EU parliament to vote on Palestine statehood

21.11.14 @ 18:12

MEPs will add their voice to EU pressure on Palestine recognition next week, but diplomats say only the US can make a difference.


One year after Euromaidan: 13 people dying every day

21.11.14 @ 09:29

One year after Ukraine’s pro-Western revolution - the Euromaidan - began with a Facebook post, people are dying every day in a war with Russia.

Anti-IS coalition heads to Brussels for first meeting

20.11.14 @ 18:15

The 60-odd members of the US-led global coalition to counter the Islamic state is set to meet for the first time in early December in Brussels.

Spanish MPs build EU support for Palestine recognition

18.11.14 @ 22:04

Spanish MPs have backed a non-binding motion to recognise Palestine, as France prepares for a similar move next week.


For Europe, Iran is more than the nuclear problem

20.11.14 @ 18:45

EU diplomacy on Iran is one of its few successes, but it should look beyond the "nuclear issue", with a special envoy and a delegation in Tehran.

Ombudsman to investigate EU mission in Kosovo

19.11.14 @ 09:30

Europe's watchdog has launched an enquiry into EU handling of corruption allegations at Eulex, its Kosovo law mission, as questions multiply.

Nato warns of Russian military build-up, amid EU peace talks

18.11.14 @ 12:09

Nato has again warned of a “build-up” of “Russian forces” in and around Ukraine, one day after EU ministers shied away from Russia criticism.

Mogherini makes light of leaked EU paper on Israel sanctions

18.11.14 @ 09:28

Europe’s foreign relations chief has denied the EU is in talks on Israel sanctions, despite a leaked paper on the issue.

EU countries keen to rebuild Russia relations

17.11.14 @ 19:34

Forty eight hours after Nato said Russia is pouring troops into Ukraine, EU ministers opted to blacklist some “separatists” while trying to restart talks with Moscow.

Ukraine warns EU of 'full-scale' Russian attack

14.11.14 @ 09:29

Ukraine’s envoy to the EU has warned that Russia is preparing a new "full-scale" offensive, in concerns echoed by the US and Nato.

EU tax havens drain money from developing nations

13.11.14 @ 09:22

Tax havens in places like Luxembourg are zapping billions of euros from the coffers of developing countries and forcing weak governments to rely on dwindling international development aid, experts say.

EU anti-Ebola funds not reaching aid workers, Red Cross says

17.11.14 @ 19:44

Ebola is flaring up as aid agencies struggle to keep staff on the ground, while EU pledges and donations have yet to appear.

Merkel: Russia cannot veto EU expansion

17.11.14 @ 12:36

Germany has warned that Russia might try to spread its “sphere of influence” to the Western Balkans, while seeking new ways to make peace on Ukraine.

MEPs to Mogherini: Stop ignoring us on Russia sanctions

14.11.14 @ 09:28

A cross-party group of MEPs has urged the EU foreign service to stop ignoring the parliament on Magnitsky sanctions.


EU and Kosovo corruption: Scratching the surface?

11.11.14 @ 15:57

The EU has asked an ageing academic to look into Eulex corruption allegations. But former officials want to know why it failed to convict a single "big fish" in the past five years?