherlands is paying its extra EU bill, a net payment of €642 million, before the end of 2014, well ahead of the extended deadline of 1 September 2015.

EU court to throw out UK's bank bonus challenge

20.11.14 @ 15:14

The UK is set to lose its legal battle to overturn EU rules capping bank bonuses after a top legal officer in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said London's case had "no legitimate grounds".

Trade protectionism still on the rise, EU research finds

18.11.14 @ 09:29

A total of 170 new measures increasing trade protectionism were slapped on goods and services from the EU, according to new research.

German commissioner provokes French wrath

21.11.14 @ 18:11

German commissioner Oettinger has drawn French anger with two rogue op-eds on French over-spending. But did he really act alone?

Dutch had euro-exit plan at height of crisis

21.11.14 @ 09:53

Details have emerged indicating that both the Dutch and German governments were preparing emergency plans for a return to their national currencies at the height of the euro crisis.

Malmstrom: Trade deal needed to maintain Europe's living standards

19.11.14 @ 11:23

An ambitious US free-trade deal will allow Europe to keep its place at the economic top-table, the bloc's new trade commissioner told MEPs on Tuesday.

ECB ready to buy government bonds, Draghi signals

17.11.14 @ 19:48

ECB chief Draghi has indicated that he is prepared for the bank to buy government bonds to ward off recession and deflation in the eurozone.