City of London richest EU region

28.02.14 @ 09:20

Home to the largest financial sector in the EU, Inner London is the bloc's richest region. Luxembourg, another financial powerhouse is second, followed by the EU capital, Brussels.


Berlin citizens keen to buy their electricity grid

01.11.13 @ 19:52

Berliners are heading to the polls on Sunday in a referendum on buying back the city's power grid, in a test for local democracy.

German city flats are overpriced, says Bundesbank

22.10.13 @ 09:28

Flats in Germany's major cities are overpriced by up to 20 percent, but the overall economy is not yet in danger from a real estate bubble, the Bundesbank has said.


'National governments declining in importance'

17.10.13 @ 09:19

As more key powers are transferred to Brussels, it poses an existential question for central governments. But regions are anxious to step into the breach.

EU cohesion policy: 'No more business as usual'

22.10.13 @ 09:13

The EU has revamped its regional aid policy leaving national programmers nervous about the more rigorous rules. Experts says they are right to be nervous.

If you build it, will they come?

18.10.13 @ 10:23

As EU-backed projects go, the hydroelectric Alqueva dam in the Alentejo region of Portugal looks mighty impressive.

Brussels: An EU capital in the making

15.10.13 @ 09:26

Brussels became the EU's capital by accident rather than design. The sprawling EU quarter is an ugly testament to this fact. Yet change is underway.

Hahn: EU will 'not accept' wasteful regional projects

08.10.13 @ 09:13

EU regional aid commissioner Johannes Hahn has said billions of euros of EU taxpayers' money has been spent with no clear strategy or benchmarks on whether it does any good.

Risk of poverty greatest in Bulgaria

07.10.13 @ 18:00

Bulgaria has the highest percentage of citizens at risk of poverty in the EU while the UK is home to the greatest wealth disparity between regions.

Bavarian elections spell trouble for Merkel

16.09.13 @ 09:22

Merkel's sister party, the CSU, has won regional elections in Bavaria, but her Liberal coalition partner fared poorly in a bad omen for the Chancellor.

MEPs against macro strings on regional spending

10.07.13 @ 21:33

The European Parliament is opposing demands by a German-led group of countries to link the payment of EU regional funds to how countries sticks to macroeconomic reforms.

Arctic region to see greater focus in EU aid

09.10.13 @ 09:26

The recent groundbreaking trip by a container ship from China to Rotterdam was yet another reminder that the Arctic region is slowly being opened up.

German cities criticise Merkel's fiscal rules

01.10.13 @ 17:08

Merkel's strict deficit and debt rules will come fully into force in 2019, with German cities warning that it will be at the expense of disabled people and children.


Regional funds may be linked to pension reforms

22.07.13 @ 16:39

Linking EU regional funds to economic reforms is "fair" because it would apply to all EU states, regional policy commissioner Johannes Hahn has said, amid opposition from MEPs.

Local politicians urged to pick up the slack on climate policy

25.06.13 @ 08:49

Former California governor Schwarzenegger unleashed lashings of can-do attitude on climate change at a meeting with local leaders in Brussels.