Quarter of a million Ukrainians came to EU last year

23.10.14 @ 09:34

Ukrainians obtained more EU first residence permits last year than any other nationality, according to the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat.


Irish senators build EU momentum on Palestine recognition

23.10.14 @ 09:28

Irish senators have urged the government to recognise Palestine, as the EU prepares to set out new red lines on Israel relations.

Former Polish FM causes furore over Russia interview

22.10.14 @ 09:30

He came close to being the EU’s new foreign policy chief, but Sikorski’s political future is in doubt over his handling of a press interview.

EU to uphold Russia sanctions

21.10.14 @ 09:29

EU states decided to uphold sanctions on Russia and to better co-ordinate their response to the Ebola crisis at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.


EU states should follow Sweden on Palestine

23.10.14 @ 09:24

Israel's ex-ambassador to South Africa tells EUobserver his country is on "the slippery slope of apartheid" by destroying prospects for a Palestinian state.

Still no Russia gas deal as Europe heads into winter

22.10.14 @ 08:37

With temperatures already near freezing in eastern Europe, Ukraine will hold elections on Sunday amid uncertainty on Russian gas supplies.

Putin makes nice on Ukraine at EU-Russia mini-summit

17.10.14 @ 19:55

Putin has told EU leaders he wants pro-Russia rebels to make peace with Ukraine, amid scepticism on his true intentions.

EU states to step up Ebola screening in west Africa

17.10.14 @ 09:30

EU countries have agreed to step up Ebola screening at airports in west Africa but not in Europe, despite a British appeal.

Putin says Western sanctions threaten nuclear 'stability'

16.10.14 @ 09:29

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said the Ukraine crisis threatens nuclear “strategic stability” and global “economic health”.

British MPs vote to recognise Palestine in symbolic move

14.10.14 @ 09:24

British MPs have said the UK should recognise Palestine in a non-binding motion which highlights EU frustration with Israel.

South Stream could stop Serbia joining EU, energy chief says

08.10.14 @ 18:35

Serbia has defied EU calls to change the terms of its gas pipeline with Russia, but a European energy chief says it “cannot” join the EU unless it does so.

Russian gas less mighty than it looks, EU says

16.10.14 @ 21:55

A Russian gas cut-off would have a “substantial impact”, but even the most vulnerable countries - Bulgaria, Estonia, and Finland - could get through the winter.

Serbia refuses to join EU sanctions on eve of Putin parade

15.10.14 @ 09:26

Serbia has promised not to impose EU-model sanctions on Russia and to go ahead with South Stream on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belgrade.

EU considers military response in Africa on Ebola crisis

10.10.14 @ 09:30

EU institutions are analysing potential evacuation of EU citizens from Ebola-hit African states and military operations to restore security in the outbreak zone.

EU enlargement heading into chilly period

08.10.14 @ 15:59

The EU commission is not recommending any fresh steps on Western Balkan enlargement in the next 12 months, with one official saying the policy is in "de facto freeze".