Austria draws first red line on EU growth fund

16.12.14 @ 18:08

Member states are starting to draw political red lines on Juncker's investment plan, which was meant to be about pure economic merit.


Lima summit avoids collapse of difficult climate talks

15.12.14 @ 09:34

International climate talks in Lima saw the adoption of an agreement on Sunday on the next steps to take to achieve a climate treaty in Paris in 2015.

Optimism fading for progress in Lima climate talks

12.12.14 @ 09:21

Climate negotiators went to Lima in an optimistic atmosphere, but hopes for a strong outcome to the discussions have receded with just one day of talks left.

Belgium asks for solidarity to prevent electricity blackouts

09.12.14 @ 09:23

Deferred maintenance and a lack of investments combined with a series of accidents have increased the chance of blackouts in Belgium.

Scrapping of environmental plans 'alarming'

12.12.14 @ 09:26

A group of 10 environmental NGOs are “deeply concerned” by draft European Commission plans to scrap proposals aimed at improving air quality and reducing waste.

Canete: Climate talks moving 'slower than we want'

10.12.14 @ 19:06

There is still a long way to go before agreement can be reached European Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete has said from Lima.

New deal: EU countries can ban GMOs without asking industry

05.12.14 @ 07:18

EU states will find it easier to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops on their territories, under a new EU agreement.

Harsh winter could spell trouble for Belgium's electricity supply

02.12.14 @ 09:28

With the temporary closure of Tihange 3, for a few days Belgium's power grid was surviving on just two of its seven nuclear reactors.

'Good momentum' on climate deal, says top US official

18.11.14 @ 11:51

There is "good momentum" to reach an international climate deal in Paris in 2015, according to a top US official.

US and China agree climate deal

12.11.14 @ 09:20

The US and China on Wednesday announced an unexpected climate deal in a move that may ease European industry fears that the EU's climate goals are risking its competitive edge.

World must stop emitting greenhouse gases by 2100, report says

03.11.14 @ 09:29

If the world wants to keep the effects of global warming to a minimum, it needs to ensure that by the year 2100, there are almost no emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2.

Courts can order EU governments to do more for clean air

19.11.14 @ 18:25

National courts can force EU states to meet clean air targets even if EU institutions grant delays, according to a new verdict by Europe's top tribunal.

EU to take measures after bird flu outbreak in Netherlands

17.11.14 @ 09:25

The European Commission is expected to take measures on Monday to contain an outbreak of bird flu in the Netherlands.

MEPs allow national bans on GM crops

11.11.14 @ 15:57

MEPs say member states should have the right to ban genetically modified crops from their territory even if the EU has already approved their cultivation.

EU promotes consumption of meat and milk

31.10.14 @ 09:27

The European Union is investing around €33 million to promote European agricultural products in the EU.