Pro-Russia separatists reject EU and US-brokered pact

18.04.14 @ 17:22

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have declined to honour a peace deal brokered in Geneva by the EU and US with Russia.


Russia and China forge closer ties, as EU explores sanctions

17.04.14 @ 09:29

Russia is rolling out two major projects – a gas pipeline and a Crimea deep water port – with China, as EU countries weigh options on economic sanctions.


Learning from the past: EU aid in the Eastern Partnership

16.04.14 @ 07:41

Ukraine, in particular, badly needs effective external aid. But EU aid for reforms in Eastern Partnership countries has so far failed to bring tangible results.

Russia military spending on the up, as US and EU cut costs

14.04.14 @ 09:28

Russia spends more on arms compared to its GDP than the US and European countries, fresh figures released by a military spending research group show.

EU countries to boost defence budgets in light of Ukraine

16.04.14 @ 09:29

Military chiefs have said the Ukraine crisis is a “wake-up call” for EU countries’ defence spending, as the US backed Ukraine’s use of force in eastern regions.

EU to expand Russia blacklist

15.04.14 @ 09:30

EU countries are to expand their Russia and Ukraine blacklists and to send a small team of security experts to Kiev.

Three EU countries back Ukraine's use of force

14.04.14 @ 09:26

Lithuania, Luxembourg and Sweden have explicitly backed Ukraine’s right to use force against pro-Russian separatists.

Putin threatens to cut gas to Ukraine, EU countries

10.04.14 @ 17:46

Putin has threatened to cut off gas to Ukraine unless it starts repaying a huge debt and unless the EU agrees to joint talks on its future.

UK, Poland and Sweden propose EU police mission for Ukraine

10.04.14 @ 09:22

The UK, Poland, and Sweden have proposed sending an EU police mission to Ukraine to build up its law enforcement bodies in the wake of February’s revolution.

Two more Ukrainians try to get off EU blacklist

08.04.14 @ 20:04

Two more Ukrainians under an EU asset freeze - the former president’s son, Oleksandr Yanukovych, and businessman Serhiy Kurchenko - have filed objections.

Donetsk seizure raises concern of Ukraine escalation

07.04.14 @ 09:29

A Crimea-type operation in eastern Ukraine on Sunday has raised concerns Russia is about to escalate the crisis.

Steinmeier disagrees with German business chiefs on Russia

10.04.14 @ 09:30

German foreign minister Steinmeier has contradicted business leaders who urged him not to impose economic sanctions on Russia.

US and EU prepare to strike Russian banks, energy firms

09.04.14 @ 09:29

The US and EU are preparing to strike at Russian banks, energy and minerals firms if Russia invades mainland Ukraine.

EU and US agree Ukraine talks with Russia

08.04.14 @ 09:29

The EU, Russia, Ukraine and the US are to hold joint talks in the next 10 days, amid fresh EU division on how to handle the crisis.

Protest in EU capital prompts security scare at US embassy

04.04.14 @ 18:33

Stone-throwing protesters prompted a “lock-down” at the US embassy in Brussels Friday, as the US ambassador briefed press on free trade.