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Icelanders protest government decision to deny EU referendum

25.02.14 @ 09:29

Plans for Iceland's parliament to start work on a bill abandoning EU membership talks were held up on Monday following public protests. Around 3,500 people demonstrated in front of the Parliament on Monday (24 February) ...

EU under pressure to avoid 'mackerel war'

18.10.13 @ 10:21

The European Commission is under pressure to avoid a 'mackerel war' with Iceland and the Faroe Islands, with EU ministers still undecided on whether to back a compromise proposal. Talks between EU fisheries ministers in ...

Commission backs Albania-EU membership talks

16.10.13 @ 17:41

The European Commission has said Albania should be given the green light to open EU membership talks. Presenting the EU executive's annual enlargement reports on Wednesday (16 October), commissioner Stefan Fuele said ...

Iceland dissolves EU accession team

13.09.13 @ 09:27

The Icelandic government has dissolved its EU accession team after deciding to give up on talks to join the Union. "We have dissolved our task force and negotiation teams, and there won't be any other summits," foreign ...

British banks pay out for Iceland rescue deal

02.09.13 @ 09:30

British banks have paid out the first in a series of multi-million pound cheques to cover the bill for savers hit by the Icelandic banking collapse in 2008. The payments, which will be made in three annual tranches of £ ...

'EU clock is ticking,' Iceland told

16.07.13 @ 15:30

The EU Tuesday (16 July) told Iceland it is not going to wait around forever while the island weighs up whether it is worth joining the bloc. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that the decision to ...

Iceland's EU bid is over, commission told

14.06.13 @ 09:56

Iceland's bid to join the EU is over, the country's foreign minister told the European Commission on Thursday (13 June). "This is how democracy works," said Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, on his first overseas trip, three ...

Iceland leader snubs EU membership

22.05.13 @ 09:29

Iceland’s bid to join the EU has come to an end, Iceland’s centre-right independence party leader Bjarni Benediktsson has said. The eurosceptic politician made the statement in an interview with Icelandic news outlet ...

Iceland election result puts EU membership in doubt

28.04.13 @ 23:12

Victory by eurosceptic parties in Iceland's elections has put a question mark over its EU accession process. With counting well under way on Sunday (28 April), the centre-right Independence party and the centrist ...

AgendaEU economic forecasts out next WEEK

26.04.13 @ 17:36

The European Commission will next Friday (3 May) unveil its latest forecast for economic growth and employment in EU countries. A number of member states - chief among them France and Spain - are struggling to live up ...

Anti-EU parties poised to win power in Iceland

26.04.13 @ 10:30

Iceland's EU-sceptic opposition groups are facing off with the island-nation's pro-EU government ahead of a general election on Saturday (27 April). Polls indicate voters are likely to unseat the ruling Social Democrats ...

AgendaKerry in Brussels this WEEK

19.04.13 @ 17:20

US Secretary of State John Kerry will be in Brussels on Monday (22 April) for his first visit to the EU capital since taking up his post earlier this year. He will meet EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso to ...

Iceland signs first European free trade pact with China

16.04.13 @ 09:28

Iceland on Monday (15 April) became the first European country to sign a free trade agreement with China after six years of negotiations. A joint-statement notes the two sides want “to enhance their exchange and ...

FeatureIceland to Cyprus: 'People should not pay for speculators'

08.04.13 @ 09:27

On the night of 6 October 2008, Thorfinnur Omarsson got a phone call. He had just quit his job at an Icelandic TV station and was looking forward to a "quiet time" as he was about to go back to study. It did not turn ...

Iceland not liable for Icesave compensation after landmark ruling

28.01.13 @ 14:37

Icelandic taxpayers are not liable to finance compensation of an estimated 350,000 British and Dutch citizens who lost their savings in the wake of the collapse of the country's banking sector in 2008, following a ...

Iceland halts EU talks as elections loom

14.01.13 @ 21:06

Iceland's government has suspended negotiations to join the EU ahead of parliamentary elections in April that could see a eurosceptic government elected with a mandate to halt membership talks. The government said in a ...

EU bid causes tension in Iceland government

14.08.12 @ 09:23

Iceland's coalition government risks splitting up over how to handle the country's EU bid and the euro crisis. Foreign minister Ossur Skarphedinsson, from the Social Democratic Alliance party, told national radio on ...

Iceland considers Canadian dollar instead of euro

15.03.12 @ 09:24

Iceland's Prime Minister Johanna Siguardardottir has said the tiny Nordic country faces a choice between using the Canadian dollar or the euro. "The choice is between surrendering the sovereignty of Iceland in monetary ...

Iceland puts former PM on trial over financial crisis

06.03.12 @ 09:23

Iceland's former Prime Minister Geir Haarde on Monday (5 March) became the world's first leader to be put on trial on charges of negligence over the 2008 financial crisis. Haarde, who was a premier from 2006 to 2009, is ...

OpinionJoint responsiblities in mackerel fishing

16.01.12 @ 09:19

At the end of this month, a final attempt will be made to reach an agreement on the management of mackerel fishing in the Northeast-Atlantic for this year at a meeting in Bergen between the four coastal States, Iceland, ...

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