Institutional Affairs

EP gears itself up for hearings of new commissioners

Today @ 17:04

The European Parliament is preparing a set of "obstacle course" hearings for incoming EU commissioners with recent past form showing that at least one of the designates will fall by the wayside.


Catalans turn out en masse to ask for independence vote

12.09.14 @ 09:27

Almost 2 million Catalans took to the streets of Barcelona on Thursday calling for the right to vote on independence from Spain. A consultative vote is planned for 9 November.

New commission sees greater role for Juncker deputies

10.09.14 @ 14:57

The new EU commission will have a less centralised power structure, with Jean-Claude Juncker delegating more responsibilities to his deputies.

Juncker set to unveil new commission

09.09.14 @ 18:06

The new EU commission chief is to present his new team and their posts on Wednesday. Here is a round-up of the latest portfolio speculations.

Greek to front Juncker's new media strategy

11.09.14 @ 10:03

Jean-Claude Juncker has appointed a Greek EU official as his main spokesperson, part of his revamped media strategy for the new EU commission.

EU commission creates new foreign policy cell

11.09.14 @ 09:18

The EU foreign relations chief is to move her office back to the European Commission to steer a cell of top officials on external policy.

Names list for new EU commission complete

04.09.14 @ 20:09

The list of proposed new EU commissioners is now complete, with enough women for the European Parliament to approve the 28-strong team led by Jean-Claude Juncker.

Juncker starts interviews for new EU commission

02.09.14 @ 13:41

Incoming EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has started meeting the nominees for his 28-strong college, but gender balance continues to be a problem.

EU expert groups dominated by corporate interest, say NGOs

01.09.14 @ 09:09

Pro-transparency groups and trade unions are urging the European Commission to scale back corporate influence on policy-making decisions.

EU leaders pick Tusk, Mogherini for top posts

30.08.14 @ 21:43

EU leaders have chosen Polish PM Tusk as the next EU Council president and Italian minister Mogherini as the bloc's foreign affairs chief.

Opposition to Mogherini fading in EU capital

28.08.14 @ 18:04

A deal is shaping up for Italian foreign minister Mogherini to become the EU's next foreign affairs chief, provided the PM of Poland or a Baltic leader takes up the EU Council presidency.

Who is Tusk and what does he mean for the EU?

01.09.14 @ 18:44

Some compare Tusk, the new EU Council chief, to Merkel. But unlike her, he has “given up” on Moscow, with Russia relations set to make or break his EU tenure.

Who is Federica Mogherini?

01.09.14 @ 08:59

Italy's Federica Mogherini's will have to hit the ground running as EU's new foreign policy chief as the Russia conflict escalates.

EU leaders meet on top jobs, Ukraine

29.08.14 @ 21:24

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels on Saturday to clinch a deal on two top posts and to discuss further sanctions on Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine.

Italy's Mogherini still an option for EU foreign policy job

27.08.14 @ 09:28

Italian foreign minister Mogherini may become the next EU foreign policy chief if Polish PM Tusk or a Baltic leader succeeds Van Rompuy as EU Council president.