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Post EU ElectionsThe populist Finns, Cameron's new political bedfellows

16.06.14 @ 09:25

As UK prime minister David Cameron's Conservatives set about reforming the anti-federalist European Conservative and Reformist (ECR) group in the European Parliament, the spotlight has fallen on their new allies. In a ...

Post EU ElectionsFinnish politics face turbulence

04.06.14 @ 09:14

The past months have been tumultuous in Finnish politics with major changes in the composition of the sitting government and now open discussion about early elections. In April, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen announced ...

FocusHungary and Finland in uphill battle for gay rights

13.05.14 @ 18:18

Gay communities in Hungary and Finland are facing uphill battles for equal rights with conservative politicians in both countries imposing barriers. Hungarian children as young as 10 are being told homosexuality is a “ ...

Post EU ElectionsEuro-exit parties fail to do their maths

07.05.14 @ 09:28

What is the price of a monetary union, or of leaving one, for that matter? These questions are now being raised by the eurosceptic parties that are gathering momentum in Germany, the Netherlands and Finland, all ...

InvestigationArms deals and bribes: The downfall of Slovenia's former PM

30.04.14 @ 09:18

Former Slovene prime minister Janez Jansa was sentenced on Monday (28 April) to two years in prison over a high-profile scandal involving defence contracts and bribery. The decision by the Higher Court in Ljubljana, ...

Post EU ElectionsNordic populist parties divided on which EP group to join

02.04.14 @ 09:13

Right-wing populist parties from the Nordic countries are set to take different political paths after the European elections in May. While the Sweden Democrats are looking towards the likely coalition between France’s ...

Post EU ElectionsMuch ado about Greece in Finnish EU elections

28.02.14 @ 09:28

In Finland the European elections will be about Greece, at least if Timo Soini, chair of the radical right-wing populist party The Finns, previously known as the True Finns, gets his way. "If Greece isn't the issue, we ...

Post EU ElectionsFinnish nationalist MP stirs immigration debate

25.02.14 @ 09:22

The nationalist Finns' party is fighting to increase its vote in the European Parliament May elections. Current estimates give the party 15 percent support which is significantly higher than the 9 percent it received ...

FocusEU's young people lag behind on maths target

03.12.13 @ 17:16

The EU's 15-year olds have seen only slight improvements in their reading, science and maths skills since 2009, with worse scores in reading than US students and in all three subject areas than their Japanese ...

FocusBringing high speed internet to the 'middle of nowhere'

10.10.13 @ 09:26

As Anne-Mari Leppinen tells it, her British colleague simply could not believe that cables allowing high speed access to the internet had been laid in the middle of a forest in remote western Finland. "He asked me: 'Do ...

FocusArctic region to see greater focus in EU aid

09.10.13 @ 09:26

In September this year a container ship for the first time completed a trip from China to Rotterdam through the Russian Arctic. The captain docked in the Dutch port after a month of sailing and in the knowledge that his ...

FocusEducation report to 'scare' EU ministers into action

08.10.13 @ 16:30

Policy-makers are hoping a first-ever assessment of education standards across EU states will "scare the dickens" out of politicians as vast differences in standards and quality are revealed between countries. The study ...

EU asks for answers on UK snooping programme

26.06.13 @ 21:59

European Commission vice-president Viviane Reding has asked UK foreign minister William Hague for details of London's secret snooping programme Tempora by the end of the week. “I have sent a letter to the secretary of ...

National parliaments eclipsed by EU powers

28.05.13 @ 18:53

The EU financial crisis has prompted centralisation of economic and budgetary powers in Brussels, while national parliaments struggle to fulfil their role as democratic watchdogs. The issue will be highlighted on ...

InvestigationTwo EU countries shut down money laundering investigations

13.02.13 @ 09:28

Austria and Finland have said their companies did no wrong in a case of suspected Russia-EU money laundering. But victims of the crime disagree. The sums involved are not so big - $150,000 in Austria and $199,500 in ...

