Russia's 'invasion' of Ukraine alienates EU friends

Today @ 09:30

Germany, France, and Italy have indicated they are willing to impose extra sanctions on Russia due to its overt “invasion” of Ukraine.


EU hails 'substantial progress' towards Cuba trade deal

Today @ 09:30

EU and Cuban officials have made “substantial progress” towards agreeing a trade and political co-operation treaty.

Ukraine says Russian invasion has begun

28.08.14 @ 14:21

Ukrainian president Poroshenko has said Russian forces have invaded his country, with Kiev calling for an emergency EU and UN meeting.

Nato chief unveils new plan for eastern Europe

27.08.14 @ 09:30

A summit in Minsk on Tuesday failed to produce a breakthrough on the Ukraine conflict, while Nato announced a bold new plan for eastern Europe.

Opposition to Mogherini fading in EU capital

28.08.14 @ 18:04

A deal is shaping up for Italian foreign minister Mogherini to become the EU's next foreign affairs chief, provided the PM of Poland or a Baltic leader takes up the EU Council presidency.

Germany and US voice concern on Russian troops in Ukraine

28.08.14 @ 09:16

Germany and the US have lent weight to claims that Russian troops are directly involved in opening up a new front in the Ukraine conflict.

Italy's Mogherini still an option for EU foreign policy job

27.08.14 @ 09:28

Italian foreign minister Mogherini may become the next EU foreign policy chief if Polish PM Tusk or a Baltic leader succeeds Van Rompuy as EU Council president.

Merkel: Ukraine can go to Eurasian Union

25.08.14 @ 13:25

Merkel has indicated she is willing to make concessions on EU-Ukraine relations ahead of peace talks with Russia in Minsk.

Lithuanian FM: Ukraine will not attack Russian convoy

22.08.14 @ 19:56

Lithuania’s foreign minister has said Ukraine will not attack Russia’s “aid” convoy, despite its “illegal” and “provocative” nature.

Russia relaxes EU food ban, counts costs

21.08.14 @ 09:27

Russia has said its ban on EU food imports will cost it “hundreds of billions of rubles”, while taking several items off the blacklist.

EU sets aside €125mn to stabilise food prices

18.08.14 @ 17:29

The European Commission has set aside €125 million more for food exporters hurt by the Russia ban.

Libya violence puts EU border mission in doubt

25.08.14 @ 09:29

The EU’s border mission for Libya remains parked in Tunisia, as deteriorating security conditions put migrants at greater risk.

Report: EU countries set out new vision for Gaza

22.08.14 @ 09:24

France, Germany, and the UK have circulated a draft UN resolution on Gaza designed to end Hamas rule in return for Israel lifting its seven-year blockade.

Merkel sets limits to Nato solidarity with Baltic states

19.08.14 @ 09:21

Germany has said Nato will defend Baltic states if need be, but will not build permanent military bases in the region.

Nato chief warns Russia against 'green men' tactics

18.08.14 @ 09:26

Nato's top commander has said that if Russian "green men" try to destabilise a Nato country, the alliance would make "a military response".