Students should vote for pro-Erasmus MEPs

23.04.14 @ 09:03

Students in the EU who love Erasmus should vote twice: once for their party, and once for the MEPs in their party who support the exchange scheme.


EU and Ukraine: too busy to protect gay rights?

23.04.14 @ 14:14

The new Ukrainian government has just made a u-turn on protecting gay rights and the European Commission is playing along.

EU elections 2014: Toward a democratic revolution?

22.04.14 @ 09:10

The question asked to EU voters will therefore no longer be "Are you for or against Europe?", but "What kind of Europe do you want?".

EU parliament boycotts transparency check

14.04.14 @ 14:30

All EU institutions co-operated positively on an upcoming EU integrity study, with one striking exception – the EU parliament.

Where next after the Hungarian election?

22.04.14 @ 16:37

The EU vote in Hungary is set to see a strong tussle for second place between the far-right Jobbik party and a coalition of leftist parties.

Learning from the past: EU aid in the Eastern Partnership

16.04.14 @ 07:41

Ukraine, in particular, badly needs effective external aid. But EU aid for reforms in Eastern Partnership countries has so far failed to bring tangible results.

Hate speech, not Europe, tops agenda in French EU vote

14.04.14 @ 09:21

The European election is largely absent from the French public sphere, but the same cannot be said for hate speech. The only ones to profit from this electoral silence are extreme parties.

Building a true partnership between Africa and Europe

11.04.14 @ 09:29

Both sides – Africa and Europe – want to work together but seemingly struggle at times to understand the concerns and actions of the other.

EU-Africa Summit: Time to end preconceptions?

01.04.14 @ 09:09

Europe needs to move away from paternalism and humanitarianism while African states must cease to wield Europe’s guilty past for leverage.

Denouncing myths on Nato and Ukraine

28.03.14 @ 18:33

At its September summit in Cardiff Nato should open its doors to Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia and Montenegro, writes the Lithuanian foreign minister.

Even Germany's intellectual elite is falling out of love with the EU

28.03.14 @ 16:51

In 2007, euroscepticism was a British issue. It isn't any more.

EU’s 2030 climate plans based on flawed analysis

09.04.14 @ 18:24

Unless the EU adopts a much higher target than the pitifully weak proposed 40 percent, the result will be a chain reaction of even weaker commitments from other countries.

Time to take Sino-EU relations to a new level

31.03.14 @ 09:14

Europe is welcoming President Xi to Brussels for free trade talks, while London and Frankfurt step up internal rivalry to become China’s financial beachhead in Europe.

A 10-step plan to making the EU a strategic actor

31.03.14 @ 08:30

The European Union’s awkward efforts to shape events in Ukraine yield one undeniable lesson: the EU must learn to think and act strategically.

Banking union's major omission: debt mutualisation

28.03.14 @ 09:18

The EU's banking union may turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, instilling the idea that more banks will fail in the future, but without the necessary firepower to prevent it.