Rehn rebuffs IMF criticism of austerity measures

11.01.13 @ 11:49

Blanket criticism of austerity policy misses the positive effect it has on market confidence, EU economic affairs commissioner has said in the face of negative statements by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). ...

Finland: We have to prepare for euro breakup

17.08.12 @ 09:19

Finland's foreign minister has said his government does not want the euro to break up, but that officials have to be prepared "for any eventuality." Meanwhile, Germany's diplomacy chief is rallying former ministers in a ...

Finland threatens summit deal over bailout fund

03.07.12 @ 09:23

Finland is rejecting a just-agreed deal on letting the eurozone's permanent bailout fund (ESM) buy government bonds on the open market, a change meant to lower Italy and Spain's borrowing costs. Markets' post-summit ...

Brussels hits out at 'nutty NGOs' and corporate sharks

07.06.12 @ 09:27

The European Commission has said EU freedom of information rules should be tightened up because corporate lawyers and NGOs abuse the system. Its spokesman, Antony Gravili, told EUobserver on Wednesday (6 June) that most ...

VideoWorld Bank: babies worst hit by high food prices

24.05.12 @ 09:44

Higher global food prices are hindering attempts to reach UN targets for proper nutrition and lower infant and mother mortality rates. Jos Verbeek - the author of a World Bank study on the problem - tells EUobserver how ...

Finnish PM could replace Juncker as Eurogroup chief

06.03.12 @ 18:52

Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has invited select EU leaders and ministers to a "winter retreat" in Finland in what could be an opportunity to lobby for the top job in the eurozone. His invitation, sent out on ...

Finnish CEO tests EU parliament ethics code

19.01.12 @ 18:29

The European Parliament's new ethics code is about to be put the test, as the CEO of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce bids to keep his job while becoming an MEP. Risto E.J. Penttila, who came runner-up in the last EU ...

Finnish minister pours cold water on fiscal treaty

17.01.12 @ 09:29

Finland should not sign up to the EU's new fiscal treaty, which is a "at best unnecessary and at worst harmful," Finnish foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja has said. Criticising the EU for its "terrible hurry" to sign and ...

VideoEU legal expert casts doubt on new fiscal treaty

11.01.12 @ 15:44

Jean-Claude Piris, the former director general of the EU Council's legal service, who helped pen the Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice, Constitutional Treaty and Lisbon Treaties, referred to the Union's new fiscal compact as ...

Bumpy ride for fiscal compact in Dublin, Prague, Helsinki

14.12.11 @ 09:28

The EU’s new fiscal compact is again getting a bumpy ride from a number of quarters in member states, with opposition parties in Ireland warning over loss of sovereignty and the leaders of the Czech Republic and Finland ...

Video'No light at end of Greek tunnel'

17.11.11 @ 17:32

There is no light at the end of the tunnel for Greece, according to economist Janis Emmanouilidis from the European Policy Centre. "Nobody can predict what will happen", he tells EUobserver over coffee.

EU needs fewer presidents and a new budget 'tsar', say Finns

17.11.11 @ 15:06

The EU needs fewer presidents and a new budget 'tsar' if it is to emerge from its current economic and political crisis, Finnish Europe minister Alexander Stubb has said. Addressing students at the European College of ...

Finland drops veto against Schengen enlargement

14.11.11 @ 22:32

Finland has dropped its veto against Bulgaria and Romania's accession to the border-free Schengen area next year, leaving the Netherlands as the only blocking country, Romanian foreign minister Teodor Baconschi said ...

VideoEurozone plays carrot and stick with Greece

04.10.11 @ 18:03

At a meeting of eurozone finance ministers in Luxembourg, eurogroup chief Jean Claude Juncker said no eurozone member was advocating a Greek default. But finance ministers decided to postpone the transfer of the next ...

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