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InvestigationBritish firm to guard EU diplomats in Beirut

12.08.13 @ 09:28

The EU foreign service has hired British firm G4S to guard its diplomats in Lebanon, amid increasing sectarian violence. The company, the world's largest private security firm, is to take over from the EU's current ...

Hezbollah: EU listing gives Israel licence to kill

25.07.13 @ 09:25

Lebanese group Hezbollah has said the EU listing of its military wing makes the Union a party to any future Israeli assault. Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made the statement on TV after a sunset meal on Wednesday (24 ...

EU blacklists Hezbollah, but wants to keep talking

22.07.13 @ 17:53

The EU has said the military part of Lebanese group Hezbollah is a "terrorist entity," but wants to keep talking to its political staff. Two leading advocates of the move, Britain and Germany, said in Brussels on Monday ...

Israel urges EU to back new peace plan for Syria

12.03.13 @ 19:12

Israeli President Shimon Peres has urged the EU to get behind his novel idea on how to stop the war in Syria - by sending in Arab peacekeepers under a UN mandate. Speaking to press in the European Parliament in ...

UK seeks EU support on arming Syrian rebels

18.02.13 @ 12:27

Britain's William Hague was almost alone on Monday (18 February) in saying EU countries should give weapons to Syrian rebels. Coming into a foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels, he told media: "We have given them [the ...

OpinionHezbollah at Europe's doorstep

07.02.13 @ 09:25

What further evidence does the European Union need to declare Hezbollah an international terrorist group? The latest proof comes from Bulgaria. After a six month investigation, Bulgaria has concluded in a new report ...

EU official: Hezbollah unlikely to get on terrorism blacklist

28.01.13 @ 09:01

The EU's top counter-terrorism official has said that Hezbollah might not get onto the Union's blacklist even if it did bomb Jewish tourists in Bulgaria last year. Gilles de Kerchove told EUobserver that Bulgaria's ...

EU to boost Israel trade relations despite settlements row

24.07.12 @ 09:31

The EU is today to confirm moves to strengthen economic ties with Israel, facing off criticism that trade conditions should be frozen due to the diplomatic impasse over Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. ...

EU and US at odds over Iran's role in Syria

18.06.12 @ 09:13

EU diplomats disagree with the US and Israel on whether Iran should join a Contact Group on Syria. UN emissary Kofi Annan last week called for the formation of a body akin to the one which steered events in the Balkans ...