Court crushes EU plan to join human rights convention

18.12.14 @ 18:36

A draft agreement on how to get the EU to accede to the European convention of human rights is not compatible with EU law, says the bloc's top court.

Obesity now considered a disability in EU law

18.12.14 @ 10:33

Top EU judges in Luxembourg on Thursday ruled obesity can be considered a disability whenever it impacts on work performance.


EU nations face mounting pressure over CIA black sites

17.12.14 @ 18:48

Pressure is mounting for member states accused of hosting CIA rendition and torture camps to be held accountable for their role.

Most Europeans back migrant curbs, poll finds

14.12.14 @ 11:38

Most Europeans believe that migrant workers from other EU countries have been bad for their country and would like to restrict freedom of movement, a new opinion poll suggests.

EU commission bans public scrutiny on US data talks

11.12.14 @ 17:23

The European Commission is imposing gag orders on MEPs and preventing journalists access to discussions at the parliament’s civil liberties committee.

States keen to protect identity of Europe's shadow rich

15.12.14 @ 20:20

EU states are trying to stop the general public from finding out who really owns what in Europe’s offshore firms, trusts, foundations, and other opaque structures.

EU to scrap maternity leave bill

11.12.14 @ 18:46

The European Commission is set to scrap its maternity leave proposal and announce new strategies on migration and security.

EU intelligence chief: No way of knowing if information came from torture

10.12.14 @ 18:41

The EU’s intelligence-sharing bureau, IntCen, has no way of checking if its information was obtained using torture, its chief has said in light of the US Senate report.

MEPs want new EP group on transparency and corruption

09.12.14 @ 18:16

A handful of MEPs are setting up a group in the European Parliament to tackle crime, corruption and transparency at the EU institutions and across Europe.

EU ministers back key pillar in data reform bill

04.12.14 @ 21:59

Member states on Thursday (4 December) reached a broad consensus on a key area of the EU’s reformed data protection bill but some problems remain for the next EU presidency to resolve.

Germany second top migration destination of choice after US

01.12.14 @ 18:11

More migrants are heading to Germany than any other wealthy country except the US, according to the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Cameron to unveil latest anti-EU migrant plan

28.11.14 @ 09:29

Under-siege British leader Cameron is to deliver a speech laced with even more ideas on how to keep EU migrants at bay.

EU looks to African dictators for migration solutions

08.12.14 @ 09:29

The EU is turning to African dictators to help counter a multitude of threats as it steps up efforts to tighten border controls and renew counter-terrorism initiatives.

Immigration centres are new cash cow for Italian mafia

04.12.14 @ 09:27

Italian police on Wednesday uncovered a mafia network in Rome said to have extorted millions of euros from programmes designed to help the city’s most vulnerable.

Swiss voters reject immigration cap

01.12.14 @ 09:26

Switzerland has rejected a plan to cut net immigration to no more than 0.2 percent of the population, following a referendum on Sunday.