EU mission to help Italy save boat migrants

28.08.14 @ 09:30

The EU is to launch a “Frontex plus” mission in autumn to help Italy on the search and rescue of Mediterranean boat migrants.


The changing face of Europe's mafia

26.08.14 @ 17:40

The landscape of European organised crime is “completely changing”, says the director of Europe's leading research institute into organised crime groups.


Russians, Chinese keen to buy EU passports from Malta

26.08.14 @ 08:30

Russians, Chinese, and people from the Middle East have shown the most interest in Malta's sale of EU passports so far.

EU justice chief criticises Google on 'right to be forgotten'

19.08.14 @ 09:30

The EU’s justice commissioner has accused internet giant Google of leading a campaign to shoot down data protection reforms.

EU to 'scrutinise' Cameron's migrant benefits plan

30.07.14 @ 09:15

The British government has announced it will tighten benefits to unemployed migrants from the EU in plans that the European Commission has said it will examine closely.

Libya violence puts EU border mission in doubt

25.08.14 @ 09:29

The EU’s border mission for Libya remains parked in Tunisia, as deteriorating security conditions put migrants at greater risk.

Scientists say EU data bill to harm research

14.08.14 @ 09:26

Leading European scientists have said new EU data laws will cause "dire" harm to research in areas such as smoking-related diseases or child nutrition.

EU institutions to be probed on whistleblower rules

28.07.14 @ 18:54

Several EU institutions are to be probed on their whistlerblower rules but the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank will escape scrutiny.

Court rules Poland complicit in CIA renditions

24.07.14 @ 16:28

A European rights court Thursday found that Poland allowed the CIA to operate a secret rendition and interrogation camp at its Stare Kiejkuty military base and did nothing to stop it.

EU grapples with smugglers as people fleeing conflict face torture

23.07.14 @ 09:28

The EU wants to set up a legal channels to prevent Syrians from turning to smugglers to get to European Union territory - but can it deal with the thousands already trying to reach its shores.

European court strikes down transgender marriage case

16.07.14 @ 20:47

A Finnish citizen who wanted the state to recognise her new gender after surgery and remain legally married to a woman at the same time has lost her case at the European Court of Human Rights.

EU states adopt new counter-terrorism plan

09.07.14 @ 09:30

Ministers from eight member states have adopted confidential plans to counter Syria-bound EU national fighters.

Scrapped EU surveillance law throws doubt on US data agreements

24.07.14 @ 08:47

A decision by the EU court to scrap a controversial data retention directive may have implications for existing international data agreements and EU proposals under review.

French ease ban on pro-Gaza demonstrations in Paris

22.07.14 @ 09:28

Paris has reportedly authorised a demonstration in support for Gaza on Wednesday after two government-banned protests over the weekend turned violent.

Doubts emerge on Belgium’s counter-terror group

10.07.14 @ 09:28

Sweden has opted out of Belgium’s new counter-terrorism scheme amid internal debate on the merits of the plan.