Can we expect a rise in migration from Eastern Europe?

14.07.14 @ 18:16

Research indicates that the inflow of migrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova - even after visa liberalisation - will be modest.


EU countries send aid for Bosnia, Serbia floods

20.05.14 @ 09:26

A dozen EU countries have sent equipment to Bosnia and Serbia to help deal with “the incredible force of nature” of springtime floods.


A forgotten crime: Montenegro’s double-dealing on the media

06.02.14 @ 08:50

Montenegro's EU membership negotiations progress against a backdrop of ever-regressing media freedom.

Turkish purge risks spoiling Erdogan's EU visit

08.01.14 @ 19:54

Turkey's police purge risks harming the new momentum in EU relations on the eve of Erdogan's visit to Brussels.


On the German-Polish border 10 years after enlargement

30.04.14 @ 18:32

Ten years after enlargement, a Polish and a German town on the river Oder have gone through a 'miraculous' transformation.

Who won the EU game on Kosovo and Serbia?

10.01.14 @ 09:28

EU ministers in December agreed to start accession talks with Serbia, while Kosovo got nothing in return for its blind loyalty to Brussels.

Turkey starts visa-free talks with EU

04.12.13 @ 18:53

Turkey is starting visa liberalisation talks with the EU, a first step in a process which could take years.

EU and US warn Ukraine it risks going bust

22.11.13 @ 09:27

Brussels and Washington have told Ukraine it is unlikely to get IMF aid after it binned plans to sign an EU treaty.

EU to relaunch membership talks with Turkey

23.10.13 @ 09:21

The stalled EU membership talks with Turkey are set for relaunch after member states agreed accession negotiations would recommence on 5 November.


Millions stashed offshore, as Serbian firms lurched toward ruin

03.10.13 @ 09:05

With accession candidate country Serbia facing EU questions on controversial state sell-offs, newly revealed documents shed light on the demise of several big Serbian employers.

EU rebukes Russia on Ukraine trade

21.08.13 @ 09:26

The European Commission has reprimanded Russia over its attempt to intimidate Ukraine on trade.

Bulgarian land sale ban risks EU sanction

24.10.13 @ 09:25

Bulgaria’s ultra-nationalist party Ataka has convinced more moderate Bulgarian legislators to extend a ban on the sale of land to foreigners in contravention of EU rules.

Commission backs Albania-EU membership talks

16.10.13 @ 17:41

The European Commission has said Albania should be given the green light to open EU membership talks.

EU commission: Catalonia must leave EU if it leaves Spain

17.09.13 @ 09:12

Catalonia's bid for independence hit another obstacle after the EU commission said any breakaway territory would not be part of the EU.

EU and Georgia edge closer to association deal

22.07.13 @ 21:19

EU trade officials signed off on a free trade agreement with Georgia on Monday, as the South Caucasus country edges towards finalising an Association agreement with the bloc.