Van Rompuy and Barroso leave EU stage with porcelain plates

Today @ 20:13

Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso said goodbye to EU leaders on Friday after attending their final summit as presidents of the EU council and commission. But the summit was marred by a budget row.


Cameron vows to reject €2 billion EU bill

Today @ 16:16

UK prime minister David Cameron vowed to oppose "in every way possible" the extra €2.1 billion EU budget bill, which he said was 'completely unjustified and unacceptable', as the row dominated the second day of the leaders' summit in Brussels.

Hungary's Orban stonewalls US corruption allegations

Today @ 18:04

Hungary is demanding the US hand over evidence after the Americans placed an entry ban on six officials close to Viktor Orban’s government last week.

Renzi stirs up EU row ahead of eurozone meeting

Today @ 09:27

Eurozone leaders are meeting Friday on public deficits and debt, amid an escalating dispute between Italian PM Renzi and outgoing commission chief Barroso.

Draghi warns eurozone leaders on recession 'relapse'

Today @ 20:09

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi warns eurozone leaders of recession unless they agree a "concrete timetable" of reforms and spur investments.

UN welcomes EU climate deal

Today @ 16:58

The climate agreement “opens the door to greater ambition by all countries”, the head of UN body on climate change said.

EU leaders reach 2030 deal on climate and energy

Today @ 03:59

EU leaders have agreed to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 percent by 2030, but poorer states won concessions, while green NGOs voiced dismay.

Cameron slapped with new €2bn EU bill

Today @ 09:47

The EU has told the UK it must pay a new €2.1 billion bill by 1 December, in grist for the mill of Cameron's eurosceptic adversaries at home.

Merkel criticises Putin for broken promise on Ukraine

Today @ 03:59

Most EU leaders on Thursday criticised Russia’s non-compliance with Ukraine peace accords, but Italy urged re-engagement with Moscow.

Barroso clashes with Italy over published budget warning

23.10.14 @ 15:32

European Commission president Barroso has hit out at Italy for publishing a letter the commission sent asking Rome to justify its budget for 2015.

Irish senators build EU momentum on Palestine recognition

23.10.14 @ 09:28

Irish senators have urged the government to recognise Palestine, as the EU prepares to set out new red lines on Israel relations.

Cyprus seeks harsh EU statement on Turkey

Today @ 09:29

Nicosia persuaded EU leaders at the summit in Brussels on Thursday to criticise Turkey for violating its economic zone and sovereignty.

EU leaders mull climate u-turn if international talks fail

23.10.14 @ 21:41

The 2030 climate and energy targets which EU leaders are trying to agree at a Brussels summit on Thursday will not be set in stone.

EU leaders gear up for heated climate summit

23.10.14 @ 09:29

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for what are expected to be tough negotiations on climate targets. The economy and Ebola will also be discussed.

Poll shows UK support for EU at 20-year high

23.10.14 @ 13:38

The rise of the UK Independence party has coincided with increased support for Britain remaining part of the EU, according to a survey published on Wednesday.