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FeatureThe changing face of Europe's mafia

26.08.14 @ 17:40

The landscape of European organised crime is “completely changing”, dominated by groups that are “more powerful and flexible but smaller in terms of organisation”. So says Ernesto Savona, a professor of criminology and ...

FeatureSchulz: King of Parliament (and backroom deals)

01.07.14 @ 18:43

In April, Socialist Spitzenkandidat Martin Schulz could hardly have been clearer. "The days of the Commission president being nominated by a backroom deal are over," he told his fellow candidates, and the media. On ...

FeatureUneasy calm in Kiev on eve of Sunday elections

24.05.14 @ 17:29

Andrei, 44, walks up and down Khershchatyk Street in Kiev city centre, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, with a pistol in a holster on his belt. The former businessman, from Zaporizhia, in south-east Ukraine, is a mid- ...

FeatureBuilding Israel, one rock at a time

12.05.14 @ 09:42

The rock, thrown by a Jewish settler, hit Rashida, a six-year old Palestinian girl, in the forehead as she walked from school in the South Hebron Hills one Wednesday (23 April). She needed six stitches, but photos of ...

FeatureZaatari: Birth of a new city in EU neighbourhood

03.05.14 @ 11:06

“Welcome to my neighbourhood: District 5, Street 18,” says Nour, a Syrian school teacher, as she leads EUobserver to her home: a metal container and a tent in the Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian desert. She is ...

FeatureThe slow path to building civil society in Albania

25.02.14 @ 18:43

The deal to decommission Syria’s chemical weapons did not calm its civil war, but it brought gas masks and a new civic spirit onto the streets of Albania. The small Balkan country was recently named as a possible ...

FeatureDresden: Bombs, neo-Nazis and Kurt Vonnegut

14.02.14 @ 17:39

Slaughterhouse Five nowadays is called Halle Funf. It is a fair ground - conferences, exhibitions, concerts. Walking down one staircase, a wardrobe opens up. "There used to be meat hooks, now there are coat hooks," says ...

FeatureIceland to Cyprus: 'People should not pay for speculators'

08.04.13 @ 09:27

On the night of 6 October 2008, Thorfinnur Omarsson got a phone call. He had just quit his job at an Icelandic TV station and was looking forward to a "quiet time" as he was about to go back to study. It did not turn ...

FeatureEU audit on Cyprus money laundering - whitewash in the making?

26.03.13 @ 09:25

Auditors on an EU-sponsored mission to see if Cypriot banks launder money for Russian criminals began work last Wednesday (20 March). The project has slipped out of view amid dramatic talks on Cyprus' new bailout. But ...

FeatureBulgaria's winter of discontent

27.02.13 @ 09:24

Sunday (24 February) was another day of huge protests in Bulgaria. More than 100,000 people hit the streets in more than 40 towns in what local media described as the biggest demonstrations since 1997, when mass ...

FeatureTuberculosis - an old plague comes back stronger

25.02.13 @ 09:07

Over the course of two weeks in 2011, Stefan Radut lost seven kilos in weight. He coughed constantly. He was chronically tired and had difficulty sleeping. His girlfriend finally persuaded him to go to a doctor. There ...

FeatureRoma exploitation: end of the dream

20.02.13 @ 09:28

Luludja holds up her modest rose bouquet in a French brasserie, moving along from table to table. She’s thinking of her family, the people she’s doing it all for. Most of the money, however, will be banked by a man in ...

FeatureBack from hell, back from Syria

14.02.13 @ 09:18

From 18 to 23 January I travelled to the Hatay region in Turkey and the Aleppo region in northern Syria. I was there with Rami Jarah and Deiaa Dughmoch (two Syrian activists who had in the past visited the Liberal group ...

FeatureLife-saving drug hits eurocrat wall - a Kafkaesque tale

13.02.13 @ 15:53

A French medical laboratory and the European Commission are currently locked in a furious legal battle - at stake is whether a handful of EU civil servants, through use of byzantine rules, can defy medical opinion and ...

Feature'Everybody thinks Europe is a Christian continent'

06.08.12 @ 10:38

EU institutions do not do God. But for some religious leaders in EU-aspirant countries, member states' Christian origins are still important. The morning call to prayer at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul means different ...

FeatureRegime bulldozers take gloss off euro-pop festival

01.03.12 @ 12:53

Serious human rights violations in Azerbaijan have harmed the image of Europe's yearly festival of camp pop - Eurovision. If Irish twins Jedward or French singer Anggun make finals in Baku in May to sing lines such as " ...

FeatureNational stereotyping - the eurozone's other story

22.02.12 @ 09:26

"I cannot downplay the shock that the Greek debt-crisis has caused with my Finnish electorate that believes in fair play and following the rules." So said Finnish Europe Minister Alexander Stubb recently. He went on: " ...

FeatureBelarus' brutal crackdown – the 19 December anniversary

19.12.11 @ 09:28

On 19 December one year ago, 50 000 people gathered at Independence Square in central Minsk to protest the reelection of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko. His response was decisive and violent. Around 600 were ...

FeatureWhat did the EU agree at its 'make-or-break' summit?

09.12.11 @ 18:38

Amid the fog of terminology, draft and final conclusions and annexes, not to mention allegations and denials by EU polticians over the past 24 hours, EUobserver tries to make sense of what the summit actually agreed. ...

FeatureWhat happens when a currency collapses? Ask Bulgaria

28.11.11 @ 22:31

Fifteen years ago, both Bulgaria and Romania went through rampant inflation linked to a financial crisis. Bucharest narrowly avoided the collapse, but Sofia was less fortunate and experienced a meltdown of the sort ...

FeatureEU subsidies fuel Spain’s ravenous fleet

03.10.11 @ 09:29

Published in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Decades of overfishing have left Europe’s fish stocks in peril and its fishermen in poverty. It’s an impasse paid for by EU ...

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