Supra-national border guard system on EU radar

19.11.14 @ 18:41

The EU's new migration chief, Greek politician Dimitris Avramopoulos, wants to create a European system of border guards.

UK's Labour party takes up anti-EU migrant stance

19.11.14 @ 09:29

Britain's left-wing opposition party, Labour, has announced plans to crack down on EU migrants amid a heated debate across the political spectrum.


EU tax havens drain money from developing nations

13.11.14 @ 09:22

Tax havens in places like Luxembourg are zapping billions of euros from the coffers of developing countries and forcing weak governments to rely on dwindling international development aid, experts say.

Data retention issue stymies EU air passenger bill

11.11.14 @ 17:55

Attempts to finalise the EU-wide passenger name records bill by the end of year seems unlikely, given top MEPs' divided views on its conformity with a recent Luxembourg verdict.

EU court: Countries can deny benefits to 'welfare tourists'

11.11.14 @ 11:59

EU citizens who move to another member state "solely in order to obtain social assistance" may be excluded from social benefits schemes, the EU's top court has ruled.

Military deserters may claim EU asylum

12.11.14 @ 12:33

Military personnel may claim asylum in the EU if they consider themselves to be at risk of prosecution or punishment for refusal to perform military service, according to an opinion by the EU's top court.


EU and Kosovo corruption: Scratching the surface?

11.11.14 @ 15:57

The EU has asked an ageing academic to look into Eulex corruption allegations. But former officials want to know why it failed to convict a single "big fish" in the past five years?

UK to sign up to EU arrest warrant despite Tory rebellion

10.11.14 @ 09:30

UK MPs are set to sign up to a package of 35 EU justice laws including the controversial European Arrest Warrant on Monday.

MEPs clash with EU officials over foreign fighters

05.11.14 @ 18:58

A handful of MEPs are accusing EU officials of scare-mongering the threat of foreign-fighters to push through security policies and agreements on passenger name records (PNR).

EU mission in Kosovo rocked by corruption allegations

30.10.14 @ 19:27

The EU’s rule of law mission in Kosovo is fighting to maintain credibility after allegations of bribe-taking and attempts to gag press.

EU commission lashes out at Hungary's internet tax plan

29.10.14 @ 09:21

The EU commission Tuesday lashed out at Hungary’s proposal to introduce the world’s first Internet tax, while 100,000 people took to the Budapest streets in protest.

Hungary's 'internet tax' sparks protests

27.10.14 @ 09:29

Up to 10,000 people rallied in Budapest on Sunday in protest of Orban’s government plan to roll out the world’s first ‘internet tax’.

Merkel: UK exit better than restricting free movement

03.11.14 @ 09:29

Merkel would prefer the UK to leave the EU than have Downing Street limit the free movement of people, according to German media.

Oettinger stirs controversy ahead of new role as digital commissioner

30.10.14 @ 18:29

Recent statements by the next EU digital commissioner Gunther Oettinger on imposing a special tax on Google has drawn carefully worded criticism from within the current EU commission.

EU border agency 'overwhelmed' by offers of equipment

28.10.14 @ 18:17

The EU’s border agency has received more offers of equipment than it needs as it starts its migrant surveillance operation in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Italy has indicated its naval search and rescue operation will continue.