EU leaders gear up for heated climate summit

Today @ 09:29

The EU's 28 government leaders are meeting Thursday in Brussels for what is expected to be tough negotiations on climate targets. The economy and Ebola will also be discussed.


Debate on nuclear energy rekindles in parts of Europe

13.10.14 @ 09:24

EU countries are going their own way on nuclear energy, amid a renewed debate on the security and environmental risks of the technology.

Eastern countries oppose EU climate goals

02.10.14 @ 09:31

Six Central and Eastern European member states are opposing binding climate targets for the EU.

EU proposes new waste and recycling targets

03.07.14 @ 09:28

The European Commission on Wednesday laid out new targets to boost recycling and curb waste throughout the Union.

Dutch goals for renewable energy criticised as unrealistic

06.10.14 @ 09:28

The feasibility of a Dutch energy agreement - heralded as “an important step towards a cleaner future” - has been thrown into question a year after it was signed.

World leaders pledge to tackle climate change

24.09.14 @ 09:27

World leaders on Tuesday pledged to step up efforts to fight climate change in the run-up to a global climate agreement in Paris at end of next year.

EU ministers agree rules allowing choice on GM crops

12.06.14 @ 18:05

A political agreement on genetically modified (GM) crops by EU environment ministers in Luxembourg has sparked protest from both pro-green NGOs and biotech companies.

EU to change resource-wasting economic model

28.04.14 @ 09:20

The European Commission is working on policy solutions it says are needed to better address the consequences of a rising population, excessive consumption, and dwindling resources.

EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea

24.03.14 @ 18:48

Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea are banned from selling fish to the EU.

EU ditches plan to regulate on shale gas

22.01.14 @ 17:35

The EU commission has backed away from regulating shale gas extraction, leaving national governments in charge on the controversial practice.

Euro-deputies reject ban on bottom-sea trawling

10.12.13 @ 20:03

Euro-deputies on Tuesday in Strasbourg rejected a proposal to ban bottom-sea trawling and bottom gillnetting.

Alarm over EU proposal to cut loose renewable energy firms

09.04.14 @ 19:59

New proposals to phase out subsidies for renewable energy producers have met with accusations of a "corporate capture" of EU policymaking.

EU commissioner clashes with Germany on energy subsidies

18.02.14 @ 09:29

Germany is on collision course with the EU commission over subsidies to energy-intensive industries, which Brussels says run counter to EU goals on greener sources.

EU proposes 'affordable' climate targets

22.01.14 @ 15:38

The EU commission has put out new greenhouse gas targets designed not to damage its economy, while upholding its status as a world leader on climate change.

Warsaw climate talks end in new timetable

25.11.13 @ 09:22

Climate delegates in Warsaw have pieced together a last minute deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions.