Most Italians regret changing lira for euro

29.10.14 @ 09:03

A majority of Italians believe that ditching the lira for the euro has been bad for their country, according to a new survey.

France offers new cuts to meet Brussels' demands

28.10.14 @ 09:25

France and Italy outlined extra measures to cut their budget deficits on Monday as they backed away from a full scale confrontation with the European Commission.


EU commission warns UK about its rebate

27.10.14 @ 18:07

It would be very difficult for the UK to avoid paying the €2.1bn bill to the EU budget without having the "Pandora box" of its own rebate opened again, the EU budget commissioner has warned.

Van Rompuy and Barroso leave EU stage with porcelain plates

24.10.14 @ 20:13

Van Rompuy and Barroso said goodbye to EU leaders Friday after attending their final summit as presidents of the EU council and commission. But the summit was marred by a budget row.

Cameron slapped with new €2bn EU bill

24.10.14 @ 09:47

The EU has told the UK it must pay a new €2.1 billion bill by 1 December, in grist for the mill of Cameron's eurosceptic adversaries at home.

Draghi warns eurozone leaders on recession 'relapse'

24.10.14 @ 20:09

ECB chief Draghi has warned eurozone leaders of recession unless they agree a "concrete timetable" for reforms and spur investments.

Cameron vows to reject €2 billion EU bill

24.10.14 @ 16:16

UK PM Cameron vowed to oppose "in every way possible" an extra €2.1 billion EU budget bill, in a which row dominated the second day of a summit in Brussels.

Renzi stirs up EU row ahead of eurozone meeting

24.10.14 @ 09:27

Eurozone leaders are meeting Friday on public deficits and debt, amid an escalating dispute between Italian PM Renzi and outgoing commission chief Barroso.

Poll shows UK support for EU at 20-year high

23.10.14 @ 13:38

The rise of the UK Independence party has coincided with increased support for Britain remaining part of the EU, according to a survey published on Wednesday.

EU parliament approves Juncker commission

22.10.14 @ 13:57

MEPs have approved Juncker's new EU commission, with a slightly smaller majority than in 2010, and following a number of concessions on portfolios.

Culture MEPs rebel against Juncker

21.10.14 @ 19:44

A handful of Liberal, Green, leftist and anti-establishment MEPs dealing with culture have called for a boycott against the Juncker commission because of his Hungarian nominee.

Far-right Polish MEP saves Farage group

20.10.14 @ 19:42

Farage’s eurosceptic group in the EU parliament has been saved by a Pole with unusual views on women.

An American in Strasbourg: US ambassador woos MEPs on trade pact

23.10.14 @ 10:24

The new US ambassador is to come to the EU parliament more often, amid efforts to include investor protection in the EU-US trade deal.

Former Polish FM causes furore over Russia interview

22.10.14 @ 09:30

He came close to being the EU’s new foreign policy chief, but Sikorski’s political future is in doubt over his handling of a press interview.

Barroso bows out before MEPs

21.10.14 @ 17:48

Barroso made his valedictory speech in the EU parliament on Tuesday after 10 years in office, but few MEPs turned up to listen and those who did gave him a mixed review.