Institutional Affairs

EU institutions to be probed on whistleblower rules

28.07.14 @ 18:54

Several EU institutions are to be probed on their whistlerblower rules but the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank will escape scrutiny.


Pro-transparency groups irked by UK commissioner's lobbyist ties

17.07.14 @ 20:55

Transparency groups are urging Jean-Claude Juncker to reject Britain’s EU commission-designate Jonathan Hopkin Hill over his ties to lobbying and lobbyists in Brussels.

EU leaders fail to agree on top jobs

17.07.14 @ 03:14

EU leaders have failed to reach an agreement on two top jobs, opting to meet again on a Saturday at the end of August.

EU in east-west divide on foreign affairs job

16.07.14 @ 08:14

Italian FM Mogherini has emerged as a frontrunner for the EU foreign affairs job, but eastern member states find her too Russia-friendly.

EU budget running low on funds, commission warns again

17.07.14 @ 20:36

The European Commission has warned that it is running out of money again in the latest stand-off between the EU institutions over its unpaid bills.

EU leaders lower expectations of top jobs deal

16.07.14 @ 21:55

EU leaders heading into a summit to decide on top posts on Wednesday lowered expectations of a deal due to diverging views on the foreign affairs chief.

Interim commissioners pass EU parliament test

15.07.14 @ 09:31

Former Finnish PM Katainen and three other interim commissioners-to-be were grilled by MEPs before taking up their posts for four months.

EU summit may decide only on foreign policy chief

14.07.14 @ 09:28

EU leaders meeting on Wednesday are likely to pick only the foreign policy chief, with a decision on the successor to Van Rompuy "possibly" delayed until autumn.

Female commissioners urge Juncker to set gender quota

10.07.14 @ 19:24

The prospect of the next EU commission being heavily male-dominated has prompted outgoing female commissioners to take action.

Juncker: Economics commissioner will be a Socialist

08.07.14 @ 18:01

Future EU commission chief Juncker has promised the economics commissioner post to a Socialist, as part of a grand coalition-type of deal between the centre-right and centre-left ahead of a European Parliament vote on Tuesday.

Judges to cross-examine Barroso in tobacco lobby case

03.07.14 @ 17:37

EU commission chief Barroso is to answer judges' questions at the EU court next week in a tobacco lobbying scandal which refuses to go away.

EU states not toeing the line on tobacco, equality laws

11.07.14 @ 09:30

Around a dozen member states are set to face the European Commission at the EU Court of Justice for not following the EU laws.

Dalli lawyers say Barroso trampled his rights

08.07.14 @ 20:35

Dalli's lawyers claimed Barroso bullied him out of his job instead of following proper procedure in the second and final day of an EU Court hearing in his case.

Barroso faces Dalli at EU court in tobacco lobby case

08.07.14 @ 09:28

Judges at the EU Court of Justice on Monday cross-examined the president of the European Commission in a tobacco lobby scandal which saw a commissioner leave in disgrace two years ago.

Administrative blunder sees MEP walk free from corruption probe

25.06.14 @ 09:24

A lost file in the European Parliament has allowed a Romanian MEP suspected of corruption to leave the assembly without any inquiry.