Troika consultancies: A multi-million euro business beyond scrutiny

16.12.13 @ 09:23

A small club of big consultancies has a monopoly on servicing EU bailouts, posing questions on transparency and conflict of interest.


Slovenia: Bank tests treated as military secret

30.12.13 @ 09:18

Slovenia is paying consultancies over €21 million to test its banks in controversial contracts classed as military secrets.


France and Germany moving towards closer political union

30.08.12 @ 10:58

"You will be surprised in the autumn by the degree of movement that will have taken place in some member states," says Thomas Wieser, one of the economists preparing plans for banking union ahead of the October EU summit.

The euro bailout fund: A democratic 'black box'?

12.07.12 @ 09:28

Concern over democratic oversight of the EU's bailout funds has led to six constitutional complaints in Germany and outrage in the European Parliament.

Deutsche Bank convicted in Italy in widening scandal

20.12.12 @ 09:30

An Italian judge has convicted Deutsche Bank of fraud, amid widening probes on tax evasion and rate-fixing.

The European Central Bank: a hamstrung firefighter

30.07.12 @ 09:27

The European Central Bank is an important firefighter in the euro-crisis. But increasingly divergent eurozone economies are limiting the effects of its policies and democratic scrutiny remains an issue.

Big banks: From Greek bailout to Hamlet's castle

09.07.12 @ 07:46

A lobby for the world's biggest banks - the International Institute of Finance - became a key EU player when it negotiated the debt cut on Greece's second bailout. Its world of rented castles and sopranos shows losses were bearable.

A banker's farewell party

09.07.12 @ 07:50

The crisis may be felt in everyone's pockets, but bankers spare no expenses when it comes to celebrating their top brass. Including renting castles, sopranos and painters.