Common European investment programme needed

26.11.14 @ 18:30

Investment levels are abnormally low in the EU - the good news is that money is out there.


EU watershed on criminal law poses questions for UK

24.11.14 @ 20:10

The 1 December shake-up in EU law on criminal and justice issues poses questions for the UK and the future of the European Arrest Warrant.

For Europe, Iran is more than the nuclear problem

20.11.14 @ 18:45

EU diplomacy on Iran is one of its few successes, but it should look beyond the "nuclear issue", with a special envoy and a delegation in Tehran.

The EU's hypocrisy toward Greece

19.11.14 @ 09:06

EU leaders have shown total contempt for their commitments to social and labour protections in their policy towards Greece.

Former Israeli law chief urges EU parliament to back Palestine recognition

21.11.14 @ 18:12

Recognition of Palestinian statehood is not only just, it also protects the national security interests of both nations.

Why the EU mission in Kosovo still deserves your trust

19.11.14 @ 18:13

Eulex chief Gabriele Meucci says he doesn't "sweep allegations of criminal activity under the carpet" and "respects" media investigations.

Time to put focus on tax justice across Europe

18.11.14 @ 09:01

The promotion of tax evasion has deprived public services of crucial resources at a time when they most need them.

Remembering Havel's dream

17.11.14 @ 10:01

Twenty five years ago, violent repression of a student protest spurred a series of events in the then Czechoslovakia that we call the Velvet Revolution.

Ukraine: Something bad in the air

13.11.14 @ 18:51

Signs point to an upcoming escalation in Russia's war on Ukraine. But if it happens, what will the West do?

Western Balkans: Nationalism is not the answer

10.11.14 @ 08:41

After a century of bloodshed and hatred, the independence of Kosovo in 2008 seemed like a sign that peace and stability is possible in the Western Balkans.

Madrid, Barcelona and the war of Spanish secession

07.11.14 @ 14:50

On the day Germans will be celebrating reunification, Spaniards will be focused on whether their country is about to fall apart.

Questions raised as Sweden confirms submarine incursion

14.11.14 @ 17:35

As Sweden confirms the underwater incursion last month, why would Russia want to do it and what can Sweden do to stop it happening again?

The immigrant democratic deficit and the rising far-right

12.11.14 @ 09:02

A growing democratic deficit inflates the far right’s electoral results; immigrants themselves simply do not count in most elections.

Troubleshooting partnerships for troubled times

10.11.14 @ 08:35

Most EU strategic partnerships are under-delivering, but they need to be pursued, still.

EU and Egypt: neighbourhood policy in coma

07.11.14 @ 09:26

In post-revolution Egypt, civil society is facing a dilemma; going back to the Mubarak era or going to prison.