UK, Poland and Sweden propose EU police mission for Ukraine

10.04.14 @ 09:22

The UK, Poland, and Sweden have proposed sending an EU police mission to Ukraine to build up its law enforcement bodies in the wake of February’s revolution.


What does the death of the EU data directive mean?

09.04.14 @ 09:25

The EU's controversial data retention bill may be dead, but its principles will remain in force across Europe despite yesterday's Court ruling.


EU court scraps data surveillance law

08.04.14 @ 11:31

The EU court has struck down a law on internet and phone surveillance, saying loose wording opens the door to untoward snooping.

Roma still second class citizens, despite EU efforts

04.04.14 @ 18:51

Despite national strategies on Roma integration, many of Europe’s most discriminated minority are still being treated as second-class citizens.


The Migrants' Files: surveying migrants' deaths at Europe's door

31.03.14 @ 09:27

A pan-European consortium of journalists has launched a survey of migrant deaths along Europe’s borders. The numbers are staggering: since the beginning of 2000, over 23,000 people have lost their lives trying to reach Europe.

Violence against Roma on the rise, says Amnesty

08.04.14 @ 09:29

Hate crimes and violence against the EU’s largest minority are on the rise, according to an Amnesty International report.

EU lifts visa restrictions on Moldova

03.04.14 @ 18:54

The EU formally agreed to lift visa restrictions on Moldova, allowing its citizens to travel throughout the Schengen passport-free area.

Migration routes change, migrants' security does not

01.04.14 @ 09:32

When a valve is shut down, be it along the Senegal coast or at the wall between Morocco and Spain, a new migration path opens up.

Italian mob has €200bn annual budget

25.03.14 @ 19:08

The annual budget of organised crime in Italy is bigger than that of the EU, with most of the money spent outside Italy, the country's foreign ministry says.


Rule of law: EU 'mechanism' needs upgrade

19.03.14 @ 09:18

The EU commission’s much-awaited “rule of law mechanism” needs some improvements if it is to bring about real results.

MEPs back EU-wide public prosecutor's office

13.03.14 @ 09:38

EU lawmakers are a step closer to setting up a EU-wide public prosecutor after MEPs backed the European Commission's proposal.

EU officials seek new powers to protect rule of law

12.03.14 @ 09:29

The European Commission has announced a new measure to challenge member states in breach of EU rule of law.

Syrians and Russians top asylum demands to EU

25.03.14 @ 09:29

The EU received a total of 435,000 asylum applications last year, 100,000 more compared to 2012.

EU justice scoreboard upsets some member states

17.03.14 @ 20:26

The European Commission presented its second annual justice scoreboard but not all member states like the idea.

MEPs want to scrap US data agreements

13.03.14 @ 08:58

Frustrated MEPs want the EU to scrap data protection agreements with the US as they mount pressure on the member states to start negotiations on the EU data protection reforms.