EU Elections

German centre-right election posters show Merkel, not Juncker

16.04.14 @ 09:15

Juncker may be the centre-right's chosen candidate for the next EU commission chief, but his face is nowhere to be seen on German MEP election posters, which boast a smiling Merkel.

Merkel in Athens after bond sale success

11.04.14 @ 09:26

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Athens on Friday in a show of support for the Greek government after its successful return to the bond markets.


UK diplomat scoops EU 'brexit' prize

09.04.14 @ 09:29

A UK diplomat whose day job involves promoting British business in Asia's emerging market economies has scooped a €100,000 prize on the country's best economic prospects if it left the EU.

EU Elections

Hungary's Orban wins another term, Jobbik support jumps

07.04.14 @ 09:27

Hungary's centre-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban was handed another four years in government after national elections on Sunday, early results show, while the far-right Jobbik scooped a fifth of the votes.

French Socialists bruised in local elections

31.03.14 @ 09:20

France's ruling Socialists have suffered a bruising defeat in local elections, with the centre-right claiming victory and the anti-EU National Front making further gains – a possible preview of the upcoming EU elections.

Spanish parliament rejects Catalan independence bid

09.04.14 @ 09:27

Spain’s parliament overwhelmingly rejected Catalonia’s bid to call for a referendum on independence.

Six commissioners head for EU election campaign trail

03.04.14 @ 08:11

Six EU commissioners will officially hit the campaign trail later this month as part of their candidacies for May's European elections.

Obama speaks to star-struck audience in Brussels

27.03.14 @ 09:24

Obama, following his pledge of solidarity with the EU on Ukraine, delivered a 40-minute speech to an audience of some 2,000 at the Bozar art centre in Brussels.

EU Elections

German anti-euro party broadens its platform to left and right

26.03.14 @ 09:28

In an attempt to broaden its election appeal, Germany's new anti-euro party has published an EU election manifesto with ideas seen in both far-right and far-left platforms.

Venice votes for independence in unofficial poll

23.03.14 @ 12:23

A self-organised “referendum” over the independence of one of Italy’s wealthiest regions has resulted in an overwhelming victory for the separatist camp, but authorities in Rome have largely ignored the result.

EU Elections

Juncker and Schulz in favour of eurobonds

17.03.14 @ 09:29

The two lead candidates of the largest EU political families have a common denominator, even if they admit it's a long-term project: eurobonds.

Germany opposes EU-US investor protection scheme

15.03.14 @ 14:51

EU and US trade negotiators are tight-lipped after Germany joined France in calling for controversial rules on investor rights to be left out of an agreement

British Lords want more power over EU laws

24.03.14 @ 10:15

National parliaments should be able to initiate reviews of existing EU law, according to a report by the UK parliament.

EU ombudsman calls for independent watchdog on 'revolving doors'

19.03.14 @ 10:11

Decisions on EU officials taking lobbying jobs dealing with issues they had previously worked on could in future be made by a new independent body the European Ombudsman has told MEPs.

Cameron's EU plan to scrap 'ever closer union' and limit migration

17.03.14 @ 09:20

New mechanisms to limit eastern European migration and prevent benefit tourism are at the centre of a seven point plan laid out by David Cameron to reform Britain's relationship with the EU.