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AnalysisWhat the leaked EU-Canada trade paper means for TTIP

18.08.14 @ 17:47

EU trade negotiators, who like to give as little away as possible, will have been deeply dismayed by the leak of 520 pages of their latest baby: the EU-Canada free trade agreement (Ceta). The document, published by ...

EU and Canada negotiators reach agreement on trade deal

06.08.14 @ 17:53

The EU and Canada Tuesday (5 August) reached agreement on a free trade pact which is likely to be a blueprint for a larger such deal with the US. Billed as a historic by Canada, the deal aims to boost trade and cut ...

WTO confirms EU seal trade ban

23.05.14 @ 09:48

The EU's four-year-old ban on seal fur will remain in place after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rejected an appeal by Canada and Norway thus setting a precedent that animal welfare can trump the right to trade. In ...

WTO backs EU seal fur ban over 'moral concerns'

26.11.13 @ 10:48

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has confirmed the EU's controversial ban on seal products, ruling that the ban was a response to "moral concerns." A report released Monday (25 November) by a WTO panel found that the ...

Romania threatens to block Canada-EU trade deal

25.10.13 @ 09:24

Romania has threatened not to ratify a recently signed EU-Canada free trade deal unless Ottawa lifts visa requirements for Romanians. "I do not believe the Romanian parliament will ratify the EU-Canada free trade ...

EU hails 'landmark' Canada trade deal

18.10.13 @ 19:01

EU and Canadian leaders have signed up to a trade agreement worth over €25 billion per year, in a deal seen by Brussels as the forerunner to a successful trade accord with the US. European Commission President Jose ...

China beats EU to Arctic Council membership

16.05.13 @ 09:29

The Arctic Council at its biannual meeting on Wednesday (15 May) in Sweden allowed in six new observer states, but deferred the EU's application until a later date. China, along with India, Italy, Japan, South Korea and ...

EU court upholds seal fur ban

26.04.13 @ 09:29

The EU's three-year-old ban on seal fur will remain intact after the bloc's highest court threw out a legal challenge by the Canadian Inuit and the country's fur trade. Unveiling its judgment on Thursday (25 April), the ...

Fears of Arctic conflict are 'overblown'

19.03.13 @ 17:53

The Arctic has become a new frontier in international relations, but fear of potential conflict in the resource-rich region is overblown, say experts. For long a mystery because of its general impenetrability, melting ...

EU edges toward Canada free trade deal

06.02.13 @ 09:51

EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht is to meet Canadian leader Stephen Harper as the EU executive steps up its bid to secure the latest in a series of lucrative free trade agreements. De Gucht, who will meet Harper on ...

Commission set for fresh collision course over Acta copy-cat clauses

12.07.12 @ 21:39

The European Commission is set for another intellectual property rights clash with MEPs, after leaked documents revealed that proposals from the rejected counterfeit treaty Acta had been included in a draft trade ...

Tar sands go political as key vote ends in deadlock

23.02.12 @ 17:38

EU member states have failed to name tar sands a high polluting energy source following intense lobbying by oil companies and Canada but green groups and the European Commission hope the politicisation of the discussion ...

EU to put higher pollution price on tar sands

05.10.11 @ 09:24

The European Commission on Tuesday (4 October) proposed that oil derived from tar sands be given a higher greenhouse-gas emission value, a move slammed as "unjustified" and "discriminatory" by Canada, the world's ...

AgendaThis WEEK in the European Union

16.09.11 @ 20:31

The coming week will see all eyes once again focussed sharply on the rapidly metastasising eurozone crisis, although little official is programmed. According to EU officials everything is “still fluid”. Greece is fast ...

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