'I could back No vote' on EU, Cameron says

29.09.14 @ 09:21

Cameron has suggested he would campaign for Britain to leave the EU if he is unable to renegotiate the country's membership terms.

Spain to block referendum, after Catalonia signs decree

29.09.14 @ 08:51

A giant clock in Barcelona has started counting down the days to a referendum on independence. But Madrid says it will not go ahead.


New Irish commissioner locked in legal spat with MEP

26.09.14 @ 08:14

Phil Hogan, due to be in charge of agriculture in the next EU commission, is locked in a legal spat with Irish MEP Nessa Childers.

MEPs prepare 'lively' hearings for new commissioners

25.09.14 @ 07:52

MEPs are preparing "lively" hearings for the new commissioners-to-be, with the Spanish, British, Slovenian, and Hungarian candidates likely to have the hardest time of it.

Greens write letter of complaint over new Spanish commissioner

24.09.14 @ 17:17

The Green faction in the EU parliament has written to incoming EU commission president Juncker to raise concerns about the Spanish nominee for his team.

The Slovenian commissioner's letter politics

25.09.14 @ 17:19

There is a letter waiting for Alenka Bratusek, the would-be next EU commissioner in charge of energy union. A letter she does not want to pick up from the local post office in Slovenia, close to her home.


Crises of confidence in UK party conference land

24.09.14 @ 18:00

For a caffeine-fuelled party conference month, UK party members can hob-nob with senior politicians and enjoy blanket media coverage.

Voting under way in Scottish independence referendum

18.09.14 @ 09:29

Over 4 million people are to cast their vote in favour or against Scottish independence on Thursday, with Spain calling it a "torpedo" against EU integration.

EP gears itself up for hearings of new commissioners

17.09.14 @ 17:04

The European Parliament is preparing a set of "obstacle course" hearings for incoming EU commissioners with recent past form showing that at least one of the designates will fall by the wayside.

Big and small MEPs jostle in EU parliament

16.09.14 @ 09:29

In the European Parliament politicians who were elected with hundreds of thousands of preferential votes, will sit next to colleagues who received fewer than a thousand votes.

German anti-euro party gains seats in state parliaments

15.09.14 @ 09:27

East German voters gave the anti-euro party Alternative for Germany (AfD) a boost as party members celebrated regional election results on Sunday.

Catalans turn out en masse to ask for independence vote

12.09.14 @ 09:27

Almost 2 million Catalans took to the streets of Barcelona on Thursday calling for the right to vote on independence from Spain. A consultative vote is planned for 9 November.


Scotland prepares for life after referendum

17.09.14 @ 09:57

While the campaigns in favour and against Scottish independence are running full-speed ahead of the vote on Thursday, a non-affiliated 'referendum cafe' hopes to keep the political debate going even after the referendum.

Sweden swings to left, far-right party surges to third place

15.09.14 @ 10:55

Sweden woke up to political instability on Monday, with the Social Democrats poised to return to power but with the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats scooping third place in elections.


Scotland on verge of 'independence lite'

15.09.14 @ 09:14

Scottish people are preparing for a historic referendum that could partly end their union with the UK, but still seek to keep the pound and the British queen.