Fire-walking EU commissioner clears path for Juncker

21.10.14 @ 09:28

Slovenian commissioner Violeta Bulc has survived a three-hour hearing by MEPs, clearing the way for Juncker's team to be voted in on Wednesday.


Juncker approves new Slovenian commissioner

15.10.14 @ 09:21

Juncker had an "excellent" impression after meeting the new Slovenian commissioner candidate, Bulc, who is to take over the transport portfolio.

Slovenia nominates unconventional candidate for EU commission post

10.10.14 @ 14:43

Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar has nominated political novice Violeta Bulc for his EU commissioner, despite MEPs' warnings to send someone experienced to avoid a second rejection.

Ball in Juncker's court after MEPs reject Slovene commissioner

08.10.14 @ 21:43

The European Parliament has rejected Slovenia's candidate for the new EU commission, while approving all other nominees for Juncker's team. He can now ask Ljubljana for a different name or play hardball with the MEPs.

Juncker to meet Slovenian candidate, amid fresh controversy

13.10.14 @ 18:22

Juncker is to meet Slovenia's fall-back EU commission candidate, Bulc, on Tuesday, but her nomination is being contested in Ljubljana.

Slovenian saga may delay Juncker commission

09.10.14 @ 17:13

The withdrawal of the Slovenian commission candidate clears the way for a new nominee, but the Juncker team is still at risk of being delayed.

Slovene commission nominee to be sent home

08.10.14 @ 09:29

MEPs are Wednesday to decide on the five commissioners who failed to get the green light after parliamentary hearings, with the Slovene nominee set for the axe.

Self-assured Dutch commissioner pledges to change EU culture

07.10.14 @ 18:40

The EU commission's new second-in-command, Frans Timmermans, sailed through his three-hour EU parliament hearing on Tuesday, speaking fluently in five languages and avoiding MEPs' traps.

Euro not to blame for debt crisis, says commission nominee

06.10.14 @ 20:55

The euro is not to blame for the sovereign debt crisis which forced several EU countries into multi-billion euro bailouts, the next commissioner for the single currency told MEPs Monday.

MEPs ask Moscovici about French deficit

06.10.14 @ 09:25

MEPs gave French commissioner Moscovici a Tuesday deadline for extra questions on EU fiscal rules amid reports Brussels is to reject France's new budget.

MEPs ask wobbly commissioners near-impossible questions

03.10.14 @ 12:24

MEPs gave three commissioner nominees a Sunday-evening deadline to answer a list of near-impossible questions.

Spain's Canete entangled in EP political battle

02.10.14 @ 07:25

A stormy EP hearing with Spain’s Canete on Wednesday ended with the Socialists seeking a delay on his approval, as part of a bigger confrontation between political groups.

New Austrian commissioner backs EU sanctions on Russia

30.09.14 @ 20:12

The EU’s next neighbourhood commissioner was tougher than expected on Russia at his EU parliament hearing on Tuesday.

French EU commissioner to share powers on national budgets

30.09.14 @ 17:52

EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici will have to share his powers on national budgets with fiscal hawk and commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis.

Investor clauses could be left out of EU-US trade deal

29.09.14 @ 18:50

The EU's likely next trade commissioner has signalled that controversial investor protection rules could ultimately be left out of a US free trade deal.

Malmstrom rejects accusations of working with US to weaken data laws

29.09.14 @ 18:19

EU commissioner for home affairs Cecilia Malmstrom on Monday rejected allegations she colluded with the Americans to water down EU data protection rules.

MEPs prepare 'lively' hearings for new commissioners

25.09.14 @ 07:52

MEPs are preparing "lively" hearings for the new commissioners-to-be, with the Spanish, British, Slovenian, and Hungarian candidates likely to have the hardest time of it.

Juncker's economic balancing act

11.09.14 @ 09:29

Even Jean-Claude Juncker’s critics would agree that the new Commission president is a skilled deal-maker.

Schulz elected EP president again, promises to fight for more powers

01.07.14 @ 12:46

Martin Schulz was elected European Parliament president on Tuesday becoming the first ever to hold the post for two consecutive terms. He promised to fight for more powers for the EP.

Decision day for EU's at-risk commissioners

07.10.14 @ 09:28

On the last day of commissioner hearings, MEPs will decide what to do with remaining at-risk candidates after rejecting Hungary's Navracsics on culture.

Three at-risk commissioners try to win over MEPs

06.10.14 @ 12:28

Hungary's new commissioner has distanced himself from Orban, while the UK's Hill pledged to work in the "general interest" in their bid to win over undecided MEPs.

Moscovici to answer in writing on commitment to fiscal rules

03.10.14 @ 18:37

France's Moscovici is to answer in writing on how he will make sure countries, including his own, will implement EU deficit-and-debt rules.

EU's new competition chief promises more Google probes

03.10.14 @ 09:41

The EU's next competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, has promised further "steps" on Google amid increasing complaints against the search engine's dominant position in Europe.

MEPs summon UK's Hill to second hearing

01.10.14 @ 21:19

MEPs have summoned the UK’s European Commission nominee, Jonathan Hill, to a second hearing amid concerns on Banking Union and Eurobonds.

EU embassies should take asylum requests, new commissioner says

30.09.14 @ 19:07

Dimitris Avramopoulos, the incoming Greek EU commissioner for migration and home affairs, wants foreign EU embassies to allow people to apply for asylum.

Juncker defends lobby-friendly restructuring of commission services

30.09.14 @ 09:29

Juncker has defended his decision to shift the health technology and pharmaceutical policy services back to the more lobby-friendly internal market directorate.

Oettinger's digital plans focus on better infrastructure

30.09.14 @ 10:32

The EU’s incoming digital commissioner, Gunther Oettinger, emphasised infrastructure as key to Europe’s so-called digital economy at a hearing with MEPs on Monday.

New commissioners file written replies ahead of EU hearings

29.09.14 @ 09:45

Spain's Canete has said he wants a mandatory lobbyists' register, while Sweden's Malmstrom wants more transparency on US trade in written answers ahead of EP hearings.

EP gears itself up for hearings of new commissioners

17.09.14 @ 17:04

The European Parliament is preparing a set of "obstacle course" hearings for incoming EU commissioners with recent past form showing that at least one of the designates will fall by the wayside.

Juncker set to unveil new commission

09.09.14 @ 18:06

The new EU commission chief is to present his new team and their posts on Wednesday. Here is a round-up of the latest portfolio speculations.