Catalonia to press ahead with referendum after Scottish No

19.09.14 @ 16:06

Catalan leader Artur Mas has said the Scottish referendum has reinforced his plan to hold a similar vote at home.


Scotland chooses to stay in UK

19.09.14 @ 07:10

Voters in Scotland have said No to independence from the UK, but the intense campaigning and record-high turnout are models for separatist movements elsewhere in Europe.

Ukraine says Europe at risk of 'terrible war'

19.09.14 @ 09:30

Ukraine leader Poroshenko has warned the US that Europe is at risk of a “terrible … war”, but failed to get American weapons in return.

Voting under way in Scottish independence referendum

18.09.14 @ 09:29

Over 4 million people are to cast their vote in favour or against Scottish independence on Thursday, with Spain calling it a "torpedo" against EU integration.

Cameron promises more devolution across UK

19.09.14 @ 09:32

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised more powers will be devolved to all parts of the UK while expressing his delight that Scotland voted to stay a part of the United Kingdom.

Most Malta boat victims were Gaza refugees

17.09.14 @ 09:26

Palestinian people fleeing Israel’s occupation of Gaza were most of the victims in the Malta boat incident last week.

Finnish PM faces backlash over Russia nuclear plant

18.09.14 @ 09:28

Finland’s new PM, Stubb, is facing a coalition split over plans for a Russian-built nuclear plant.

MEPs critical of 'underfunded' youth jobs plan

17.09.14 @ 20:52

Outgoing EU commissioner for employment Laszlo Andor defended EU-wide efforts to tackle youth unemployment amid critical remarks from MEPs.


US and UK universities top world rankings

17.09.14 @ 09:20

American and British universities continue to dominate in the global rankings with the next best faculty in a EU member state trailing a distant 24.

Nato describes Russia and Islamic State as main threats

15.09.14 @ 16:02

Nato has described Russia and Islamic State as the two main threats to Western security, but says it can still talk to Russia.

MEPs threaten budget suspension over transparency

15.09.14 @ 09:29

A handful of MEPs are asking the parliament to withhold millions of euros from the EU commission to force greater transparency in the Brussels executive.

Ukraine gives rebels 'special status', ratifies EU treaty

16.09.14 @ 15:22

Ukraine has granted semi-autonomy to pro-Russia rebels, the same day as ratifying a strategic EU treaty.

EU struggling to cope with Russia food ban

16.09.14 @ 13:26

The EU is preparing to unveil new aid for fruit producers hit by the Russia food ban.


Scotland on verge of 'independence lite'

15.09.14 @ 09:14

Scottish people are preparing for a historic referendum that could partly end their union with the UK, but still seek to keep the pound and the British queen.

EU urges stronger Ebola response from member states

16.09.14 @ 09:26

The EU is pressing member states to step up efforts against Ebola as the epidemic continues to spread through west Africa.