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AnalysisWhat does the death of the EU data directive mean?

09.04.14 @ 09:25

The EU's data retention directive was agreed in 2006, in the wake of terrorist attacks in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005 respectively, as governments attempted to tighten national security rules. Under the regime, ...

EU court scraps data surveillance law

08.04.14 @ 11:31

The EU court in Luxembourg has struck down a law on internet and phone surveillance, saying its loose wording opens the door to untoward snooping on private lives. It said in its verdict on Tuesday (8 April) the “data ...

FocusBringing high speed internet to the 'middle of nowhere'

10.10.13 @ 09:26

As Anne-Mari Leppinen tells it, her British colleague simply could not believe that cables allowing high speed access to the internet had been laid in the middle of a forest in remote western Finland. "He asked me: 'Do ...

EU to ban roaming charges, internet throttling

11.09.13 @ 19:25

The European Commission on Wednesday (11 September) put forward plans to ban charges for incoming calls when abroad, but allowing internet providers to charge more for high-quality connections. Under the proposal, which ...

Mobile roaming charges to drop in July

26.06.13 @ 00:09

Mobile roaming charges will drop across Europe on 1 July, the European Commission announced on Tuesday (25 June). “As of the first of July, prices across the EU will fall in seven categories for retail and wholesale ...

UK spy scheme said to be larger than Prism

24.06.13 @ 09:29

A British intelligence agency, GCHQ, has tapped into undersea fibre-optic cables to hoover up telephone conversations and Internet traffic, according to documents seen by The Guardian newspaper. Codenamed "Tempora," the ...

EU sets timeline for single telecoms market

17.05.13 @ 09:05

Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes has promised to roll out a single telecoms market throughout the EU before she leaves office in one and half years. “I'm the same age as [ex-Manchester United football club ...

EU data protection rules 'on schedule' despite delay

06.12.12 @ 10:48

Despite not having begun formal deliberations in committee, the European Parliament is on course to define its position on the EU's new data protection regime by mid-2013, according to data privacy expert Sophie In't ...

Barroso fights to keep investment pot in EU budget

02.10.12 @ 16:51

The European Commission has started banging the drum for new €50bn pot of money that it says will reinvigorate Europe's economy amid fears that penny-counting member states will give it the chop. With just weeks to go ...

FocusGoogle in EU privacy row over Street View data

03.08.12 @ 08:09

Search-engine Google is at the centre of an embarrassing data privacy row after French and British regulators demanded access to all Wi-Fi data collected for its Street View site. The move came when Google's legal ...

FocusFirms must protect cloud data, EU watchdog says

06.07.12 @ 18:37

Companies using cloud computing services must "guarantee" compliance with EU data rules, according to the Article 29 Working group, the EU's leading data protection watchdog. In a 27-page legal opinion released this ...

FocusEurope failing to reach digital agenda targets, admits Commission

23.06.12 @ 07:18

The EU is set to miss targets for its digital agenda programme, according to a report released this week by the European Commission. Earlier this week (18 June) the commission published its second annual Digital Agenda ...

FocusPhone apps to boost access for disabled Europeans

06.12.11 @ 18:12

Life on the road for people with disabilities may become just a little bit easier after the winners of the first ever Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards for easy-access smartphone apps were announced on ...

VideoThe threat of Islamist terrorism in the EU

06.05.11 @ 12:00

On the same week that Osama Bin Laden was killed, Members of the European Parliament, Belgian Conservative Derk Jan Eppink and German Green Franziska Brantner talk together about whether or not islamist terrorism even ...

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