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FocusChronic Diseases

22.09.14 @ 17:01

Chronic diseases are the main cause of death and disability in Europe and the growing trend is straining the region’s healthcare budgets.

FocusChronic diseases - the biggest killer in Europe

22.09.14 @ 15:16

Chronic disease is the leading cause of mortality in Europe. Over one third of the European population above the age of 15 have a chronic disease and two out of three people reaching retirement age will have at least ...

Irish economy in surprise decline, threatens debt-cutting plan

14.03.14 @ 09:29

Ireland's economy suffered a shock decline in the final months of 2013, posting negative growth for the year and casting a pall over the country's full return to the financial markets. Data from the country's Central ...

OpinionWhy are our medicines so expensive?

12.04.13 @ 09:15

In the lead-up to an inter ministerial meeting between EU and India next week, European trade negotiators continue to pressure India and other developing countries to accept so-called “free trade” agreements that favour ...

FeatureTuberculosis - an old plague comes back stronger

25.02.13 @ 09:07

Over the course of two weeks in 2011, Stefan Radut lost seven kilos in weight. He coughed constantly. He was chronically tired and had difficulty sleeping. His girlfriend finally persuaded him to go to a doctor. There ...

FeatureLife-saving drug hits eurocrat wall - a Kafkaesque tale

13.02.13 @ 15:53

A French medical laboratory and the European Commission are currently locked in a furious legal battle - at stake is whether a handful of EU civil servants, through use of byzantine rules, can defy medical opinion and ...

Drug supplies to EU crisis countries at risk, warn health analysts

23.08.12 @ 20:42

Speculators are threatening the supply of medication to countries worst hit by the sovereign debt crisis, according to research by business analysts GlobalData. GlobalData's report, published Wednesday (22 August) ...

OpinionMercury treaty: High time for action on health

05.07.12 @ 17:38

Mercury is an ancient metal rich in history, cloaked with mystery and power. It is liquid metal at room temperature, with an almost mystical silver hue, and was known to the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Hindus. ...

VideoPirate MEP: Acta treaty would punish young people

24.05.12 @ 09:47

Swedish Pirate party MEP Christian Engstrom has little interest in economics or foreign affairs. The former computer engineer is concentrating his energy on stopping the EU parliament from adopting the Acta treaty on ...

Officials, diplomats want even more EU secrecy

12.04.12 @ 18:19

Most member states and EU institutions are keen to draw a new veil of secrecy over how they appoint top officials and enforce EU law. The rights of journalists, NGOs and average people to get access to internal EU ...


07.03.12 @ 17:36

E-health is already the third largest sector in the healthcare industry after pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With new technology fundamentally changing doctor-patient relations and posing new questions on privacy, ...

OpinionInternational trade: Israel should not be discriminated against

06.10.11 @ 09:54

Last week the European Parliament voted to approve trade preferences to the Palestinian Authority that will allow agricultural and fisheries products from West Bank and Gaza to enter the EU without duties and almost ...