Orban wants to build 'illiberal state'

28.07.14 @ 17:57

Hungary's PM has said he wants to build an illiberal state based on national foundations, citing Russia and China as examples.

UK foreign minister favours leaving EU if no reforms

21.07.14 @ 09:29

Deep reforms on how the EU operates and is governed are needed if the UK is to remain a member of the Union, Britain's new foreign minister has said.


Ukraine investigators race to recover flight recorders

18.07.14 @ 16:03

The race to locate the black box, flight deck recorder, and the cockpit recorder is underway as investigators travel to the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in eastern Ukraine.

EU leaders fail to agree on top jobs

17.07.14 @ 03:14

EU leaders have failed to reach an agreement on two top jobs, opting to meet again on a Saturday at the end of August.

EU leaders lower expectations of top jobs deal

16.07.14 @ 21:55

EU leaders heading into a summit to decide on top posts on Wednesday lowered expectations of a deal due to diverging views on the foreign affairs chief.

Birthday tributes display Merkel's power

18.07.14 @ 09:51

At 60, German chancellor Angela Merkel is the most popular and powerful leader among her EU peers.

Schulz walks careful line on politics of EP commissioner hearings

16.07.14 @ 23:14

EU commissioner candidates will be tested primarily on their expertise, EP chief Martin Schulz said Wednesday after previously indicating that the British hopeful could be rejected on political grounds.

EU in east-west divide on foreign affairs job

16.07.14 @ 08:14

Italian FM Mogherini has emerged as a frontrunner for the EU foreign affairs job, but eastern member states find her too Russia-friendly.

EP to vote down commission with too few women

15.07.14 @ 16:21

EU parliament chief Schulz has warned national governments his institution will reject the incoming college of commissioners if there are not enough women in it.

Juncker elected: promises more social EU, more political commission

15.07.14 @ 13:50

Juncker was elected EU commission President Tuesday after promising a more social Europe and paying tribute to integrationist politicians of old.

EU summit may decide only on foreign policy chief

14.07.14 @ 09:28

EU leaders meeting on Wednesday are likely to pick only the foreign policy chief, with a decision on the successor to Van Rompuy "possibly" delayed until autumn.

Pro-EU forces shut out eurosceptics from Parliament top jobs

07.07.14 @ 23:43

Eurosceptic deputies were denied several of the EU parliament's top posts on Monday, as the assembly's centrist groups joined forces.

UK nominates obscure Lord for EU commission

15.07.14 @ 16:11

Cameron has made Lord Jonathan Hill his surprise nomination to be the UK's next EU commissioner.

Interim commissioners pass EU parliament test

15.07.14 @ 09:31

Former Finnish PM Katainen and three other interim commissioners-to-be were grilled by MEPs before taking up their posts for four months.

Juncker wants 'fair deal' for Britain

09.07.14 @ 15:26

Future EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has denied being a federalist and said he wants a "fair deal" for Britain on the terms of its EU membership.