Estonia same-sex law breaks taboo in former Soviet states

09.10.14 @ 17:14

Estonia on Thursday became the first former Soviet republic to grant equal rights to same-sex couples, amid a nasty atmosphere.


'Bearded lady' speaks out for gay rights in EU capital

08.10.14 @ 18:07

A defiant Conchita Wurst on Wednesday challenged homophobic politicians and governments opposed to same-sex marriage to overcome their fears.

Belgrade gay pride a 'milestone'

29.09.14 @ 09:25

Gay people in Serbia held a march in Belgrade on Sunday in what has been described as a “milestone” in the country's history.

European court strikes down transgender marriage case

16.07.14 @ 20:47

A Finnish citizen who wanted the state to recognise her new gender after surgery and remain legally married to a woman at the same time has lost her case at the European Court of Human Rights.

Catalonia passes historic anti-homophobia law

06.10.14 @ 09:31

Catalonia’s new anti-homophobe legislation could see offenders fined up to €14,000 for attacks carried out against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGTB).

Greek MP hurls homophobic insults at Luxembourg PM

29.08.14 @ 10:48

A Greek MP has waged a homophobic twitter war on Luxembourg PM Bettel, prompting a backlash on the social media site.

Lesbian MEP victim of acid attack

18.06.14 @ 10:25

The European Parliament's lead negotiator for gay rights was the victim of an acid attack at the Vienna gay pride demonstration over the weekend

EP candidate runs on anti-gay ticket

22.05.14 @ 09:53

While figures with a history of anti-homosexual discourse freely run as candidates for the European Parliament, gay people remain silent about their sexuality in Romania.

Green, left and Liberal MEPs lead way on gay rights

15.05.14 @ 08:50

Green, left and Liberal MEPs led the way on gay rights in the outgoing European Parliament, but right-wing populists could hold them back in future.

Transgender and young gay people at greater risk of violence

13.05.14 @ 18:07

The EU's agency for fundamental rights says young people are more likely to be victims of homophobic violence than their older peers.


Defending human rights in Georgia

27.05.13 @ 13:43

Earlier this month, a small gathering by LGBTI activists was met with a 20,000-strong protest march in Tbilisi. The clashes highlighted the resistance to change in some parts of Georgian society, but they also demonstrated that change is afoot.

Maltese PM: no such thing as a la carte equality

16.05.14 @ 08:16

Malta's Prime Minister has urged EU countries to follow his example on extending protection to LGBTI minorities on the eve of international anti-homophobia day.

Hungary and Finland in uphill battle for gay rights

13.05.14 @ 18:18

Gay communities in Hungary and Finland are facing uphill battles for equal rights with conservative politicians in both countries imposing barriers.

EU ministers urge Reding to do more for gay rights

17.05.13 @ 08:24

Fourteen member states have backed a petition urging the European Commission to do more for the rights of sexual minorities, with the last major initiative several years ago.

Targeted action requires clear plan … LGBTI issues are no different

16.05.13 @ 16:37

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex person in the EU, there is a strong chance you have experienced homophobia or even violence at school.