Spain pushes for taxation debate at EU summit

18.12.14 @ 09:29

It was supposed to be all about investments and Russia, but the issue of tax avoidance is likely to creep onto the EU summit agenda, as a letter from the Spanish Prime Minister shows.


All eyes on Greece as presidential elections begin

17.12.14 @ 09:24

Greek MPs are gathering for a first attempt to choose a president, with EU officials concerned about the prospect of snap elections and a sweep to power by the far-left Syriza party.

Most Europeans back migrant curbs, poll finds

14.12.14 @ 11:38

Most Europeans believe that migrant workers from other EU countries have been bad for their country and would like to restrict freedom of movement, a new opinion poll suggests.

EU commission wades into Greece's presidential debate

11.12.14 @ 09:19

The European Commission denies endorsing a former EU commissioner as top candidate in the upcoming presidential Greek elections despite praising his merits.

Moscovici to arrive in Greece amid uncertainty over elections

15.12.14 @ 10:15

EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici will arrive in Athens on Monday, as political tensions rise over the forthcoming presidential elections.

Juncker: Greece should avoid 'wrong outcome' in elections

11.12.14 @ 21:24

EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Greece against electing "extreme forces" into power and said he would prefer "known faces to show up".

Juncker seeks to bypass vetoes on tax reform

10.12.14 @ 18:39

EU commission chief Juncker has indicated he will try to bypass member states’ veto powers over fiscal issues when he proposes new laws to clamp down on tax avoidance.

Eurozone ministers face new Greek budget battle

08.12.14 @ 09:29

Eurozone ministers will face a race against time to resolve the latest disagreement over Greece's spending plans in Brussels on Monday (8 December).

Far-right party helps to bring down Swedish government

04.12.14 @ 09:26

Sweden’s left-green coalition has called early elections after an anti-immigrant party helped defeat its draft budget.

MEPs accuse Moscovici of giving France special treatment

02.12.14 @ 14:08

MEPs have criticised EU economic affairs commissioner Moscovici for granting France three extra months to fix its budget, a move deputies amounts to special treatment for his home country.

Mediapart: Former Russian spy lent €2mn to Le Pen senior

01.12.14 @ 09:24

A former KGB officer lent €2 million to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the president of French far-right party, the National Front, Mediapart reports.

EU governments paid €3.5bn in investor claims

04.12.14 @ 09:30

EU governments have been forced to pay out more than €3.5 billion in compensation to firms under controversial investor protection rules according to new research.

Unpaid bills main hurdle in EU budget talks

03.12.14 @ 18:04

Britain and the Netherlands no longer have a problem with paying their EU top-ups, but EU budget talks are stuck on how to settle a €28bn lag of unpaid bills.

'Haiku Herman' quietly leaves EU stage

01.12.14 @ 09:27

EU Council chief Van Rompuy is ending his five-year term true to his nature, with no glam or pomp. But his legacy is significant, particularly in the eurozone crisis and its institutional follow-up.

EU commission proposes €141bn budget in last-minute talks

28.11.14 @ 16:01

The new figure is designed to help clinch a 2015 budget deal with MEPs and EU states, as the clock ticks on a 17 December deadline.