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FocusWelcome to the New Year and to a new EUobserver

16.12.14 @ 10:45

Welcome to the New Year and to a new EUobserver. We are taking two big leaps in 2015: Beyond Brussels and Premium Content. Beyond Brussels The EU is more than just Brussels. You need to know what the EU institutions are ...

FocusEurope in Review 2014

16.12.14 @ 10:39

"The year politics came back to Europe" - Donald Tusk's words as he took over the EU Council presidency on 1 December, 10 months after Russia invaded Ukraine when a popular uprising overthrew its corrupt and pro-Russian ...

LetterUkraine reporting should be more nuanced

07.11.14 @ 09:49

I would like to react to Andrew Rettman's article Former Polish FM causes furore over Russia interview, in which he writes that “Ukraine has been de facto partitioned into an EU and US protectorate in the west and ...

OpinionThe state of Europe’s democracy 25 years after the Wall

05.11.14 @ 09:04

The fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago this week swept away the most glaring gaps in political and economic opportunity between Western and East Central Europe. As distinctions between “old” and “new” Europe blur, the ...

InvestigationAbout Nikolaj Nielsen

03.11.14 @ 15:19

Nikolaj Nielsen is a Danish-American journalist working for EUobserver in Brussels. He won a King Baudouin Foundation grant for investigative journalism in 2010.

Stakeholders' Views

14.10.14 @ 07:31

This EUobserver section provides a platform for EU stakeholders to communicate positions, views and activities. For more information contact Filip Lugovic at

OpinionEurope to make media, media to make Europe

24.09.14 @ 17:36

Europe is weak and we have been reminded of its weakness again in recent months. While the Ukrainian crisis has shown that Europe is an option much desired for a great part of Ukrainian society, it has also revealed ...

Hungary raids Norway-backed NGOs

10.09.14 @ 09:27

Hungarian police on Monday (9 September) raided the offices of Norway-backed NGOs Okotars and Demnet, escalating the government’s campaign against civil society. Norway reacted by saying the moves were "unacceptable" ...

Post EU ElectionsPopulist MEPs lead Twitter ranking

15.05.14 @ 08:46

European citizens are due to elect a new European Parliament in less than two weeks. With two-thirds of MEPs on Twitter, part of the election is being fought on social media. The number of tweeting MEPs has risen ...

Turkey ranks lowest in Europe's press freedom index

02.05.14 @ 09:29

Europe maintains the overall highest press freedoms worldwide despite rollbacks in Greece, Montenegro, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Among the 42 countries ranked in Europe in a report out on Thursday (1 May) by the US ...

Post EU ElectionsEU politicians 'overwhelmed' by power shift to social media

02.04.14 @ 17:27

Power is moving to the internet and only politicians and political parties that adapt to this new reality will survive in the future is the stark message sent to MEPs on the eve of EU elections. "Power is shifting from ...

New EU citizens' appeal targets press freedom

11.03.14 @ 21:41

Verdi, a German trade union which triggered the only successful European Citizens' Initiative so far, is throwing its weight behind a new project on press freedom. With 2 million members, it could easily get the 1 ...

Bulgaria and Greece rank last in EU press freedoms

13.02.14 @ 09:26

Bulgaria and Greece rank at the bottom of EU countries in terms of press freedom. The findings are part of a larger report out on Wednesday (12 February) by the Paris-based watchdog Reporters Without Borders. It ranks ...

OpinionLooking on the bright side of the euro crisis

11.02.14 @ 12:31

As the European Parliament elections approach many cite the lack of a European public sphere as the reason for the disinterest in European politics and the inevitable low voters’ turnout. But is this really so? Or is ...

OpinionA forgotten crime: Montenegro’s double-dealing on the media

06.02.14 @ 08:50

Montenegro is first in line after Croatia to enter the EU, according to some European politicians and parliamentarians. It’s a leader in the Balkan region. But the country’s press is under attack, with Prime Minister ...

EU accounts and the Brussels blame game

09.11.13 @ 11:49

Like the rising of the sun and November rain in Brussels, the publication of the European Court of Auditors' annual report on EU accounts brings equally predictable accusations of fraud and rampant mismanagement. The ...

Unreported NSA spy systems revealed

06.09.13 @ 07:56

A speaker invited to a European Parliament hearing into the large surveillance programme by the US intelligence agency NSA has revealed two previously unreported systems used to spy on people. Jacob Appelbaum, an ...

OpinionBalkans media: EU words are not enough

19.06.13 @ 14:40

An open letter on Balkans media to EU enlargement and neighbourhood commissioner Stefan Fuele. Dear Mr Fuele, Following your kind invitation, I will be going to the Speak Up! conference in Brussels on Thursday (20 June ...

OpinionThe austerity blame game

13.06.13 @ 09:31

The closure of the Greek public broadcaster was met with shock and outrage at both the national and the European level. The speed with which events unfolded made the situation all the more dramatic. Just as quickly as ...

Greek state TV defies blackout

13.06.13 @ 09:28

Greek state broadcaster the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) stayed on the airwaves on Wednesday (12 June), defying plans by the leading party in the country's coalition government to close it down. ERT ...

