EU and Kosovo corruption: Scratching the surface?

11.11.14 @ 15:57

The EU has asked an ageing academic to look into Eulex corruption allegations. But former officials want to know why it failed to convict a single "big fish" in the past five years?

Europe’s tax haven investments in Africa

31.10.14 @ 08:22

A combination of lax rules and no-questions-asked policy means that money from the European Investment Bank, the EU's longterm lending institution, is flowing to tax havens. An Egyptian case study shows how this happens.

Arms deals and bribes: The downfall of Slovenia's former PM

30.04.14 @ 09:18

Former Slovene PM Jansa has been sentenced to two years in prison over a scandal involving defence contracts and a trail of corrupt money across several EU states.

The Migrants' Files: surveying migrants' deaths at Europe's door

31.03.14 @ 09:27

A pan-European consortium of journalists has launched a survey of migrant deaths along Europe’s borders. The numbers are staggering: since the beginning of 2000, over 23,000 people have lost their lives trying to reach Europe.

Barroso tops commission travel expenses in 2012

01.08.14 @ 16:36

EU commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso's travel expenses in 2012 were almost three times as high as those of foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

Secret EU lawmaking: the triumph of the trialogue

04.04.14 @ 09:29

The setting could not be less spectacular – but trialogue meetings are a central hub of the EU's law-making machine.

Malta's sale of EU passports causes controversy

07.01.14 @ 09:26

A British consultancy will make millions for helping Malta to create EU citizens-on-paper, amid questions on conflict of interest and national security.

Troika consultancies: A multi-million euro business beyond scrutiny

16.12.13 @ 09:23

A small club of big consultancies has a monopoly on servicing EU bailouts, posing questions on transparency and conflict of interest.

Interpol open to abuse by 'criminal states'

27.08.13 @ 09:08

Interpol's credibility as a crime-fighting body is at risk unless it takes action on political abuse by "rogue" states, campaigners warn.

Millions stashed offshore, as Serbian firms lurched toward ruin

03.10.13 @ 09:05

With accession candidate country Serbia facing EU questions on controversial state sell-offs, newly revealed documents shed light on the demise of several big Serbian employers.

Estonia says Interpol notice interfered in election

24.10.13 @ 09:44

Estonia has complained to Interpol about Russia's use of the police agency to interfere in a vote in Tallinn.

EU 'civilian' mission training paramilitaries in Libya

18.11.13 @ 09:29

The EU's "civilian" mission in Libya is training paramilitary forces, amid wider efforts to stop Libya becoming a "failed state."

Gaza's gas: EU millions up in smoke

24.04.13 @ 09:45

The European Union has misspent €250 million on energy in Gaza, amid a swirl of British, Israeli, Palestinian and US business interests.