Greek corruption undermining recovery

28.10.14 @ 11:34

Rampant corruption in Greece is undermining the country's frail economy recovery.


EU states should follow Sweden on Palestine

23.10.14 @ 09:24

Israel's ex-ambassador to South Africa tells EUobserver his country is on "the slippery slope of apartheid" by destroying prospects for a Palestinian state.

Ukraine needs reform to survive

20.10.14 @ 10:58

The focus in Ukraine is shifting back from war or peace to the country’s internal malaise - the time has come for real reforms.

Cameron's unclear narrative

15.10.14 @ 09:36

Cameron has made the UK look like an annoying younger sibling, constantly harassing the EU to get its way, stomping its feet and issuing empty threats.

Cameron's tight-rope walk on free movement

22.10.14 @ 18:35

EU migration will be the key battle in the UK election next year. Polls show that immigration is the number one issue for British voters; they care about it more than the economy. So what will David Cameron's approach be?

Cheques, no balances: side-jobs in the European Parliament

15.10.14 @ 18:12

It is heartening to see the Parliament scrutinizing potential conflicts of interest at the Commission so forcefully, but how good is the Parliament at ensuring the private interests of its own members?

Adriatic Sea faces environmental threat

13.10.14 @ 10:00

Croatia should have performed an environmental impact risk assessment before it allowed seismic exploration in the Adriatic Sea.

Slick PR and the real story in Uzbekistan

03.10.14 @ 08:55

London PR firms are working for the daughter of Uzbek dictator Karimov after she fell from grace, but what about EU support for the silent victims of his regime?

Donald Tusk and the case for EU optimism

29.09.14 @ 16:09

The recent choice of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the next president of the European Council is an auspicious sign.

Cameron's logic calls for eurozone democracy

23.09.14 @ 15:23

The outcome of the Scottish independence referendum may indirectly influence the EU and the eurozone’s functioning.

Russia sanctions and the EU: What went wrong?

23.09.14 @ 09:07

Without a diplomatic solution, the sanctions against Russia will have an adverse impact on its economy, but could also push Europe to a triple-dip recession.

New EU commissioner needs to be more active on Roma

30.09.14 @ 17:46

The European Commission’s recent decision to open infringement proceedings against the Czech Republic for its policy of discriminating against Roma school children is a milestone.

The struggle for democratic oversight in the EU

29.09.14 @ 09:18

Hundreds of parliamentarians are gathering in Rome on Monday in a bid to improve parliamentary oversight of EU policy-making, but they need to sort of their internal disagreements first.

The rollback of transparency

23.09.14 @ 09:07

Transparency, once a 'conditio sine qua non' for democracy and good governance, is suffering a clear backlash in Europe.

Scotland's referendum - nothing and everything changes

19.09.14 @ 15:04

Scottish people voted with a decisive majority against independence but the conversation in the UK has only just begun. And the EU will be listening closely