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VideoBarroso says goodbye to MEPs

22.10.14 @ 14:24

After 10 years as European Commission president, his most "emotional" moment was collecting the EU's Nobel Peace Prize, Jose Manuel Barroso told MEPs in Strasbourg on Tuesday (21 October) in his last speech in the ...

VideoNo jobs for Europe's brightest graduates

21.10.13 @ 18:05

Despina Papadaki, from Greece, was one of the 150 participants selected from 2,600 to celebrate the 15th year of the youth partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in Budapest. The plight of ...

VideoRoma: Europe's easiest scapegoats

14.10.13 @ 09:09

In the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, people believe that Roma are the easiest scapegoat in Europe, especially in times of crisis. This belief is strengthened by recent revelations that Sweden has a secret ...

VideoActivists barge in on EU's economic headquarters

15.03.13 @ 15:14

While EU leaders met in Brussels for their traditional spring summit, thousands of trade unionists staged an afternoon of events to protest against austerity measures.

VideoFair pay for artists in the digital era

03.12.12 @ 13:39

The EU is planning new legislation on collective management of copyrights. One of the central issues is how fair pay for artists can be guaranteed in this digital age. More specifically, it is about finding a balanced ...

VideoFarmers douse EU quarter with 1,000s of litres of milk

26.11.12 @ 19:50

Dairy farmers from all over the EU descended on Brussels Monday to protest low milk prices and the planned liberalisation of the sector in 2015. The movement - dubbed "1,000 tractors to Brussels" - saw hundreds of ...

VideoTough greeting for Ponta in Brussels

12.07.12 @ 08:34

Romanian expats in Brussels gathered at the European Commission headquarters on Wednesday to tell Prime Minister Victor Ponta to "stop faking democracy" and to abide by EU law. The 39 year-old premier - who was ...

VideoA banker's farewell party

09.07.12 @ 07:50

The crisis may be felt in everyone's pockets, but bankers spare no expenses when it comes to celebrating their top brass. Including renting castles, sopranos and painters. This is the farewell party organised for Josef ...

VideoWikipedia founder: European red tape hampering growth

09.05.12 @ 08:34

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tells EUobserver why entrepreneurs do better in America: in the US, you can start your own business in five minutes. In Greece, it can take up to 10 months.

VideoMany Irish unaware of upcoming referendum

05.04.12 @ 12:04

Prime Minister Enda Kenny says voting in favour of the fiscal compact treaty on 31 May will secure Ireland's role in the eurozone and give the country access to the EU's long term bailout fund, the ESM. Others, such as ...

VideoEU struggling to attract top officials

28.03.12 @ 09:09

So few people are applying for jobs in the EU Commission that the official in charge, Commissioner Maros Sefcovic, believes it will soon no longer be possible to guarantee a high-calibre workforce.

VideoHow to sew an EU treaty

07.03.12 @ 18:03

Leaders from 25 EU countries signed the new Fiscal Compact Treaty at a summit in Brussels on 2 March 2012. Watch how the document was printed and sewed together with red ribbon before the signing ceremony.

VideoSarkozy pokes fun at Cameron: 'We need you'

05.03.12 @ 12:44

With French presidential elections due in April, the EU's March spring summit may have been the last for Nicolas Sarkozy. He ended his press conference in Brussels by poking fun at British Prime Minister David Cameron ...

VideoSpanish spring protests: 'Enough is enough'

23.02.12 @ 17:55

Thousands of students gathered in the eastern Spanish town of Valencia this week to protest against education cuts and corrupt politicians. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already raised taxes and cut spending to ...

VideoTomorrow's Europe through eurosceptic eyes

21.02.12 @ 17:57

German Professor Dr Dietrich Murswiek and French Professor Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet argue how the new fiscal compact treaty, an intergovernmental pact enshrining budgetary discipline at the national level, is ...

VideoHundreds of Belgians say No to Acta

15.02.12 @ 15:41

Thousands of people gathered around Europe on Saturday (11 February) to protest against the international intellectual property enforcement treaty, ACTA. Protesters feel the law will give too much power to internet ...

VideoBelgian unions show solidarity with Greeks

15.02.12 @ 15:36

On Friday 10th February, Greek unions in Athens held a 48-hour general strike after the country's cabinet passed a package of austerity measures demanded by the "troika". To show solidarity, a selection of ...

VideoSnow and strike on summit day

30.01.12 @ 16:13

Unionists do not want the EU to tell Belgium how it should run its economic affairs. The president of the General Federation of Belgian Labour explains why.

VideoBrussels-based Turks say No to Europe

20.01.12 @ 09:42

The European Union initiated membership talks with Turkey in October 2005, but Ankara still has a long list of hurdles to jump over on its road to Brussels. Some Turks who have been born and raised in Belgium feel the ...

VideoThe end of the euro - media hype or not?

05.12.11 @ 17:46

As EU leaders struggle to calm markets and stop the rot from spreading, the eurozone debt crisis is in the headlines each day. Some media have published pictures of blood-stained euro coins to indicate it could be game ...

VideoNew Belgian government welcomed by anti-austerity protests

05.12.11 @ 09:10

Over 50,000 Belgians from the three main trade unions took to the streets on Friday (2 December) to protest against the new government's budget proposals. Some held banners reading: "governments lie, banks rob and the ...

