Finnish PM faces backlash over Russia nuclear plant

Today @ 09:28

Finland’s new PM, Stubb, is facing a coalition split over plans for a Russian-built nuclear plant.


Most Malta boat victims were Gaza refugees

17.09.14 @ 09:26

Palestinian people fleeing Israel’s occupation of Gaza were most of the victims in the Malta boat incident last week.

EU struggling to cope with Russia food ban

16.09.14 @ 13:26

The EU is preparing to unveil new aid for fruit producers hit by the Russia food ban.

Nato describes Russia and Islamic State as main threats

15.09.14 @ 16:02

Nato has described Russia and Islamic State as the two main threats to Western security, but says it can still talk to Russia.

Ukraine gives rebels 'special status', ratifies EU treaty

16.09.14 @ 15:22

Ukraine has granted semi-autonomy to pro-Russia rebels, the same day as ratifying a strategic EU treaty.

EU urges stronger Ebola response from member states

16.09.14 @ 09:26

The EU is pressing member states to step up efforts against Ebola as the epidemic continues to spread through west Africa.

Nato states begin exercise in west Ukraine, weapons deliveries

15.09.14 @ 09:27

Two hundred US soldiers are being deployed in west Ukraine amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Kiev also says some Nato states are delivering weapons to "stop Putin".

EU and Ukraine suspend trade pact

12.09.14 @ 20:03

Ukraine and the EU are to delay the entry into life of a strategic trade treaty for more than one year due to Russian concerns.

Russia reduces gas supplies, as EU imposes sanctions

11.09.14 @ 18:55

Poland and Slovakia have said gas supplies from Russia are down, as the EU prepares to impose new sanctions.

Most Europeans want Ukraine to join the EU

10.09.14 @ 20:38

Most Europeans say Ukraine should be invited to join the EU and want tougher sanctions on Russia.

Romania has contingency plan for Russian attack

08.09.14 @ 09:29

Romanian president Basescu has said Nato has a contingency plan for the "0.01 percent" chance that Russia will one day attack his country.

EU names 24 new people, 14 firms in Russia sanctions

12.09.14 @ 09:29

EU countries have added Russia’s top oil firms, an oligarch, and a leading nationalist MP to their blacklist.

EU commission creates new foreign policy cell

11.09.14 @ 09:18

The EU foreign relations chief is to move her office back to the European Commission to steer a cell of top officials on external policy.

EU sanctions on Russia in limbo

09.09.14 @ 09:27

EU countries have adopted a new round of sanctions against Russia, but cannot agree when or whether to implement them.

Russia's abduction of Estonian officer 'very disturbing'

08.09.14 @ 09:29

Russia’s abduction of an Estonian officer poses questions on Nato’s Article V, the Baltic state’s former intelligence chief has said.