Erasmus students find love and jobs, EU research finds

23.09.14 @ 15:07

If you are looking for love and a good job then you need to use the Erasmus student exchange programme, according to new research published by the European Commission.


US and UK universities top world rankings

17.09.14 @ 09:20

American and British universities continue to dominate in the global rankings with the next best faculty in a EU member state trailing a distant 24.

EU student programme hits record popularity

10.07.14 @ 19:14

The EU’s student exchange programme Erasmus funded the studies of nearly 270,000 students in 2012/3, a record 15,000 more than previous year, the European Commission has said.

Spanish government under fire over Erasmus cuts

06.11.13 @ 09:37

Spain’s sudden decision to cut Erasmus scholarships in the middle of the academic year sparked outrage among Spanish students and some members of government.

One in three Europeans more educated than parents, research finds

09.09.14 @ 18:55

One in every three young Europeans has a higher level of education than their parents, according to new research.

EU's young people lag behind on maths target

03.12.13 @ 17:16

EU 15-year olds have made slight improvements in reading, science and maths skills, but Estonian students are well ahead on EU targets.

Education report to 'scare' EU ministers into action

08.10.13 @ 16:30

Policy-makers are hoping a first-ever assessment of education standards across the EU will "scare the dickens" out of politicians.

EU student scheme reaches 3mn mark

09.07.13 @ 09:28

The EU's student exchange scheme, Erasmus has reached its 3 millionth participant since the programme was set up decades ago.

A technology revolution at school

22.05.13 @ 09:25

A school in a deprived part of a northern England town has seen its grades soar after giving every pupil an iPod and every teacher a tablet.

Danish children enter fourth week of no school

24.04.13 @ 08:26

Grandparents are being roped into help, companies are turning themselves into temporary creches and employees are being forced to take leave as Denmark enters its fourth week of a teacher lock-out.

EU youth unemployment is 'social emergency'

30.01.13 @ 17:47

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has put further pressure on governments to create a pan-European youth guarantee scheme to tackle record levels of youth unemployment.

Turning computer science into a game

03.06.13 @ 17:19

Developers of a new game hope to spice up the geeky reputation of computer science - a subject that gets too little attention in EU schools.

Poorly-educated worst off in economic crisis

25.06.13 @ 23:54

People with good quality education have weathered the economic crisis much better than those with only basic qualifications, a new study shows.

Academics line up to defend EU data protection law

12.03.13 @ 08:59

Leading academics across Europe are signing an online petition to support the European Commission’s draft data protection regulation in protest at industry lobbying to weaken it.

Continent's youth more 'European' than their parents, poll says

15.11.12 @ 09:30

Young people are more likely to consider themselves as "European," according to an analysis released on Wednesday.