EU foreign policy faces test after MH17 shootdown

Today @ 09:18

EU foreign policy is facing a major test today as ministers gather in Brussels to consider their response to the suspected downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight by Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.


French ease ban on pro-Gaza demonstrations in Paris

Today @ 09:28

Paris has reportedly authorised a demonstration in support for Gaza on Wednesday after two government-banned protests over the weekend turned violent.

France and Germany in tussle over EU economics post

21.07.14 @ 09:22

Germany and France are locked in a tussle about who should be the next EU economic affairs commissioner, a decision that will send a key symbolic message.

Merkel: Russia partly responsible for Ukraine crash

18.07.14 @ 14:59

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Russia must acknowledge its share of responsibility in the Ukraine airplane disaster.

EU under pressure to broaden Russia sanctions

21.07.14 @ 10:25

The US and the UK are putting pressure on the EU to impose tougher sanctions on Russia in the wake of the Malaysian Airlines disaster.

UK foreign minister favours leaving EU if no reforms

21.07.14 @ 09:29

Deep reforms on how the EU operates and is governed are needed if the UK is to remain a member of the Union, Britain's new foreign minister has said.

Air disaster puts spotlight on French warship for Russia

18.07.14 @ 19:30

France risks “international ridicule” if it delivers a warship to Russia despite the Malaysian Airlines disaster, but its intentions remain unchanged.

Ukraine investigators race to recover flight recorders

18.07.14 @ 16:03

The race to locate the black box, flight deck recorder, and the cockpit recorder is underway as investigators travel to the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in eastern Ukraine.

EU calls for 'international investigation' into Ukraine air crash

17.07.14 @ 21:11

An airliner carrying 295 people has crashed in a conflict zone in east Ukraine, with all on board presumed dead.

EU budget running low on funds, commission warns again

17.07.14 @ 20:36

The European Commission has warned that it is running out of money again in the latest stand-off between the EU institutions over its unpaid bills.

EU threatens Russian oligarchs, as US hits banks and oil firms

17.07.14 @ 00:46

EU leaders have threatened to go after Russian companies and oligarchs deemed to be helping the Kremlin wage its covert war on Ukraine.

UN to hold meeting on Ukraine crash, as Europe counts casualties

18.07.14 @ 09:22

The UK has tabled a UN resolution calling for an international enquiry into the Malaysian Airlines crash, as European countries count their casualties.

Birthday tributes display Merkel's power

18.07.14 @ 09:51

At 60, German chancellor Angela Merkel is the most popular and powerful leader among her EU peers.

Pro-transparency groups irked by UK commissioner's lobbyist ties

17.07.14 @ 20:55

Transparency groups are urging Jean-Claude Juncker to reject Britain’s EU commission-designate Jonathan Hopkin Hill over his ties to lobbying and lobbyists in Brussels.

Obesity could qualify as disability, says EU court

17.07.14 @ 13:15

Obesity may be considered a disability if it affects how a person does their job, the EU's top court said Thursday