Institutional Affairs

MEPs upset over Schulz's double role as president and candidate

17.04.14 @ 09:25

A majority of MEPs want Schulz to explain how he is able to run a campaign and fulfil his role as EP President at the same time.



EU parliament boycotts transparency check

14.04.14 @ 14:30

All EU institutions co-operated positively on an upcoming EU integrity study, with one striking exception – the EU parliament.

Financial sector spends €120mn on EU lobbying

09.04.14 @ 21:31

The EU's financial industry spends more than €120 million per year and employs over 1,700 lobbyists to work in the EU institutions.

MEPs accuse commission of blocking EU statistics 'whistleblower'

07.04.14 @ 09:25

Talks aimed at increasing transparency on EU statistical output have collapsed after the European Commission refused to apply the rules it demands of national statistical offices to its own statistical agency.

EU commission pressured to release graft inquiry documents

11.04.14 @ 16:46

Pressure is mounting on the European Commission to release documents in a graft scandal that saw a commissioner for health lose his job.

German ruling party ponders limiting powers of top court

07.04.14 @ 09:29

Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats are pondering how to limit the powers of the "latent anti-European" Constitutional Court.

EU parliament chief censors report criticising his actions

02.04.14 @ 18:19

European Parliament chief Martin Schulz removed a paragraph critical of his stewardship in a key committee report.

EU Elections

Germany in renewed push for EU treaty change

28.03.14 @ 09:50

The German finance minister has said discussions on revising the treaty to secure the eurozone's architecture will begin after the May EU elections.

EU ombudsman calls for independent watchdog on 'revolving doors'

19.03.14 @ 10:11

Decisions on EU officials taking lobbying jobs dealing with issues they had previously worked on could in future be made by a new independent body the European Ombudsman has told MEPs.

MEPs boost transparency in committee votes

27.02.14 @ 09:22

A large majority of MEPs on in Strasbourg agreed to increase transparency in the committee level decision-making process.

MEPs push for mandatory transparency register proposal by 2016

12.02.14 @ 11:49

A handful of euro-deputies working on the joint transparency register want the EU commission to propose making it mandatory in 2016.

EU commission to rewrite water laws after citizens' campaign

20.03.14 @ 09:52

The EU is set to re-write its legislation on access to drinking water in response to a pan-EU campaign backed by 1.8 million people.

EU Elections

'Europe projects coldness'

04.03.14 @ 09:29

Artists and writers invited to ponder on how culture can counter populism and euroscepticism have warned that Europe has lost its attraction.

First EU citizens' initiative calls for right to water

17.02.14 @ 20:47

EU law should guarantee the right to water and sanitation, 1.8 million people said in the first valid EU citizens' petition.

GMO maize vote highlights 'absurd' EU rules

11.02.14 @ 17:07

The EU commission is set to authorise the cultivation of a genetically modified maize crop, despite opposition from 19 countries: Critics say it showcases "absurd" EU voting rules.