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Montenegro-EU talks advance in Russia's shadow

17.12.14 @ 09:27

The EU has opened four new chapters in accession talks with Montenegro, while continuing to criticise lack of rule of law in Turkey and the wider Balkans region. The Montenegro decision was taken at an intergovernmental ...

OpinionA forgotten crime: Montenegro’s double-dealing on the media

06.02.14 @ 08:50

Montenegro is first in line after Croatia to enter the EU, according to some European politicians and parliamentarians. It’s a leader in the Balkan region. But the country’s press is under attack, with Prime Minister ...

Commission backs Albania-EU membership talks

16.10.13 @ 17:41

The European Commission has said Albania should be given the green light to open EU membership talks. Presenting the EU executive's annual enlargement reports on Wednesday (16 October), commissioner Stefan Fuele said ...

OpinionPopulism in Brussels? How to solve the Balkan asylum crisis

24.10.12 @ 09:10

Is the EU edging closer to making a fundamental and strategic mistake by restoring the visa requirement for citizens of the Western Balkans? At this moment the interior ministers of six EU countries - Germany, Belgium, ...

Germany and France demand reintroduction of Balkan visas

15.10.12 @ 21:58

Germany, France and four other EU countries want to reintroduce visa requirements for people from the Western Balkans, saying that the measure is needed to combat a spike in asylum claims from the region. Ahead of next ...

OpinionBalkan 'Benelux' would speed up EU entry

19.06.12 @ 10:05

Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro should join forces to build a new and permanent co-operation structure aimed at boosting their political and economic relations, with a final common goal of accelerating EU ...

OpinionEU must open its eyes to Balkan realities

23.05.12 @ 22:49

On his death in 1898, Otto Von Bismarck is quoted to have said that "If there is ever another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans." He was right. A decade or so after his death a ...

OpinionMass unemployment in the Balkans – a need to act

12.04.12 @ 10:49

Leskovac, once known as the Serbian Manchester, is home to a textile industry that began in the 19th century, flourished under Communism, and has survived - albeit barely - until today. The town, which lies in the south ...

Yugoslavia and the profits of doom

02.12.11 @ 10:23

This article was first published on, an investigative journalism website. As the nation once called Yugoslavia collapsed into a deadly maelstrom through the 1990s, the world largely stood mute in the ...

OpinionBalkan asylum seekers and the spectre of European hypocrisy

04.10.11 @ 09:26

During the first half of this year, an average 25 Bosnian citizens requested asylum in Belgium every month. In August, their number increased to 81. The number for September is likely to be even a bit higher. This is ...