Private security firms bid on Greek asylum centres

02.04.14 @ 09:25

Private security firms are bidding to guard EU-funded migrant detention centres in Greece, amid a report by Medecins Sans Frontiers which says poor conditions are causing disease.


MEPs approve EU border surveillance system

10.10.13 @ 14:45

MEPs Thursday gave the green light to a new European Border Surveillance system. Critics says the deal places too much emphasis on stopping migration rather than saving lives.

Security industry is shaping EU legislation

01.10.13 @ 09:02

EOS, a trade body of some of Europe's main arms dealers, wants to buy and sell EU maritime surveillance data, in its latest push to shape EU policy.

'Virtual borders' scheme to track every non-EU citizen

02.10.13 @ 09:27

The EU commission wants to fingerprint anyone who enters the EU, but critics say it risks violating numerous privacy rights.

Private firms put price tag on migrant suicides

23.09.13 @ 08:42

Private security companies operating UK-based immigrant removal centres use formulas to calculate the profit loss incurred when detainees commit suicide under their watch.