Far-right Polish MEP saves Farage group

20.10.14 @ 19:42

Farage’s eurosceptic group in the EU parliament has been saved by a Pole with unusual views on women.

Fire-walking EU commissioner clears path for Juncker

21.10.14 @ 09:28

Slovenian commissioner Violeta Bulc has survived a three-hour hearing by MEPs, clearing the way for Juncker's team to be voted in on Wednesday.


Farage's eurosceptic EP group falls apart

16.10.14 @ 17:00

The eurosceptic group around Ukip leader Nigel Farage has dissolved after a Latvian MEP resigned.

Juncker approves new Slovenian commissioner

15.10.14 @ 09:21

Juncker had an "excellent" impression after meeting the new Slovenian commissioner candidate, Bulc, who is to take over the transport portfolio.

Catalonia to call off independence referendum

14.10.14 @ 09:28

Catalonian leader Mas is to cancel plans for a November referendum on independence after the country's top court said it shouldn't go ahead.


Barroso defends his EU legacy, criticises 'anti-foreigner' eurosceptics

15.10.14 @ 10:32

On the eve of his departure, EU commission chief Barroso lashes out at eurosceptics, marvels at Brussels' new powers, and says he helped convince Berlin to save the euro.

Catalonia downgrades independence 'consultation' after court ban

14.10.14 @ 19:21

Catalan leader Mas has promised to hold a "public consultation" on independence, but critics say the "fictional consultation" or "big survey" will have no force.


Juncker to meet Slovenian candidate, amid fresh controversy

13.10.14 @ 18:22

Juncker is to meet Slovenia's fall-back EU commission candidate, Bulc, on Tuesday, but her nomination is being contested in Ljubljana.

MEPs earn millions on the side

13.10.14 @ 09:57

Over half of the MEPs have activities outside the European Parliament, earning between €5.8 and €18.3 million on top of their regular salaries, according to a database pooling their declarations of financial interests.

Ministers publish mandate for US trade talks

09.10.14 @ 18:59

EU states have published the negotiation mandate for a free trade deal with the US, following criticism over the secretive nature of the process.

Ball in Juncker's court after MEPs reject Slovene commissioner

08.10.14 @ 21:43

The European Parliament has rejected Slovenia's candidate for the new EU commission, while approving all other nominees for Juncker's team. He can now ask Ljubljana for a different name or play hardball with the MEPs.

EU unlikely to reform treaties, French PM tells Cameron

07.10.14 @ 09:25

Re-opening the EU treaties to satisfy the UK would be “perilous” and deflect attention from dealing with the bloc's struggling economy, French prime minister Manuel Valls has said on a visit to London.

Slovenia nominates unconventional candidate for EU commission post

10.10.14 @ 14:43

Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar has nominated political novice Violeta Bulc for his EU commissioner, despite MEPs' warnings to send someone experienced to avoid a second rejection.

Slovenian saga may delay Juncker commission

09.10.14 @ 17:13

The withdrawal of the Slovenian commission candidate clears the way for a new nominee, but the Juncker team is still at risk of being delayed.

UK's Hill set to survive after second hearing

08.10.14 @ 09:32

Jonathan Hill is set to be approved as the EU's next financial services chief, following his second grilling by MEPs.