EU-Turkey ties will survive war of words

18.12.14 @ 21:07

The EU's former ambassador to Turkey says the recent dispute over media arrests is a blip in relations governed by deep economic and security concerns.


Israel and Palestine: Recognising the need for difficult compromises

18.12.14 @ 09:28

The EU parliament vote on Palestine recognition should stimulate new debate in national parliaments who have not yet voted on the issue.

The EU investment plan: The good, the bad, and the ugly

15.12.14 @ 18:46

With modest economic growth, zero inflation, and declining public and private investments, European leaders are desperately trying to find ways to grow.

Brussels on strike: Rich city, poor citizens

15.12.14 @ 09:20

Europe is ailing. In no other place is this more clear than in Brussels, the heart of Europe, where Belgians are reluctant to accept the neoliberal austerity measures of their new government.

The unlearned lesson of LuxLeaks

15.12.14 @ 20:06

Failure to act to introduce financial transparency - such as in the currently-discussed anti-money laundering directive - will mean Europeans have not learned any lessons from the LuxLeaks.

Russia needs its Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung

15.12.14 @ 11:40

Russia needs to come to terms with its past - what the Germans call Vergangenheitsbewaltigung - before it can have a constructive future in Europe.

Resource efficiency in danger of slipping off EU's agenda

08.12.14 @ 16:53

Resource efficiency is in danger of slipping off the EU’s agenda with a key law on the issue up for the chop under the EU commission's new red-tape-cutting drive.

A United Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok?

05.12.14 @ 10:26

Why the best ideas are sometimes the most dangerous: ceding ground to Putin will not make him stop.

Bosnia: A new opportunity for getting closer to the EU?

04.12.14 @ 09:21

All Bosnian politicians have declared their commitment to European integration. This remains true despite the growing influence of Russia and its anti-EU course following the events in Ukraine.

New trio of EU leaders has chance to make a difference

03.12.14 @ 09:06

The new trio of EU leaders has a chance to make a difference on foreign policy after five years of stagnation despite the Lisbon Treaty's promises.

Lobbying standards still not where they should be

01.12.14 @ 17:59

The perception among the general public is that the wrong incentives are driving policy decisions at the expense of the public interest.

Where would you live in Europe?

08.12.14 @ 09:21

Germany is popular when respondents focussed on work, however, Sweden came out top for raising children, according to a recent survey.

Time for EU to hand Iran dossier to Mogherini

03.12.14 @ 13:33

Institutions matter more than personalities in the Iran talks. Ashton did a good job, but it's time for the EU to show it has faith in its new foreign policy chief by giving the Iran job to Mogherini.

Juncker’s shadow Bank

02.12.14 @ 09:10

The set-up of EU commission president Juncker's new investment fund is legal but it does not make for sound public finance.

The EU's charter of fundamental rights - five years on

01.12.14 @ 08:55

The EU's charter of fundamental rights is turning five years old yet there is still some uncertainty in member states about when it applies.