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MEPs critical of 'underfunded' youth jobs plan

17.09.14 @ 20:52

Outgoing EU commissioner for employment Laszlo Andor on Wednesday (17 September) defended EU-wide efforts to tackle youth unemployment amid critical remarks from MEPs. Andor told deputies that the so-called youth ...

Marijuana should stay illegal, young Europeans say

22.08.14 @ 12:40

A narrow majority of Europe’s youth would ban cannabis, according to new research published by Eurobarometer. Opinion was divided on whether cannabis should be banned. Forty five percent believed that it should be ...

EU student programme hits record popularity

10.07.14 @ 19:14

The EU’s student exchange programme, Erasmus, funded the studies of nearly 270,000 students in 2012/2013 - a record 15,000 more than the previous year, the European Commission said on Thursday (10 July). At a press ...

OpinionFive qualities you need to lead Europe

18.06.14 @ 09:23

The rhetoric on who we need as European presidents and commissioners over the next five years has often focused on specific names without exploring the leadership qualities that are required in navigating today's ...

LetterErasmus isn't about studying; it's about learning

23.05.14 @ 09:22

We have read Viktor Gronne and Dalia Miklaseviciute's column about the flaws of the Erasmus programme with great interest. We are all former Erasmus students, from different countries and different backgrounds, and we ...

Young Europeans lack job skills, US consultancy says

14.01.14 @ 09:25

Europe's young people lack the skills for work despite record levels of unemployment, according to a report by the US-based consultancy giant McKinsey In its study, "Education to Employment," published on Monday (13 ...

Approval of EU leadership lowest in Greece

08.01.14 @ 17:35

Support for the EU was lowest in Greece in 2013 while Spain registered the sharpest drop in support between the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008 and last year. A survey published Wednesday (8 January) by Gallup ...

VideoNo jobs for Europe's brightest graduates

21.10.13 @ 18:05

Despina Papadaki, from Greece, was one of the 150 participants selected from 2,600 to celebrate the 15th year of the youth partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in Budapest. The plight of ...

Brussels interns to protest over poor work conditions

16.07.13 @ 09:11

Interns in Brussels are set to stage a protest on Wednesday (17 July) over poor work conditions. Organised through Facebook, the campaign aims to bring attention to a work force that is often unpaid. Others say the ...

EU leaders flock to Berlin for jobs summit

03.07.13 @ 09:28

Some 20 EU leaders Wednesday (3 July) are expected to take part in a youth employment conference hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel, less than a week after an EU summit on the same topic. Youth unemployment in countries ...

Youth unemployment tops EU summit agenda, again

27.06.13 @ 09:29

EU leaders gathering in Brussels on Thursday (27 June) for a two-day summit will again turn to measures aimed at helping young people to get jobs, as unemployment figures soar in southern countries. The summit kicks off ...

EU to compare member states on youth employment

17.06.13 @ 18:03

The European Commission wants to set up a platform to compare how well member states tackle youth unemployment. Employment commissioner Laszlo Andor on Monday (17 June) told reporters in Brussels the platform would help ...

Next EU summit risks being waste of time, MEPs say

12.06.13 @ 22:54

The European Commission on Wednesday (12 June) came under pressure to be a bold policy-maker, as a meeting of EU leaders later this month shapes up to be another damp squib. Deputies in the European Parliament urged the ...

Europeans expect bleak future, survey finds

17.05.13 @ 09:28

Europeans expect a more difficult and uncertain future than their parents, involving working longer for less, according to an opinion poll released Friday (17 May). Europeans now expect the next generation to have less ...

EU to extend welfare rights, despite UK warning

08.05.13 @ 17:59

European Commission vice-president Viviane Reding has proposed to extend EU nationals' welfare rights despite a warning on "benefit tourism" by major EU countries. Ministers from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and the ...

EU to 'revive hope' on youth jobs, Barroso pledges

02.05.13 @ 17:55

European Commission boss Jose Manuel Barroso called on EU leaders to come up with a package against youth unemployment at the June summit, promising that the EU executive would do its bit to "revive hope, especially for ...

