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Estonia arrests, releases pro-Kremlin Italian journalist

17.12.14 @ 09:30

A pro-Kremlin Italian journalist and former MEP arrested in Estonia left the country on Tuesday (16 December) after having violated an entry ban issued by the ministry of interior. Reporter Giulietto Chiesa was ...

OpinionWhy don't young people vote?

07.11.14 @ 09:19

In an overlooked research study released last week by Eurobarometer, the turnout rate of voters in May’s European elections was revealed. For anyone interested in young people and their engagement in civic life and ...

Lithuania to see energy independence as liquid gas terminal arrives

28.10.14 @ 09:27

A floating liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal arrived at the Lithuanian city Klaipeda on Monday (27 October) where it was greeted by locals as the guarantor of the Baltic region's energy supply. The vessel, called The ...

FocusEstonia same-sex law breaks taboo in former Soviet states

09.10.14 @ 17:14

Estonia on Thursday (9 October) became the first former Soviet republic to grant equal rights to same-sex couples. MPs in the Riigikogu passed the bill by a narrow majority of 40 against 38 with 10 abstentions. The ...

Russia's information war in Lithuania

06.10.14 @ 09:28

It is hard to find anyone in Lithuania who does not believe that Russia's propaganda campaigns in the Baltic EU member state have been growing in intensity. There has been an increasing number of pro-Soviet commentary ...

Russia's abduction of Estonian officer 'very disturbing'

08.09.14 @ 09:29

Russia’s abduction of an Estonian officer poses questions on Nato’s Article V, the Baltic state’s former intelligence chief has said. The incident, which took place on Friday (5 September), escalated over the weekend. ...

Estonian commissioner criticised for political campaign

10.03.14 @ 09:30

A group of MEPs has written a letter to European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso asking for the resignation of the Estonian commissioner, Siim Kallas, who is leading political negotiations for the Prime Minister ...

FocusEU's young people lag behind on maths target

03.12.13 @ 17:16

The EU's 15-year olds have seen only slight improvements in their reading, science and maths skills since 2009, with worse scores in reading than US students and in all three subject areas than their Japanese ...

Estonia: Russian spy did not know EU or Nato secrets

12.08.13 @ 09:29

An alleged Russian spy exposed in Estonia did not compromise EU or Nato secrets, Estonia's intelligence chief has told EUobserver. The Baltic country last week detained Vladimir Veitman, a 63-year-old Estonian ...

US free to grab EU data on American clouds

28.01.13 @ 09:18

An obscure section in a US law is said to entitle authorities to access, without a warrant, data stored by any EU citizen on clouds run by American companies. Although highly controversial for its indirect effects on ...

Putin says 'Niet' to EU anti-trust lawyers

12.09.12 @ 09:22

Russian President Vladimir Putin has passed a law blocking Gazprom from normal co-operation with EU anti-trust officials. Referring to potential EU-Gazprom exchange of information on alleged price-fixing, his new decree ...

Brussels hits out at 'nutty NGOs' and corporate sharks

07.06.12 @ 09:27

The European Commission has said EU freedom of information rules should be tightened up because corporate lawyers and NGOs abuse the system. Its spokesman, Antony Gravili, told EUobserver on Wednesday (6 June) that most ...