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VideoFear and anger ahead of Ireland's fiscal treaty referendum

27.04.12 @ 09:19

Conservative MEP Sean Kelly, in favour of the fiscal discipline treaty, goes head to head with Socialist MEP Paul Murphy arguing for a No. Analyst Hugo Brady from the Centre for European Reform says Irish people are ...

VideoEuropean citizens' initiative becomes a reality

02.04.12 @ 09:10

On 1 April a new participative democracy tool came into effect in the European Union. The European Citizen's Initiative is being hailed as a potential breakthrough moment for relations between the Union and citizens. ...

VideoBelarus - are economic sanctions the way forward?

29.03.12 @ 09:15

Alexander Lukaschenko has ruled Belarus with an iron fist for 18 years. MEPs from the European Parliament's Belarus delegation discuss the merits of putting economic sanctions on Belarus with Nikolaj Nielsen, EUobserver ...

VideoNorway shows female quotas can work

08.03.12 @ 18:19

EU commission vice-president Viviane Reding wants to see more women on boards in top European companies. For this reason, she is threatening to introduce quotas and sanctions. Some say it will not work, but it has been ...

VideoOver 2 million say No to anti-counterfeit treaty

01.03.12 @ 10:08

Two and a half million people signed a petition this week urging the European Parliament to say 'no' to the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, Acta. The multinational treaty - which among other things aims to protect ...

VideoGreece out of the euro - but what then?

17.02.12 @ 09:15

Greece needs to cut down on expenditure and make deep reforms, according to German/Greek economist Janis Emmanouilidis from the European Policy Centre. But Yiorgos Vassalos, a Greek expat and a member of the Greek ...

VideoUK and Germany split on financial transaction tax

24.11.11 @ 17:51

The European Commission unveiled plans recently to slap a tax on financial transactions in the EU. Two financial experts and members of the European Parliament debate the pros and cons.

VideoThe eurozone crisis through the eyes of the 'indignados'

14.10.11 @ 17:08

While Eurozone leader frantically prepare for next week's crucial summit, members of the 'indignados' movement are organising daily activities to highlight inequalities in today's society.

VideoThe current state of the European project

07.07.11 @ 01:56

The euro and the border-free Schengen area: two of EU´s major achievements have been under severe strain this year. What are the consequences of the euro crisis and the moves to re-establish border checks on the future ...

VideoThe financial & social crisis in Greece

22.06.11 @ 12:00

With the vote of confidence passed, the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou now has the political authority to try to implement even more austerity measures in Greece as requested by the EU & IMF. But what about the ...

VideoThe threat of Islamist terrorism in the EU

06.05.11 @ 12:00

On the same week that Osama Bin Laden was killed, Members of the European Parliament, Belgian Conservative Derk Jan Eppink and German Green Franziska Brantner talk together about whether or not islamist terrorism even ...

VideoA single market online

20.04.11 @ 12:00

The EU is working on a suitable solution to deal with online copyright infringement and internet piracy online. A directive on collective rights management is expected to be published later this year. With that in mind, ...

VideoShould the EU rethink its nuclear energy policy?

18.03.11 @ 12:00

Watch British conservative MEP Giles Chichester discuss the EU nuclear energy policy with the Green German MEP Rebecca Harms in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

VideoThe integration of Roma in an expanding Europe

01.09.10 @ 12:00

Sophia in 't VELD (ALDE), and Nigel FARAGE(EFD) chat about ways to integrate the Roma community into the EU.

VideoWhere Europe ends

02.06.10 @ 12:00

Watch members of the European Parliament Jelko Kacin(ALDE) and Charles Tannock (ECR) chat about EU enlargement in the Western Balkans.

VideoCross border divorce

11.05.10 @ 12:00

Watch members of the European Parliament Renate Weber, Romania, (ALDE), Nessa Childers, Ireland (S&D) and Tadeusz Zwiefka, Poland (EPP) chat about the current situation for international couples filing for divorce in ...

VideoA work free Sunday

25.03.10 @ 12:00

In this debate, you can watch Ilda Figueiredo (GUE/NGL), Nirj Deva (ECR), Antigoni Papadopoulou (S&D) and Nadja Hirsch (ALDE) voice their views on the Protection of a work free Sunday in the EU.

VideoBody scanners

02.03.10 @ 12:00

In this debate you can watch Baroness Sarah Ludford (ALDE), Said Al Khadraoui (S&D), Simon Busuttil (EPP) and Judith Sargentini (Greens) voice their views on body scanning technology.