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VideoNo jobs for Europe's brightest graduates

21.10.13 @ 18:05

Despina Papadaki, from Greece, was one of the 150 participants selected from 2,600 to celebrate the 15th year of the youth partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in Budapest. The plight of ...

VideoRoma: Europe's easiest scapegoats

14.10.13 @ 09:09

In the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, people believe that Roma are the easiest scapegoat in Europe, especially in times of crisis. This belief is strengthened by recent revelations that Sweden has a secret ...

VideoActivists barge in on EU's economic headquarters

15.03.13 @ 15:14

While EU leaders met in Brussels for their traditional spring summit, thousands of trade unionists staged an afternoon of events to protest against austerity measures.

VideoMEP witnesses 'life or death' plight of Syria refugees

22.02.13 @ 09:26

Spanish MEP Juan Lopez Aguilar just returned from a visit to Zaatari, a refugee camp in Jordan, about 12 kilometres from the Syrian border, hosting almost 100,000 Syrian refugees. "It is about the end of the regime, in ...

VideoFair pay for artists in the digital era

03.12.12 @ 13:39

The EU is planning new legislation on collective management of copyrights. One of the central issues is how fair pay for artists can be guaranteed in this digital age. More specifically, it is about finding a balanced ...

VideoFarmers douse EU quarter with 1,000s of litres of milk

26.11.12 @ 19:50

Dairy farmers from all over the EU descended on Brussels Monday to protest low milk prices and the planned liberalisation of the sector in 2015. The movement - dubbed "1,000 tractors to Brussels" - saw hundreds of ...

VideoTough greeting for Ponta in Brussels

12.07.12 @ 08:34

Romanian expats in Brussels gathered at the European Commission headquarters on Wednesday to tell Prime Minister Victor Ponta to "stop faking democracy" and to abide by EU law. The 39 year-old premier - who was ...

VideoA day in the life of the US ambassador to the EU

13.06.12 @ 17:57

William E. Kennard's day can range from speaking at a seminar on trans-Atlantic relations, to offering advice to young congress staffers at lunch or picking up an award at a black tie do. He told EUobserver that ...

VideoPirate MEP: Acta treaty would punish young people

24.05.12 @ 09:47

Swedish Pirate party MEP Christian Engstrom has little interest in economics or foreign affairs. The former computer engineer is concentrating his energy on stopping the EU parliament from adopting the Acta treaty on ...

VideoWorld Bank: babies worst hit by high food prices

24.05.12 @ 09:44

Higher global food prices are hindering attempts to reach UN targets for proper nutrition and lower infant and mother mortality rates. Jos Verbeek - the author of a World Bank study on the problem - tells EUobserver how ...

VideoCrisis has hit a raw nerve, says Ombudsman

21.05.12 @ 20:33

The economic crisis has shaken citizens' trust in EU institutions, says Ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros, who recently hosted a conference designed to give citizens access to the Union's key decision-makers. An Athens ...

VideoWikipedia founder: European red tape hampering growth

09.05.12 @ 08:34

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tells EUobserver why entrepreneurs do better in America: in the US, you can start your own business in five minutes. In Greece, it can take up to 10 months.

Video'We are not thieves': Greek MEP assistant gets ready to vote

04.05.12 @ 11:02

Over 4000 thousand MEP assistants work inside the European Parliament. One of them Panayota Maniou. She works for Greek MEP Nikolaos Chountis of the radical left party Syriza. Panayota talks about her hopes for the ...

VideoThe Brussels Business: Who runs the EU

03.05.12 @ 08:10

Using edgy shots and sinister music, the film aims to show how the small army of 15,000 lobbyists in the EU capital do business with the European Commission and the EU Council.

VideoDay in the life of an EU affairs consultant

02.05.12 @ 09:36

From drinks receptions to work meetings abroad, there is no average day for Kerstin Duhme, managing director of FTI Consulting. Her role is to act as what she calls a "facilitator" between industry and law-makers in ...

VideoThink-tanks: The 'grey zone' between journalism and policy-makers

01.05.12 @ 07:50

"You have to be able to think like an academic, act like a diplomat and write like a journalist", says Hugo Brady, who works in Brussels as senior research fellow for the UK-based Centre for European Reform. He analyses ...

