Most Malta boat victims were Gaza refugees

17.09.14 @ 09:26

Palestinian people fleeing Israel’s occupation of Gaza were most of the victims in the Malta boat incident last week.

MEPs threaten budget suspension over transparency

15.09.14 @ 09:29

A handful of MEPs are asking the parliament to withhold millions of euros from the EU commission to force greater transparency in the Brussels executive.


Google urged to stick to European court privacy ruling

10.09.14 @ 20:32

Privacy campaigners are urging Google to respect a European court ruling on the "right to be forgotten" as the Internet giant tours European capitals to debate the issue.

International waters likely off limits to EU migrant mission

09.09.14 @ 18:24

Plans to restrict the EU border agency Frontex operations to an area close to the Italian coast could jeopardise lives should Italy’s Mare Nostrum be phased out.

EU anti-fraud office unhappy with extra scrutiny proposal

08.09.14 @ 18:58

A special committee charged with overseeing the EU’s anti-fraud body Olaf is unhappy with a European Commission proposal to create an additional watchdog.


Refugee rights highlighted ahead of Swedish vote

10.09.14 @ 09:24

Swedish artists are seeking to highlight the rights of refugees ahead of the country's elections on Sunday.

Bavarian politician calls for checks on Austria-Germany border

09.09.14 @ 09:27

Bavarian leader Seehofer has said Germany should introduce checks on its Austrian border to block refugees coming from Italy.

Europol chief takes instructions on document access from Americans

04.09.14 @ 17:38

The head of the EU police agency Europol is taking instructions from the Americans on what EU-drafted documents he can and cannot release to EU lawmakers.

EU migrant mission will not replace Mare Nostrum

03.09.14 @ 18:30

The EU's new Mediterranean migrant mission will not replace Italy's 'Mare Nostrum' because it will be too small, the commission says.

EU mission to help Italy save boat migrants

28.08.14 @ 09:30

The EU is to launch a “Frontex plus” mission in autumn to help Italy on the search and rescue of Mediterranean boat migrants.

Russians, Chinese keen to buy EU passports from Malta

26.08.14 @ 08:30

Russians, Chinese, and people from the Middle East have shown the most interest in Malta's sale of EU passports so far.

EU justice chief criticises Google on 'right to be forgotten'

19.08.14 @ 09:30

The EU’s justice commissioner has accused internet giant Google of leading a campaign to shoot down data protection reforms.

France wants to create new EU migration post

02.09.14 @ 16:34

France wants to create a European coordinator to ensure member states follow through more rapidly on their asylum and border control commitments.


The changing face of Europe's mafia

26.08.14 @ 17:40

The landscape of European organised crime is “completely changing”, says the director of Europe's leading research institute into organised crime groups.

Libya violence puts EU border mission in doubt

25.08.14 @ 09:29

The EU’s border mission for Libya remains parked in Tunisia, as deteriorating security conditions put migrants at greater risk.