IMF chief: 2013 is make-or-break year for eurozone

24.01.13 @ 09:27

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde has said that eurozone leaders should "keep the momentum" of reforms like the banking union, as recession is now forecast to linger on in 2013. "2013 will be a ...

FocusMEPs warn of 'lost generation' of jobless youth

16.01.13 @ 18:23

National governments should offer their under-25s a guarantee of work, training or full-time education, according to MEPs and the European Commission. Under the Youth Guarantee scheme backed by MEPs on Wednesday (16 ...

FocusContinent's youth more 'European' than their parents, poll says

15.11.12 @ 09:30

Young people are more likely to consider themselves "European" and to be engaged with the bloc's politics, according to an analysis released on Wednesday (14 November) by survey-group Eurobarometer. Forty-six percent of ...

Youth unemployment risks 'social disaster'

31.08.12 @ 22:45

The rise in youth unemployment in some member states could pose a “serious threat to social cohesion,” the European Commission warned Friday (31 August). “EU institutions, governments and businesses and special partners ...

More than half young Greeks are unemployed

09.08.12 @ 17:38

Greek youth unemployment figures released on Thursday (9 August) by the Hellenic Statistic Authority marked another record high at 54.9 percent in May compared to around 41 percent to the same period last year. “It is ...

VideoPirate MEP: Acta treaty would punish young people

24.05.12 @ 09:47

Swedish Pirate party MEP Christian Engstrom has little interest in economics or foreign affairs. The former computer engineer is concentrating his energy on stopping the EU parliament from adopting the Acta treaty on ...

Brussels tests out youth jobs scheme

21.05.12 @ 18:05

The European Commission launched a €4 million pilot project on Monday (21 May) to help 5,000 young people find jobs in other EU countries. With youth unemployment twice as high as the EU average, the initiative aims to ...

VideoWikipedia founder: European red tape hampering growth

09.05.12 @ 08:34

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tells EUobserver why entrepreneurs do better in America: in the US, you can start your own business in five minutes. In Greece, it can take up to 10 months.

Video'We still want change'

30.04.12 @ 08:50

People from all over the world are expected to take to the streets on 12 May to celebrate the first anniversary of the Spanish 'indignado' movement protesting economic austerity measures. Brussels-based 'indignados' ...

VideoSpanish spring protests: 'Enough is enough'

23.02.12 @ 17:55

Thousands of students gathered in the eastern Spanish town of Valencia this week to protest against education cuts and corrupt politicians. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has already raised taxes and cut spending to ...

VideoGreece out of the euro - but what then?

17.02.12 @ 09:15

Greece needs to cut down on expenditure and make deep reforms, according to German/Greek economist Janis Emmanouilidis from the European Policy Centre. But Yiorgos Vassalos, a Greek expat and a member of the Greek ...

VideoHundreds of Belgians say No to Acta

15.02.12 @ 15:41

Thousands of people gathered around Europe on Saturday (11 February) to protest against the international intellectual property enforcement treaty, ACTA. Protesters feel the law will give too much power to internet ...

VideoBelgian unions show solidarity with Greeks

15.02.12 @ 15:36

On Friday 10th February, Greek unions in Athens held a 48-hour general strike after the country's cabinet passed a package of austerity measures demanded by the "troika". To show solidarity, a selection of ...

Opinion'Older generation put a mortgage on my future'

01.12.11 @ 09:04

The current problems of the European Union are not so much of an economic as of a political nature. Even under enormous pressure, member state leaders have failed over and over again to agree on any substantial economic ...

VideoThe eurozone crisis through the eyes of the 'indignados'

14.10.11 @ 17:08

While Eurozone leader frantically prepare for next week's crucial summit, members of the 'indignados' movement are organising daily activities to highlight inequalities in today's society.

VideoAfter 2000km, 'indignants' receive frosty welcome in Brussels

11.10.11 @ 09:19

After walking for two and a half months, about 300 "indignados" arrived in Brussels this weekend to lobby the European institutions and protest against unemployment and welfare cuts. Although the original plan was for ...