Video'We still want change'

30.04.12 @ 08:50

People from all over the world are expected to take to the streets on 12 May to celebrate the first anniversary of the Spanish 'indignado' movement protesting economic austerity measures. Brussels-based 'indignados' ...

VideoFear and anger ahead of Ireland's fiscal treaty referendum

27.04.12 @ 09:19

Conservative MEP Sean Kelly, in favour of the fiscal discipline treaty, goes head to head with Socialist MEP Paul Murphy arguing for a No. Analyst Hugo Brady from the Centre for European Reform says Irish people are ...

VideoEU has no choice but to make friends with China

25.04.12 @ 17:59

According to Professor Dent, the EU has no choice but to become closer to China. In this video, he talks about the interdependency between the EU and China and the need to bridge the cultural gap.

VideoKeeping an eye on Burma's new course

16.04.12 @ 09:04

Chair of the European Parliament’s Human Rights Subcommittee Green MEP Barbara Lochbihler describes meeting internationally renowned Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

VideoMany Irish unaware of upcoming referendum

05.04.12 @ 12:04

Prime Minister Enda Kenny says voting in favour of the fiscal compact treaty on 31 May will secure Ireland's role in the eurozone and give the country access to the EU's long term bailout fund, the ESM. Others, such as ...

VideoEuropean citizens' initiative becomes a reality

02.04.12 @ 09:10

On 1 April a new participative democracy tool came into effect in the European Union. The European Citizen's Initiative is being hailed as a potential breakthrough moment for relations between the Union and citizens. ...

VideoBelarus - are economic sanctions the way forward?

29.03.12 @ 09:15

Alexander Lukaschenko has ruled Belarus with an iron fist for 18 years. MEPs from the European Parliament's Belarus delegation discuss the merits of putting economic sanctions on Belarus with Nikolaj Nielsen, EUobserver ...

VideoEU's austerity drive hitting most vulnerable

21.03.12 @ 09:22

Deputy secretary general of the European Trade Union Confederation Patrick Itschert talks about the European day of mobilisation against austerity.

VideoA day in the life of Sharon Bowles

19.03.12 @ 10:07

As chair of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, British Liberal MEP Sharon Bowles is among the most influential people in Brussels.

VideoGreece likely to need third bail-out, warns economist

15.03.12 @ 18:16

After a historic debt restructuring, Greece was finally granted its second bail-out this week. Economist Sony Kapoor from think-tank Re-define believes that the success will be short-lived and another bail-out could be ...

VideoNorway shows female quotas can work

08.03.12 @ 18:19

EU commission vice-president Viviane Reding wants to see more women on boards in top European companies. For this reason, she is threatening to introduce quotas and sanctions. Some say it will not work, but it has been ...

VideoOver 2 million say No to anti-counterfeit treaty

01.03.12 @ 10:08

Two and a half million people signed a petition this week urging the European Parliament to say 'no' to the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, Acta. The multinational treaty - which among other things aims to protect ...

VideoSpanish spring protests: 'Enough is enough'

23.02.12 @ 17:55

Thousands of students gathered in the eastern Spanish town of Valencia this week to protest against education cuts and corrupt politicians. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already raised taxes and cut spending to ...

VideoTomorrow's Europe through eurosceptic eyes

21.02.12 @ 17:57

German Professor Dr Dietrich Murswiek and French Professor Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet argue how the new fiscal compact treaty, an intergovernmental pact enshrining budgetary discipline at the national level, is ...

VideoMEP: 'Medvedev doesn't have to listen to EU'

17.02.12 @ 09:22

Before Christmas, when the European Parliament asked Russia to carry out a full investigation on reports of fraud and intimidation in its parliamentary vote on 4 December, President Dmitry Medvedev told the European ...

VideoGreece out of the euro - but what then?

17.02.12 @ 09:15

Greece needs to cut down on expenditure and make deep reforms, according to German/Greek economist Janis Emmanouilidis from the European Policy Centre. But Yiorgos Vassalos, a Greek expat and a member of the Greek ...

VideoHundreds of Belgians say No to Acta

15.02.12 @ 15:41

Thousands of people gathered around Europe on Saturday (11 February) to protest against the international intellectual property enforcement treaty, ACTA. Protesters feel the law will give too much power to internet ...

VideoBelgian unions show solidarity with Greeks

15.02.12 @ 15:36

On Friday 10th February, Greek unions in Athens held a 48-hour general strike after the country's cabinet passed a package of austerity measures demanded by the "troika". To show solidarity, a selection of ...

