EU blacklists more Russians, prepares economic sanctions

Today @ 20:55

EU expands Russia blacklist by 15 names, ambassadors to continue talks on economic sanctions on Friday.


EU readies new sanctions on defiant Russia

Today @ 09:25

EU ambassadors meeting in Brussels on Thursday are set to discuss a raft of new sanctions on Russia, as Moscow has shown no signs of wanting to meet an EU ultimatum over Ukraine.

Rome continues to push Italian FM to replace Ashton

23.07.14 @ 16:02

Rome is continuing to push Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini to be the next EU foreign policy chief, despite opposition based on her experience and her country's perceived pro-Russia stance.


Leaked paper: EU options on 'stage three' Russia sanctions

22.07.14 @ 20:42

Even before the MH17 disaster, EU countries were discussing a potential ban on Russian oil and gas imports if worst comes to worst.

Russia angst sees EU energy efficiency targets watered down

23.07.14 @ 17:26

The EU commission has tabled a plan to increase the bloc's overall energy efficiency, but it watered it down amid fears of Russian gas supplies being cut in the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

EU grapples with smugglers as people fleeing conflict face torture

23.07.14 @ 09:28

The EU wants to set up a legal channels to prevent Syrians from turning to smugglers to get to European Union territory - but can it deal with the thousands already trying to reach its shores.

EU defends Israel's Gaza incursion

22.07.14 @ 20:14

EU countries have defended Israel’s use of force in Gaza, but blamed it for harming peace prospects in the longer term.

EU threatens Russian economy after MH17 disaster

22.07.14 @ 17:47

EU ministers have threatened Russia with full-scale - "stage three" - economic sanctions in the wake of the Malaysia Airlines crash.

EU under pressure to broaden Russia sanctions

21.07.14 @ 10:25

The US and the UK are putting pressure on the EU to impose tougher sanctions on Russia in the wake of the Malaysian Airlines disaster.

Air disaster puts spotlight on French warship for Russia

18.07.14 @ 19:30

France risks “international ridicule” if it delivers a warship to Russia despite the Malaysia Airlines disaster, but its intentions remain unchanged.

UN to hold meeting on Ukraine crash, as Europe counts casualties

18.07.14 @ 09:22

The UK has tabled a UN resolution calling for an international enquiry into the Malaysian Airlines crash, as European countries count their casualties.

EU foreign policy faces test after MH17 shootdown

22.07.14 @ 09:18

EU foreign policy is facing a major test today as ministers gather in Brussels to consider their response to the suspected downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight by Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.


Putin's real war

21.07.14 @ 09:44

How many people - whether Ukrainian or non-Ukrainian - have to die, before the West faces up to the realities of Putin's war?

Merkel: Russia partly responsible for Ukraine crash

18.07.14 @ 14:59

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Russia must acknowledge its share of responsibility in the Ukraine airplane disaster.

EU calls for 'international investigation' into Ukraine air crash

17.07.14 @ 21:11

An airliner carrying 295 people has crashed in a conflict zone in east Ukraine, with all on board presumed dead.