German centre-right election posters show Merkel, not Juncker

16.04.14 @ 09:15

Juncker may be the centre-right's chosen candidate for the next EU commission chief, but his face is nowhere to be seen on German MEP election posters, which boast a smiling Merkel.


Bulgarians protest controversial MEP listing

15.04.14 @ 09:29

The man who brought thousands to streets in protest in Bulgaria last year has just been nominated top of an MEP list – prompting more demonstrations.

From Slovakia to Belgium: a story of failing Roma policy

09.04.14 @ 10:02

When the city of Kosice recently decided to tear down blocks of flats where Roma lived, the authorities in Ghent, a city over 1000 kilometres away, were put on alert.

Poland's ruling party back in the lead after Ukraine crisis

07.04.14 @ 18:10

The Ukrainian crisis has been a gamechanger in Poland's European election campaign.

Italy PM chooses women MEP candidates to combat 'grey' list

11.04.14 @ 17:24

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has selected five women to front the campaign of his Democratic Party for May's European Parliament elections.

Barcelona university invents tool for measuring hate speech

08.04.14 @ 09:10

A team of academics in Catalonia have come up with a monitoring tool for xenophobic speech, something they say could be used at EU level too.

Spies, bombs & secret police: Slovenia's EU election campaign

03.04.14 @ 08:23

Many ex-communist countries have yet to fully come to terms with their political past. In Slovenia how to deal with archives from the communist era has become a key issue ahead of the EU vote.

EU politicians 'overwhelmed' by power shift to social media

02.04.14 @ 17:27

Power is shifting from hierarchies to citizens and networks of citizens. Only MEPs and EU political parties that adapt to this new reality will survive in the future.


Hungary's political left partly responsible for rise of its far-right

28.03.14 @ 09:26

The betrayal of Hungary's lower middle classes by the political left created a vacuum in which the far-right made gains.

German anti-euro party broadens its platform to left and right

26.03.14 @ 09:28

In an attempt to broaden its election appeal, Germany's new anti-euro party has published an EU election manifesto with ideas seen in both far-right and far-left platforms.

Far-left set for big gains in European Parliament elections

24.03.14 @ 11:44

Europe’s far-left is set to almost double its deputies in the upcoming European Parliament elections in May.

New party shakes up Greek political scene

19.03.14 @ 09:16

A new party has burst onto the Greek political scene. It could throw open the results of the local and EU elections in May.

German neo-Nazi party gears up for EP entry

17.03.14 @ 07:58

Germany's neo-nazi party is reckoning on getting its first ever seat in the European Parliament in May and has had "advanced" talks with similar parties in the EU assembly.

Autocratic Wilders preaches against 'undemocratic' EU

12.03.14 @ 09:20

Geert Wilders, arguably the most famous Dutch politician in Europe, regularly takes the EU to task for being undemocratic. But his own party is not famed for its democratic structures either.

Romanian elite's relatives and friends run as MEPs

10.03.14 @ 09:30

Clientism, nepotism and corruption scandals among Romanian MEPs are set to contribute to a predicted low turnout for the nation’s European elections.

Austrian far-right set for strong showing in EU vote

07.03.14 @ 08:58

Austria's EU election is set to see the far-right Freedom Party score highly, with estimates suggesting it will get around 30 percent of the vote.

Far-left surge to outnumber Liberals in EU elections, suggests poll

05.03.14 @ 18:19

Europe's far-left are set to outnumber the Liberals in the next European Parliament, according to a pan-EU opinion poll published on Wednesday.

France's traditional parties nervous ahead of EU vote

04.03.14 @ 09:30

The hard right National Front sees the European elections as a stepping-stone to full inclusion in the mainstream political landscape.

Schulz approved as Socialist candidate for commission presidency

01.03.14 @ 20:20

There will never be a United States of Europe, according to the newly-crowned top Socialist candidate for the European elections.

Far-right waltz in Vienna: the Freedom Party and its fraternities

01.04.14 @ 09:31

An annual ball in Vienna is a platform for the biggest networking meeting of right-wing parties and representatives in Europe.

Farage and Clegg clash in long-awaited EU debate

27.03.14 @ 10:48

The long-awaited televised debate between the UK Independence Party's Nigel Farage and the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, on Britain's membership of the EU generated plenty of heat but not much light.

Dutch extremists in disarray after anti-Moroccan chant

24.03.14 @ 09:29

Geert Wilders' PVV party is in disarray following an anti-Moroccan chant - the fall-out could have important repercussions for the European Parliament.


French socialists hope to capitalise on anti-EU sentiment

20.03.14 @ 09:30

French socialists are hoping to capitalise on the anti-European feeling that has arisen in response to how the economic crisis has been managed.

Threat of voter fraud haunts EU vote in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia

18.03.14 @ 09:30

EUobserver cross-border research into voter fraud in three EU countries reveals that the price of a vote varies from €15 to €150.


The fall of Britain's far-right party

13.03.14 @ 09:01

Five years after winning two seats in the European elections, the British National Party has become not so much a political force as a political irrelevance.

From boots to suits: Sweden Democrats' extreme roots

11.03.14 @ 09:08

Political scientists are at odds to explain why scandals that would destroy any other party don't affect Sweden Democrat's ratings, and sometimes even improve them.

Juncker elected centre-right's top EU candidate

07.03.14 @ 19:12

The centre-right EPP has chosen Juncker, an EU politics veteran and former head of the Eurogroup, as its top candidate for the European Commission.

Hard left and right set for gains in Sweden's EU vote

06.03.14 @ 07:57

Most bets are on the two extremes of the political spectrum picking up the protest vote in May.

'To be or not to be' – Danes split over EU relations

05.03.14 @ 09:35

'To be, or not to be . . .' is the famous line of one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays. It neatly captures Danes' ambivalence about the EU.

Angry Bulgarians feel EU membership has brought few benefits

03.03.14 @ 09:36

Bulgarians are living through a winter of discontent, fed up with political corruption and an impoverished economy. And most see little change since the country joined the EU seven years ago.