Polish EU Presidency 2011

Eastern countries waiting for Poland's 'natural sympathy'

07.06.11 @ 11:15

With events in north Africa having taken up much of the EU's attention over the last six months, the bloc's eastern neighbours are hoping Poland will put them back on the agenda when it takes over the rotating presidency.


Polish minister pledges loyalty to EU's Ashton

02.07.11 @ 20:09

Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski has promised to be EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton's "loyal deputy." But his outspoken ways could upstage her despite his best intentions.

Polish leader raises alarm about 'new' euroscepticism

01.07.11 @ 17:12

The financial crisis and Arab Spring migrants have given rise to a "new euroscepticism" inside the union, Polish leader Donald Tusk has warned as Poland takes over the EU presidency.

Poland - a mature country about to discover the dangers of leading

07.06.11 @ 11:15

It takes a certain level of aspiration before one can take advantage of opportunities at hand. Poland has both. But it couples high aspirations with moderate expectations, writes Bartek Nowak.

Poland takes part in eurozone meeting amid worry 'if it's safe to join'

03.07.11 @ 03:30

Non-eurozone country Poland has managed to get into what is normally an exclusive meeting of euro-using finance ministers, as Warsaw wonders "if it's safe to join."

Poles still heading abroad despite economic conditions

07.06.11 @ 11:15

Poland has been a relative bright spot in the dreary economic landscape of the European Union. But Poles have mixed feelings about life in their country and many are still going abroad to work.

Polish EU presidency to test treaty rules

07.06.11 @ 11:15

As a large and ambitious member state, Poland will be the first country to really test the arrangement - in the EU's Lisbon Treaty - that national governments assume all the work and expense of running the EU presidency without enjoying the limelight.