Dutch had euro-exit plan at height of crisis

21.11.14 @ 09:53

Details have emerged indicating that both the Dutch and German governments were preparing emergency plans for a return to their national currencies at the height of the euro crisis.


EU court to throw out UK's bank bonus challenge

20.11.14 @ 15:14

The UK is set to lose its legal battle to overturn EU rules capping bank bonuses after a top legal officer in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said London's case had "no legitimate grounds".

Trade protectionism still on the rise, EU research finds

18.11.14 @ 09:29

A total of 170 new measures increasing trade protectionism were slapped on goods and services from the EU, according to new research.

Eurozone facing unprecedented triple-dip recession, warns Cameron

17.11.14 @ 09:27

The eurozone is on the 'brink' of an unprecedented triple-dip recession, UK prime minister David Cameron warned that the as the weekend's G20 summit in Australia came to its conclusion on Sunday.

Malmstrom: Trade deal needed to maintain Europe's living standards

19.11.14 @ 11:23

An ambitious US free-trade deal will allow Europe to keep its place at the economic top-table, the bloc's new trade commissioner told MEPs on Tuesday.

ECB ready to buy government bonds, Draghi signals

17.11.14 @ 19:48

ECB chief Draghi has indicated that he is prepared for the bank to buy government bonds to ward off recession and deflation in the eurozone.

Germany returns to growth, Italy falls into recession

14.11.14 @ 17:25

Germany's economy has returned to growth, while Italy has slipped back into recession, according to third quarter-2014 EU data.

Ministers edge closer to agreeing transactions tax

08.11.14 @ 12:46

Eleven EU finance ministers edged closer to agreeing a tax on financial transactions at a meeting on Friday (7 November).

Germany plans extra €10 billion investment to head off EU critics

07.11.14 @ 09:29

Germany has given the first hint that it is prepared to increase public investment to steer a return to economic growth after Angela Merkel's government pledged to invest an extra €10 billion by 2018.

EU to unveil capital markets plan in 2015

06.11.14 @ 18:26

The EU commission will unveil plans to harmonise the bloc's capital markets in 2015 and reduce the reliance of Europe's businesses on bank lending.

Letter shows ECB threat ahead of Ireland bailout

06.11.14 @ 16:26

The ECB on Thursday formally made public a letter showing that the eurozone bank threatened to pull emergency bank funding if Ireland did not enter a bailout and undertake austerity measures in 2010.

UK, Netherlands get nine extra months to pay EU bill

07.11.14 @ 17:40

EU finance ministers have extended until September 2015 a deadline for contributions to the EU budget, given the "unusually" high corrections this year.

Low expectations on UK bill compromise

07.11.14 @ 09:25

EU finance ministers are meeting on Friday amid low expectations of clinching a deal that would allow the UK and the Netherlands to pay their outstanding bills to the EU budget in instalments.

Dutch tax regime similar to Luxembourg's, auditors find

06.11.14 @ 17:20

The Dutch tax system is favourable to multinationals, a new report has concluded on the same day as Luxemourg's tax haven was exposed.

Hungary moves ahead with South Stream pipeline

05.11.14 @ 10:01

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has reiterated his support for the Russian South Stream gas pipeline after parliament gave the green light to a law which paves the way for construction.