EU parliament gives final nod to banking union

16.04.14 @ 09:21

MEPs on Tuesday signed off on the creation of a new authority and fund for failing banks – a missing element to the so-called banking union aimed at minimising the public cost of future financial crises.


Regional unemployment highest in Spain

16.04.14 @ 09:14

Over two-dozen regions throughout the Union have an unemployment rate twice the EU average.

Putin threatens to cut gas to Ukraine, EU countries

10.04.14 @ 17:46

Putin has threatened to cut off gas to Ukraine unless it starts repaying a huge debt and unless the EU agrees to joint talks on its future.

Alarm over EU proposal to cut loose renewable energy firms

09.04.14 @ 19:59

New proposals to phase out subsidies for renewable energy producers have met with accusations of a "corporate capture" of EU policymaking.

Merkel in Athens after bond sale success

11.04.14 @ 09:26

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Athens on Friday in a show of support for the Greek government after its successful return to the bond markets.

EU commission calls for shareholder powers on corporate pay

10.04.14 @ 09:07

Company shareholders would have a legally binding 'say on pay' under a new proposal by the European Commission published Wednesday.

Germany points to France's deficit commitments

07.04.14 @ 17:25

French finance minister Michel Sapin on his first trip to Berlin gathered support for more reforms and budget cuts, but was referred to the EU commission on a deficit deadline postponement.

Protest in EU capital prompts security scare at US embassy

04.04.14 @ 18:33

Stone-throwing protesters prompted a “lock-down” at the US embassy in Brussels Friday, as the US ambassador briefed press on free trade.

Common debt fund needs EU treaty change: report

01.04.14 @ 10:01

The EU treaties and democratic constraints block the way to establishing a fund to pool eurozone debt, according to a European Commission report released Monday.

EU Elections

Germany in renewed push for EU treaty change

28.03.14 @ 09:50

The German finance minister has said discussions on revising the treaty to secure the eurozone's architecture will begin after the May EU elections.

Czech government backs EU fiscal pact

25.03.14 @ 09:28

The Czech government has agreed to adopt the EU's fiscal pact, as centre-left PM Bohuslav Sobotka continues to tread a more pro-EU path.

ECB considers printing more money

03.04.14 @ 18:15

The European Central Bank over the next months will consider various options of 'quantitative easing' - also known as money printing - to counter the risk of deflation.

Commission plans to tap pension funds to kickstart business

28.03.14 @ 10:01

Tapping pension funds and encouraging online crowd funding are at the heart of plans unveiled by the European Commission to kickstart business investment.

EU drills into corporate protection clause in US trade deal

27.03.14 @ 19:45

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on controversial rules for payment of compensation to investors when laws change in society.

'Bank secrecy to die' after Austria and Luxembourg back EU law

21.03.14 @ 09:28

Luxembourg and Austria have agreed to back EU plans to boost transparency in tax reporting after a six-year-long stalemate.