Courts can order EU governments to do more for clean air

19.11.14 @ 18:25

National courts can force EU states to meet clean air targets even if EU institutions grant delays, according to a new verdict by Europe's top tribunal.


'Good momentum' on climate deal, says top US official

18.11.14 @ 11:51

There is "good momentum" to reach an international climate deal in Paris in 2015, according to a top US official.

US and China agree climate deal

12.11.14 @ 09:20

The US and China on Wednesday announced an unexpected climate deal in a move that may ease European industry fears that the EU's climate goals are risking its competitive edge.

World must stop emitting greenhouse gases by 2100, report says

03.11.14 @ 09:29

If the world wants to keep the effects of global warming to a minimum, it needs to ensure that by the year 2100, there are almost no emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2.

EU to take measures after bird flu outbreak in Netherlands

17.11.14 @ 09:25

The European Commission is expected to take measures on Monday to contain an outbreak of bird flu in the Netherlands.

MEPs allow national bans on GM crops

11.11.14 @ 15:57

MEPs say member states should have the right to ban genetically modified crops from their territory even if the EU has already approved their cultivation.

EU promotes consumption of meat and milk

31.10.14 @ 09:27

The European Union is investing around €33 million to promote European agricultural products in the EU.

Spain and Netherlands among countries to buy way to green targets

29.10.14 @ 19:02

Up to nine EU countries may buy their way to achieving targets set under an international climate change treaty.

EU leaders reach 2030 deal on climate and energy

24.10.14 @ 03:59

EU leaders have agreed to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 percent by 2030, but poorer states won concessions, while green NGOs voiced dismay.

EU leaders gear up for heated climate summit

23.10.14 @ 09:29

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for what are expected to be tough negotiations on climate targets. The economy and Ebola will also be discussed.

Dutch goals for renewable energy criticised as unrealistic

06.10.14 @ 09:28

The feasibility of a Dutch energy agreement - heralded as “an important step towards a cleaner future” - has been thrown into question a year after it was signed.

UN welcomes EU climate deal

24.10.14 @ 16:58

The climate agreement “opens the door to greater ambition by all countries”, the head of UN body on climate change said.

EU leaders mull climate u-turn if international talks fail

23.10.14 @ 21:41

The 2030 climate and energy targets which EU leaders are trying to agree at a Brussels summit on Thursday will not be set in stone.

Debate on nuclear energy rekindles in parts of Europe

13.10.14 @ 09:24

EU countries are going their own way on nuclear energy, amid a renewed debate on the security and environmental risks of the technology.

Eastern countries oppose EU climate goals

02.10.14 @ 09:31

Six Central and Eastern European member states are opposing binding climate targets for the EU.