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EU ministers agree rules allowing choice on GM crops

12.06.14 @ 18:05

A political agreement on genetically modified (GM) crops by EU environment ministers in Luxembourg on Thursday (12 June) has sparked protest from both pro-green NGOs and biotech companies. The agreement breaks a ...

MEPs back higher medical safety standards following PIP scandal

22.10.13 @ 18:53

Medical devices ranging from pacemakers to breast implants will be subject to stricter controls under rules agreed by MEPs on Tuesday (22 October). Deputies voted by a large majority to support two new laws covering ...

FocusEU searches for alternative transport fuels

11.09.13 @ 14:17

Most governments agree that we should use less oil. Less clear is how to do it. EU politicians are currently having their turn at trying to solve the puzzle, primarily through a proposed directive on alternative ...

OpinionEU has solutions to food crises in its grasp

17.10.12 @ 09:58

Tuesday's (16 October) World Food Day took place against the backdrop of a looming food crisis - the third in five years. Agriculture chiefs meeting in Rome this week must see that repeated food crises are no ...

EU to limit controversial biofuels from 2020

17.09.12 @ 09:21

Energy ministers meeting in Cyprus on Monday (17 September) are having a first debate on EU commission plans to cap biofuels made from food crops from 2020 in a bid to limit their impact on soaring food prices. ...

Angry MEPs postpone patent vote

03.07.12 @ 07:06

Just days after being hailed as solved, the EU decades-long quest for a single patent hit an unexpected snag on Monday evening when MEPs postponed a vote on the draft patent claiming member states had "emasculated" the ...


07.03.12 @ 17:36

E-health is already the third largest sector in the healthcare industry after pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With new technology fundamentally changing doctor-patient relations and posing new questions on privacy, ...

EU commission to champion bio-fuels and chemicals

13.02.12 @ 08:22

Future EU spending on agriculture, research and energy should promote the "bio-economy" instead of fossil-based chemicals and fuels, the European Commission says. Agricultural waste used as fuel for energy plants, ...

FocusFood chain complexities raise questions about the way Europeans eat

13.09.11 @ 13:30

The relationship between Europeans and their food is growing in complexity, governed by cultural, social and economic factors and influenced ever more by unpredictable weather patterns and the rising middle class in ...