VideoIndependent Scotland would not join euro, minister says

07.02.12 @ 19:28

An independent Scotland would be one of the wealthiest parts of Europe, but it would stay out of the euro, deputy first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon tells EUobserver during a visit to Brussels this week.

VideoIsraeli minister: EU reports are 'Israel bashing'

26.01.12 @ 17:36

He said the surveys do not promote peace and are part of a decades-long "attempt to undermine [Israel's] very legitimacy." He added: "Giving the accurate picture helps when looking for a solution."

VideoBrussels-based Turks say No to Europe

20.01.12 @ 09:42

The European Union initiated membership talks with Turkey in October 2005, but Ankara still has a long list of hurdles to jump over on its road to Brussels. Some Turks who have been born and raised in Belgium feel the ...

VideoEU sanctions would rally support for Iran regime, MEP warns

18.01.12 @ 18:28

Nuclear expert, the head of the Iran delegation in the European Parliament and Finnish Green MEP Tarja Cronberg is against an EU oil embargo on Iran. She says power-politics could lead to military clashes in the Strait ...

Video'You can't just blame the Romanians'

17.01.12 @ 08:30

Member states can - under the EU Treaty - block the free movement of workers from new member countries for up to seven years. Italy recently loosened labour restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians, but nine other EU ...

VideoEU nags Turkey on terrorism and human rights

17.01.12 @ 08:22

Oomen-Ruitjen in her latest report on EU-Turkey relations underlined that Ankara must fulfill the EU's so-called Copenhagen Criteria on enlargement in the areas of press freedom and women's rights. She told EUobserver ...

VideoRussia, not EU, to decide Belarus' future

13.01.12 @ 09:35

Belarus will only become a democracy when Russia does, Brussels-based opposition campaigner Olga Stuzhinkaya has said, noting that the EU does not figure highly on authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko's Russia- ...

Video'Harry Potter will not bring about eurobonds'

12.01.12 @ 18:01

Together with Liberal group leader Guy Verhofstadt, Sylvie Goulard hosted a conference in January 2012 in the European Parliament presenting concrete proposals for the eventual introduction of eurobonds.

VideoEU legal expert casts doubt on new fiscal treaty

11.01.12 @ 15:44

Jean-Claude Piris, the former director general of the EU Council's legal service, who helped pen the Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice, Constitutional Treaty and Lisbon Treaties, referred to the Union's new fiscal compact as ...

VideoMental health problems on the rise during financial crisis

22.12.11 @ 17:06

The number of suicides in Greece reached a pan-European high during the first half of 2011, according to figures recently released by the Greek health ministry. Experts believe the increase is due to the effects of the ...

VideoMEPs consider how to further pressure Syria's leader

08.12.11 @ 12:17

The EU recently extended its sanctions on Syria but with the crackdown against protesters continuing, MEPs have been asking Syrian opposition groups what more can be done to pressurise President Bashar Al Assad. ...

VideoOne billion people live with disability, World Bank says

07.12.11 @ 17:26

In a study carried out together with the WHO, the World Bank estimates that over one billion people live with some form of disability in the world. The 350-page document was presented to the European Parliament by the ...

VideoEurope is not working right now, says new Liberal party leader

07.12.11 @ 10:18

Europe is entering a very difficult period in its history, says newly elected Liberal Democrat and Reform Party leader, Sir Graham Watson, but Germany has the power to stop the eurozone crisis.

VideoMember states need to get serious about EU zoo directive

06.12.11 @ 18:53

Having visited 200 zoos in 21 EU member states, Dan Turner from the Born Free Foundation concludes that the majority of member states are not respecting the rules laid out in the EU zoo law, worsening the behavioural ...

VideoThe end of the euro - media hype or not?

05.12.11 @ 17:46

As EU leaders struggle to calm markets and stop the rot from spreading, the eurozone debt crisis is in the headlines each day. Some media have published pictures of blood-stained euro coins to indicate it could be game ...

VideoNew Belgian government welcomed by anti-austerity protests

05.12.11 @ 09:10

Over 50,000 Belgians from the three main trade unions took to the streets on Friday (2 December) to protest against the new government's budget proposals. Some held banners reading: "governments lie, banks rob and the ...