MH17 and the diplomacy of business going Dutch

11.08.14 @ 09:19

The shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight reinforces the point that the security of citizens outside state borders is to be framed as a central issue in 21st century security policy.


Stopping the wave of asylum seekers means fixing Libya

29.07.14 @ 16:10

Supporting a king in Libya may be the only way to reduce the flow of migrants risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean.

Gaza: ‘Burning the consciousness’

22.07.14 @ 18:21

Giving defensive names to Israeli military operations does not hide their offensive nature. The only way to end the cycle of violence is to end the occupation.

Anti-Roma prejudice rampant in state child protection services

24.07.14 @ 14:36

The root causes of Roma exclusion must be addressed including systemic failures in the delivery of mainstream services, like education, housing, infrastructure, health and employment.

Is international law a universal right or a select privilege?

28.07.14 @ 16:26

Is the EU truly committed to encouraging compliance with international law?

Putin's real war

21.07.14 @ 09:44

How many people - whether Ukrainian or non-Ukrainian - have to die, before the West faces up to the realities of Putin's war?

Time for EU to put real pressure on Israel

18.07.14 @ 09:27

As Israel launches Gaza ground offensive, a former Sakharov laureate calls for EU countries to impose real pressure on Israel to end 47 years of occupation.

Italy should offer leadership on Roma issues

16.07.14 @ 19:09

As long as the treatment of Roma is influenced by political expediency and negative attitudes, Europe’s legitimacy at home and abroad is in question

Thaci’s thirst for power is harming Kosovo

16.07.14 @ 08:47

Kosovo is still a new and fragile democracy so the current post-election politicking by Hashim Thaci is damaging the country.

The day we got EU parliamentarianism

15.07.14 @ 08:52

Th essence of democracy is that we can go to the polls and elect a new majority, a new government and new laws. The EU is not a democracy.

Juncker: The right man for the job?

08.07.14 @ 09:43

Tackling tax havens and tax avoidance must be a core priority. Jean-Claude Juncker, as European Commission president nominee, needs to be clear how he plans to address this.

Nato puts brakes on enlargement

16.07.14 @ 08:32

Nato membership could very well be more of a cost than a benefit in 2014.

Greek workers face arrest for being on strike

13.07.14 @ 15:07

Market fundamentalists are testing something even more dangerous than privatisation of public goods in Greece; public workers now face arrest for being on strike.

Can we expect a rise in migration from Eastern Europe?

14.07.14 @ 18:16

Research indicates that the inflow of migrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova - even after visa liberalisation - will be modest.

Will the EU's new anti-money laundering rules have teeth?

02.07.14 @ 09:17

A review of the EU's anti-money laundering law is to be finalised this autumn. With the EP and member states at odds on key parts of the directive, much is at stake.