Former Israeli law chief urges EU parliament to help recognise Palestine

21.11.14 @ 18:12

Recognition of Palestinian statehood is not only just, it also protects the national security interests of both nations.


For Europe, Iran is more than the nuclear problem

20.11.14 @ 18:45

EU diplomacy on Iran is one of its few successes, but it should look beyond the "nuclear issue", with a special envoy and a delegation in Tehran.

The EU's hypocrisy toward Greece

19.11.14 @ 09:06

EU leaders have shown total contempt for their commitments to social and labour protections in their policy towards Greece.

Remembering Havel's dream

17.11.14 @ 10:01

Twenty five years ago, violent repression of a student protest spurred a series of events in the then Czechoslovakia that we call the Velvet Revolution.

Why the EU mission in Kosovo still deserves your trust

19.11.14 @ 18:13

Eulex chief Gabriele Meucci says he doesn't "sweep allegations of criminal activity under the carpet" and "respects" media investigations.

Time to put focus on tax justice across Europe

18.11.14 @ 09:01

The promotion of tax evasion has deprived public services of crucial resources at a time when they most need them.

Questions raised as Sweden confirms submarine incursion

14.11.14 @ 17:35

As Sweden confirms the underwater incursion last month, why would Russia want to do it and what can Sweden do to stop it happening again?

Ukraine: Something bad in the air

13.11.14 @ 18:51

Signs point to an upcoming escalation in Russia's war on Ukraine. But if it happens, what will the West do?

Western Balkans: Nationalism is not the answer

10.11.14 @ 08:41

After a century of bloodshed and hatred, the independence of Kosovo in 2008 seemed like a sign that peace and stability is possible in the Western Balkans.

Madrid, Barcelona and the war of Spanish secession

07.11.14 @ 14:50

On the day Germans will be celebrating reunification, Spaniards will be focused on whether their country is about to fall apart.


Ukraine reporting should be more nuanced

07.11.14 @ 09:49

There are indeed many divisions in Ukraine, but this west-east image is overly simplistic.

The immigrant democratic deficit and the rising far-right

12.11.14 @ 09:02

A growing democratic deficit inflates the far right’s electoral results; immigrants themselves simply do not count in most elections.

Troubleshooting partnerships for troubled times

10.11.14 @ 08:35

Most EU strategic partnerships are under-delivering, but they need to be pursued, still.

EU and Egypt: neighbourhood policy in coma

07.11.14 @ 09:26

In post-revolution Egypt, civil society is facing a dilemma; going back to the Mubarak era or going to prison.

The EU as pawn in a nasty game

06.11.14 @ 09:50

By rejecting unilateral economic sanctions the European Court may strike a blow in favour of democracy and European sovereignty.