VideoEU is scared of the Iranian regime, says protestor

02.12.11 @ 18:39

Debt-ridden Greece opposed the oil embargo but the bloc did slap sanctions on 180 companies or people linked to the alleged building of nuclear weapons. During the meeting, about 1,000 Iranian expatriates gathered to ...

VideoSyrians ask EU to do more

25.11.11 @ 18:33

A group of Syrians protested outside the European Parliament this week to ask the EU to expel all Syrian ambassadors in Europe and impose further sanctions on Bashar Al Assad's regime. The Syrian uprising began in ...

VideoBrussels biker protest

22.11.11 @ 17:33

Welsh biker Darren Sharp drove to Brussels on Tuesday (22 November) to join a biker protest outside the European Parliament. The EU is currently reviewing the so-called 'Type Approval' for two- and three-wheel vehicles, ...

VideoEuro crisis sees mixed views on the streets of Brussels

17.11.11 @ 08:10

This week, there is talk that Belgium, a founding member of the EU, could be one of the next to be pinched by the snowballing eurozone sovereign debt crisis. In this video, EUobserver asks some Belgians if this talk is ...

VideoIreland: a year after the bailout

15.11.11 @ 09:01

This month marks one year since Ireland received a €85bn EU-IMF bailout, after its once booming economy crashed alongside the bursting of a real estate bubble in 2008. Although ordinary Irish people were not responsible ...

VideoEU correspondents place their bets on Eurozone decision makers

24.10.11 @ 17:13

For the first time in EU history, EU leaders have split one summit into two. After the first half, on Sunday 23 October, they said nothing on the substance of the talks. The details and the big decisions are due after ...

VideoGreek protestors call for Papandreou to step down

23.10.11 @ 19:21

"Greek people don't want any more loans", says Yiorgos Vassalos from the Greek solidarity movement in Brussels. Belgian police have water canons parked a stones throw from the protesters, who have been joined by some of ...

VideoAfter 2000km, 'indignants' receive frosty welcome in Brussels

11.10.11 @ 09:19

After walking for two and a half months, about 300 "indignados" arrived in Brussels this weekend to lobby the European institutions and protest against unemployment and welfare cuts. Although the original plan was for ...

VideoEurozone plays carrot and stick with Greece

04.10.11 @ 18:03

At a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Luxembourg, eurogroup chief Jean Claude Juncker said no eurozone member was advocating a Greek default. But finance ministers decided to postpone the transfer of the next ...

VideoDoubts hang over Belgium's 'eco-cheques' scheme

27.09.11 @ 17:38

Certain Belgian employees receive up to €250 worth a year in eco-cheques. They are designed to promote ecological buying by enticing people to buy bio products. They are also a way for employers to survive the ...

VideoBelgium: the EU capital of beer

13.09.11 @ 13:24

Although Belgians are not too proud of the fact that they have beaten the world record for length of time without a national government, they are delighted to be internationally renowned for their beer. Once a year, ...

Video'Greece has no time to lose'

08.09.11 @ 16:30

Seen as responsible for the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, Greece has rarely been out of the headlines in the last 18 months. This week, at a conference organised by the Liberal group in the European Parliament, ...

VideoTime running out for EU leaders to solve eurozone crisis

07.09.11 @ 09:01

Although, what was first hailed as a historical decision was taken in Brussels on the 21st July, it seems like EU leaders are still on holiday and nobody has advanced at all. This is the opinion of Felipe Gonzalez. The ...

VideoNormality is coming back to Libya

07.09.11 @ 08:46

The Transitional National Council has made it clear that it does not want a circus of international community moving around Libya offering solutions to their problems in post- Gadaffi Libya, managing director for the ...

VideoIn conversation with Russian diplomat Dmitry Rogozin

02.09.11 @ 12:42

On the same day that Russia officially recognised the Transitional National Council as the legitimate government in Libya, Russian ambassador to Nato Dmitry Rogozin talked to EUobserver in the Russian embassy in ...

VideoEurozone debt crisis dominates European Parliament agenda

30.08.11 @ 17:42

After a summer of market turmoil, MEPs touched base with some of the key players in solving the Euro zone sovereign debt crisis this week, President of the Euro group Jean-Claude Juncker, Minister of Finance of Poland ...

VideoRoma rights still neglected in the EU

25.08.11 @ 16:41

Although the European Commission has a relatively new Roma integration strategy, the director of the European Roma Rights Centre Robert Kushen questions whether they will follow through with it and demand real action ...

VideoSerbia will never recognise Kosovo, says Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister

25.08.11 @ 16:32

During the inauguration of the EU representation office of the Serbian City of Niš in Brussels, the foreign affairs minister of Serbia Vuk Jeremić talks to Euobserver about Kosovo, war crimes and visa liberalization.

VideoGreenpeace stunt at European business summit

25.08.11 @ 16:08

Talks at the 9th European Business Summit in Brussels were delayed by a half an hour on the opening day (18 May) by some 170 Greenpease activists that were blocking access to the venue. The activists singled out a ...

VideoEconomic woes chill the Spanish summer

25.08.11 @ 15:58

The Spanish financial crisis has been dragging on since 2009 so it is no surprise that it has touched the lives of the majority of the population. In this video, locals from the East Coast of Spain open up and share ...