InvestigationAbout Andrew Rettman

22.02.13 @ 09:20

Andrew Rettman writes about foreign relations for EUobserver. He joined the site in 2005 and specialises in Israel, Russia, the EU foreign service and security issues. He was born in Warsaw, Poland.

EU wants tougher media laws in Romania

04.02.13 @ 17:38

The independence of Romania's judiciary is being threatened by media campaigns, European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso has warned. Speaking in Brussels on Monday (4 February) alongside Romanian Prime Minister ...

EU should act on press violations, report says

22.01.13 @ 09:20

Media freedoms throughout the Union are menaced by political interference, commercial pressures, and advertising interest, a new report published Monday (21 January) has said. The study on the state of media freedom in ...

InvestigationAbout Nikolaj Nielsen

07.01.13 @ 07:43

Nikolaj Nielsen is a Danish-American journalist working for EUobserver in Brussels. He won a King Baudouin Foundation grant for investigative journalism in 2010.

Press freedom under attack inside EU, advocates say

06.11.12 @ 17:26

Media advocates are calling on EU lawmakers to speak out against the roll-back of press freedoms in some EU member states. "There is not a single member state that has not taken a step back on press freedom," said ...

Anti-immigrant view being 'legitimised' in Greece

27.08.12 @ 19:04

Anti-immigrant and nationalistic discourse has existed in Greece since the 1990s, say experts, but has become more radical with the economic crisis. For Golden Dawn, the neo-facist movement that scooped 6.9 percent of ...

EUobserver on your phone

09.08.12 @ 09:54

By popular demand EUobserver is now available in a version optimised for smartphones. When you access content on EUobserver from your phone you will be automatically redirected to a new phone-friendly version of our ...

OpinionMoving the single market for online music

11.07.12 @ 09:14

Music is everywhere, and the digital age has only increased its presence. Today, (11 July) I am proposing a modernised system of collective rights management that will use the single market – the EU's most powerful ...

MEPs accuse commission of foul play on EU TV money

16.05.12 @ 09:29

MEPs and the European Commission are embroiled in a dispute over what happened to €8.7 million originally intended for an EU-wide TV station. The commission put up the cash in a call for tender in 2008 for a Europe-wide ...

FocusMinisters back EU culture plan, but doubts remain

11.05.12 @ 17:59

Ambitious plans to create the EU's largest ever cultural funding programme are a step closer to reality after ministers offered broad support for the European Commission's Creative Europe programme at a meeting in ...

Barroso ignores outcry on China press gag

04.05.12 @ 09:29

The European Commission has defended its decision not to hold a press conference after Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang's meeting with commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels this week. "The EU institutions ...

Video'We still want change'

30.04.12 @ 08:50

People from all over the world are expected to take to the streets on 12 May to celebrate the first anniversary of the Spanish 'indignado' movement protesting economic austerity measures. Brussels-based 'indignados' ...

InvestigationEUobserver Investigative Reports

20.03.12 @ 09:07

'Belarus - Europe's last dictatorship' is the second in a series of investigative reports by EUobserver. The report sheds light on Europe's most isolated nation and EU policy towards it. It is published in two parts.

InvestigationAbout Nikolaj Nielsen

20.03.12 @ 09:07

Nikolaj Nielsen is a Danish-American journalist working for EUobserver in Brussels. He won a King Baudouin Foundation grant for investigative journalism in 2010.

FocusCommission downplays Parliament EU-US data privacy concerns

18.02.12 @ 08:30

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has insisted that US authorities cannot override EU laws on data privacy, following concerns expressed by MEPs that certain US laws and legal subpoenas could force EU companies to ...

Brussels warns Hungary on constitutional reform

11.01.12 @ 15:35

The European Commission has warned Hungary to change parts of its constitution or face legal action amid fears that Prime Minister Viktor Orban is using his large parliamentary majority to undermine the independence of ...

Free press on trial in EU aspirant Turkey

22.11.11 @ 09:26

The trial of 11 journalists - including Turkey's "last investigative reporter" - begins on Tuesday (22 November) in a country which says it wants to join the EU. Nedim Sener, Ahmet Sik and nine other journalists will ...

VideoA day in the life of European Parliament's spokesperson Jaume Duch

04.11.11 @ 16:27

As spokesperson for the European Parliament, Jaume Duch is the main contact for the media. EUobserver accompanies him on an average day in the office in Brussels.

InvestigationAbout Andrew Willis

01.11.11 @ 09:02

Andrew Willis is an Irish journalist. He studied at the London School of Economics before moving to Argentina where he worked on the business desk of the Buenos Aires Herald. For the past three years he has reported for ...

InvestigationEUobserver Investigative Reports

01.11.11 @ 09:00

EUobserver is publishing a series of investigative reports to shed light on some of the lesser known or more complex areas of European Union activities, starting November 2011.

Brussels launches toothless inquiry into EU press freedoms

11.10.11 @ 18:30

The European Commission is launching a high-level inquiry into press freedoms around the bloc. But its own officials admit the exercise is mainly intended for show. The inquiry is to look into issues such as political ...

OpinionPhone hacking scandal is part of the slow death of print media

10.08.11 @ 09:41

The summer of 2011 will be remembered not only for the existential crisis facing the euro but also for phone hacking and the downfall of much of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in the UK, dragging with it top-ranked ...