Institutional Affairs

Women in EU institutions get own 'caucus'

05.12.14 @ 18:59

Women working in the EU institutions now have their own 'caucus' to advance gender equality, under an initiative by the Italian EU presidency.


Tusk takes up EU post, tells Russia to get out of Ukraine

02.12.14 @ 08:42

The EU’s new Polish chairman has urged Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine in his first official statement.

Ministers face new battle over next year's EU budget

13.11.14 @ 19:04

Finance ministers meet in Brussels on Friday as EU lawmakers face another race against time to agree on 2015 spending plans.


The state of Europe’s democracy 25 years after the Wall

05.11.14 @ 09:04

The declining health of democracy in the continent’s post-communist frontier states threatens both democratic values and the security of the region.

'Haiku Herman' quietly leaves EU stage

01.12.14 @ 09:27

EU Council chief Van Rompuy is ending his five-year term true to his nature, with no glam or pomp. But his legacy is significant, particularly in the eurozone crisis and its institutional follow-up.

Dutch Liberal loses out on committee post for being too pro-EU

13.11.14 @ 18:55

The Dutch Liberal party has nominated a relative novice to chair the European affairs committee, abandoning a more experienced candidate who is said to be too pro-European.

Italian presidency tries to appease Britain on EU bill

04.11.14 @ 09:28

The Italian EU presidency has said the contentious idea of "reform contracts" is no longer on the table. But most of Rome's current work is dominated by the British budget furore.

ECB takes control as EU bank supervisor

04.11.14 @ 09:27

The ECB formally assumes its new role as the chief supervisor of EU banks on Tuesday, in a milestone for the creation of the bloc's banking union.

EU parliament blocks websites 'to protect' staff

29.10.14 @ 09:18

The EU parliament is routinely blocking websites such as Reddit or even the BBC in what internet security experts see as an exaggerated response to a virus which uses social networks.

Barroso draws EU red lines in UK speech

20.10.14 @ 09:28

Britain risks “alienating” friends in Europe by loose talk of migration caps, the outgoing EU commission chief is to warn.

Slovene commission nominee to be sent home

08.10.14 @ 09:29

MEPs are Wednesday to decide on the five commissioners who failed to get the green light after parliamentary hearings, with the Slovene nominee set for the axe.

'Political' commission starts work with nod to past

03.11.14 @ 16:42

The €300bn investment fund as well as Britain's budget bill look set to be the immediate political headaches for the Juncker commission which officially started work Monday.

EU lawmaking down 40 percent in Barroso's second term

20.10.14 @ 18:22

The volume of EU lawmaking fell by nearly 40 percent in the last legislative term, according to an internal European Parliament paper.

MEPs earn millions on the side

13.10.14 @ 09:57

Over half of the MEPs have activities outside the European Parliament, earning between €5.8 and €18.3 million on top of their regular salaries, according to a database pooling their declarations of financial interests.

Mogherini more hawkish on Russia in EP hearing

07.10.14 @ 09:29

The EU’s next foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, was more hawkish on Russia in an EU parliament hearing which satisfied most MEPs.