Alarm over EU proposal to cut loose renewable energy firms

09.04.14 @ 19:59

New proposals to phase out subsidies for renewable energy producers have met with accusations of a "corporate capture" of EU policymaking.

EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea

24.03.14 @ 18:48

Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea are banned from selling fish to the EU.

EU ditches plan to regulate on shale gas

22.01.14 @ 17:35

The EU commission has backed away from regulating shale gas extraction, leaving national governments in charge on the controversial practice.

Euro-deputies reject ban on bottom-sea trawling

10.12.13 @ 20:03

Euro-deputies on Tuesday in Strasbourg rejected a proposal to ban bottom-sea trawling and bottom gillnetting.

EU commissioner clashes with Germany on energy subsidies

18.02.14 @ 09:29

Germany is on collision course with the EU commission over subsidies to energy-intensive industries, which Brussels says run counter to EU goals on greener sources.

EU proposes 'affordable' climate targets

22.01.14 @ 15:38

The EU commission has put out new greenhouse gas targets designed not to damage its economy, while upholding its status as a world leader on climate change.

Warsaw climate talks end in new timetable

25.11.13 @ 09:22

Climate delegates in Warsaw have pieced together a last minute deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

NGOs walk out of climate talks in Warsaw

22.11.13 @ 09:25

Over a dozen leading pro-environment NGOs walked out of the United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw on Thursday as a handful of countries, led by Poland, threaten to derail a future global agreement.

EU commission seeks to reduce use of plastic bags

04.11.13 @ 17:13

The EU commission has tabled measures to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags, with Danes using just four bags each a while but Poles use almost 500.

Merkel under fire over BMW donation

16.10.13 @ 09:30

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under fire over a €690,000 donation from the family behind carmaker BMW at a time when her government blocked an EU cap on CO2 emissions for cars.

Germany gets its way on EU car emissions

15.10.13 @ 09:22

EU environment ministers have caved in to German pressure and agreed to reopen a deal on capping car emissions, to the disappointment of climate change campaigners.

EU commission passes the buck on GM maize

07.11.13 @ 09:11

The EU commission has said EU countries should decide whether a US-made GM maize, said to harm butterflies and moths, can be grown in Europe.

Storm batters northern Europe, leaves over a dozen dead

29.10.13 @ 09:23

A powerful storm that swept across the United Kingdom and into northern Europe left over a dozen dead, thousands without power, and many stranded at airports.

Europe's city dwellers at high risk of pollution exposure

15.10.13 @ 20:33

Over 90 percent of people living in Europe's cities are exposed to high levels of dangerous air pollutants, according to research by the EU's environment watchdog.

EU lists 'key' energy projects amid criticism

14.10.13 @ 17:49

The European Commission has listed 250 energy infrastructure projects eligible for quicker EU funding in the next seven years.