EU election turnout at record low after all

06.08.14 @ 12:21

The turnout for the European election in May fell to a record low, dealing a blow to claims by politicians - based on initial results - that a three-decade downward trend in voter participation had finally been halted.


Schulz elected EP president again, promises to fight for more powers

01.07.14 @ 12:46

Martin Schulz was elected European Parliament president on Tuesday becoming the first ever to hold the post for two consecutive terms. He promised to fight for more powers for the EP.

Cameron defiant following Juncker defeat

27.06.14 @ 19:31

The British PM said he would "do it all again," despite being soundly defeated in his bid to prevent Juncker becoming the next EU commission chief.

Who is Jean-Claude Juncker?

27.06.14 @ 19:19

From prodigy politician in Luxembourg to master of deception as Eurogroup chair, Jean-Claude Juncker brings both experience and baggage with his nomination as EU commission president.

Cameron mends ties with Juncker

30.06.14 @ 09:27

British PM Cameron has reached out to Juncker, after having failed to prevent his nomination as European Commission chief.

Juncker chosen for EU commission job, Cameron defeated

27.06.14 @ 17:15

EU leaders have nominated Juncker to be the next European Commission chief, doling out a major diplomatic defeat for London.

EU leaders to review 'Spitzenkandidat' process

27.06.14 @ 19:08

EU leaders have said they plan to review the process for choosing EU commission presidents in the future after having found themselves left with little room for manoeuvre following a parliament-pushed process.

Dutch eurosceptics defiant after EU vote

27.06.14 @ 18:01

Appointing Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz to top EU posts means the eurosceptic vote is being ignored, says Dutch anti-EU deputy.

Centre-right: Socialists cannot get three top posts

26.06.14 @ 19:45

Centre-right leaders and MEPs have said the Socialists cannot get three EU top posts, while indicating a preference for the EU Council job.

EP gets set for a tumultuous few weeks

26.06.14 @ 17:42

The incoming European Parliament is to hit the ground running in the coming days as it forms, hears commissioners, hosts EU leaders, and takes a potentially ground-breaking vote on the new EU commission president.

Le Pen fails to create far-right EP faction

24.06.14 @ 09:29

Far-right duo Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have failed to form a group in the European Parliament.

New EU 'strategy' fudges British, German and Italian demands

24.06.14 @ 08:15

A four-page "strategic agenda for the Union in times of change", penned by Van Rompuy, aims to end public disenchantment with EU politics.

Can Italy's 'political serial killer' change EU course on austerity?

20.06.14 @ 09:19

In June 2013, Matteo Renzi was still pretending that his greatest ambition was to serve a second mandate as mayor of Florence. Now he is emerging as the biggest counterweight to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the EU political landscape.

Bulgaria heads for early elections after EU vote

19.06.14 @ 09:27

Bulgaria is heading for early elections in autumn following a sizeable shift in the fortunes of domestic political parties after the May EU vote.

Muslim candidate wants to shake up EU parliament

18.06.14 @ 10:30

Sajjad Karim - the man who wants to be the EU parliament's first Muslim president - has told EUobserver his appointment could be an olive branch to the UK in the Juncker dispute.

Schulz back as centre-left leader, but only for one month

18.06.14 @ 10:03

Socialist Spitzenkandidat Schulz will take back his old job as leader of the parliament’s Socialist group on Wednesday morning, but only for a matter of weeks.

Spitzenkandidaten risk politicising EU commission, advisers warn

17.06.14 @ 09:15

The EU commission has officially endorsed the top candidates process for finding President Barroso's successor, but two commission advisers say it could undermine the institution's independence.

The populist Finns, Cameron's new political bedfellows

16.06.14 @ 09:25

As UK prime minister David Cameron's Conservatives set about reforming the anti-federalist ECR group in the European Parliament, the spotlight has fallen on their new allies, particularly those from Finland.

Tories 'very disappointed' about teaming up with Merkel adversaries

12.06.14 @ 15:13

The British Conservatives say they are "very disappointed" that Germany's anti-euro AfD party has been accepted in their EP group, a move likely to be a further irritant between Angela Merkel and David Cameron.

National MPs demand more say in EU law-making

27.06.14 @ 07:58

National MPs want more powers in EU law-making, according to a letter backed by most of the EU’s national parliaments.

Renzi MEP to take economics chair

26.06.14 @ 19:26

Italy’s social democrats have bagged the European Parliament’s influential economic affairs committee, as the assembly’s political groups reached a deal on Thursday.

EU leaders to vote Juncker as commission chief

26.06.14 @ 07:14

Leaders are to pick the next EU commission chief in a first-ever vote at the summit on Friday, but other top jobs are to wait for follow-up summit in July.

Cameron to force vote on Juncker nomination

24.06.14 @ 09:29

UK prime minister David Cameron is to force EU leaders to vote on whether to appoint Jean Claude Juncker to become the next president of the European Commission at a summit later this week.

Centre-right to strike deal with centre-left on Juncker, Schulz

23.06.14 @ 09:20

Schulz looks poised to continue as European Parliament chief in an emerging deal between the centre-left and centre-right on EU top posts.

Anti-federalists nose ahead of liberals in EP

19.06.14 @ 09:24

A last-minute decision by Flemish separatists to join the ECR group instead of Alde will mean more speaking time and better choice of committee seats for the anti-federalists.

UK to go to the wire in anti-Juncker push

18.06.14 @ 16:40

The UK has indicated that it is prepared to provoke an unprecedented vote among EU leaders at next week's summit on whether Jean-Claude Juncker should be the next commission president.

Romania's ruling party revives nationalism ahead of presidential election

18.06.14 @ 09:54

Romania's ruling social democrats are campaigning for the presidential elections using a nationalistic platform, amid a recent history of anti-semitic behaviour in the party.

Loosen EU budget rules in return for support, Socialists tell Juncker

17.06.14 @ 22:49

Europe’s centre-left forces are warning that Jean-Claude Juncker will have to support a loosening of the EU’s budgetary rules in exchange for their backing him for the European Commission presidency.

EU liberals open door to Flemish separatists

17.06.14 @ 20:05

Alde, the liberal group in the EU parliament, is on course to retain its third-place spot after a deal with the Flemish-separatist N-VA party.

EP leaders tell Van Rompuy to nominate Juncker

12.06.14 @ 21:32

Leaders of the main political groups have told EU council chief Herman Van Rompuy to nominate Jean-Claude Juncker as the next EU commission president or face an "institutional crisis".