Mediapart: National Front's Kremlin loan is worth €40mn

Today @ 09:28

France's National Front is in talks with a Kremlin-linked bank to borrow €40 million to win power in France, Mediapart reports.


MEPs endorse Juncker investment plan despite criticism

26.11.14 @ 16:28

Most members of the European Parliament have endorsed Jean Claude Juncker's investment plan based on financial engineering, but critical voices said the scheme did not add up.

Juncker's plan: Making €60bn worth five times more

25.11.14 @ 21:01

Juncker is to unveil an "investment package" he says is worth €315bn for the next three years. But the EU's actual contribution will be just €8bn.

EU lawmakers ponder 'unbundling' of Google

25.11.14 @ 09:30

EU lawmakers are considering whether to prevent Google and fellow search engines from being involved in other commercial activities on the Internet.

Reports multiply of Kremlin links to anti-EU parties

26.11.14 @ 09:29

Austria’s far-right FPO party has defended its relations with the Kremlin, amid signs of a wider Russian strategy to build ties with anti-EU parties.

EU commission to publish more trade documents in bid for public support

25.11.14 @ 20:04

The European Commission has pledged to increase the number of documents it makes public relating to ongoing free trade talks with the US in a bid to shore up public support for the negotiations.

German commissioner provokes French wrath

21.11.14 @ 18:11

German commissioner Oettinger has drawn French anger with two rogue op-eds on French over-spending. But did he really act alone?

Ukip claims second election triumph, piles pressure on Cameron

21.11.14 @ 09:26

Ukip continued its insurgency into mainstream British politics on Thursday by claiming its second by-election victory in as many months.

Hungary triggers rule of law 'debates' in EU council

20.11.14 @ 11:14

EU affairs ministers will hold regular debates on the state of rule of law in the EU, a move seen as a watered-down response to democracy slippages in Hungary.

UK's Labour party takes up anti-EU migrant stance

19.11.14 @ 09:29

Britain's left-wing opposition party, Labour, has announced plans to crack down on EU migrants amid a heated debate across the political spectrum.

Hungarians, Czechs hold anti-government protests

18.11.14 @ 09:27

Thousands rallied in Budapest on Monday in a day of "public outrage” against Hungary’s government and leader Viktor Orban.

EU commission will use LuxLeaks for new cases

20.11.14 @ 19:08

EU anti-trust chief Vestager will use "Luxembourg Leaks" as "market information" which may lead to further probes into the duchy's deals with big firms.

EU commission promises transparency on lobbyists and US trade talks

19.11.14 @ 15:44

The EU commission has promised to publish all contacts with lobbyists and to give US free-trade talks documents to all MEPs in a new transparency drive. Meanwhile, it backed away from scrapping its first 'unnecessary' EU law.

Eurosceptics seek to topple Juncker over LuxLeaks

19.11.14 @ 09:49

Eurosceptic MEPs have tabled a request to sack EU commission chief Juncker over his role in making Luxembourg part of a global tax-avoidance scheme.

Eurozone facing unprecedented triple-dip recession, warns Cameron

17.11.14 @ 09:27

The eurozone is on the 'brink' of an unprecedented triple-dip recession, UK prime minister David Cameron warned that the as the weekend's G20 summit in Australia came to its conclusion on Sunday.