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OpinionEU-Afghanistan: Mission accomplished, women abandoned?

20.01.14 @ 11:15

UK Prime Minister David Cameron may feel that his country’s Afghanistan mission is “accomplished,” but Afghan women paint a much bleaker picture. Despite 12 years of armed conflict, investment and capacity-building by ...

Russians top EU asylum seekers

08.08.13 @ 16:21

The EU saw the highest number of asylum seekers come from Russia at the beginning of this year, with Syrians following closely behind. Recently-released Eurostat figures for the first three months of 2013 saw 8,435 ...

AgendaYouth unemployment tops EU agenda this WEEK

21.06.13 @ 18:15

EU leaders will gather in Brussels at the end of the week to discuss both youth employment as well as further steps towards banking union. With 26 million people without a job in the EU, and unemployment among young ...

InvestigationEU men with guns: A comedy of errors

17.04.13 @ 16:47

Catherine Ashton's EU foreign service recently gave its biggest security contract to a company with a frightening track record. Then they took it away again, posing questions on the professionalism of her staff. Ashton' ...

InvestigationSecurity firm wins EU contract despite tax problem

15.03.13 @ 09:29

British private security firm Page Group has scooped a contract to protect EU diplomats in Afghanistan, but faces delays over local tax compliance. A Page Group spokesperson confirmed to EUobserver on Thursday (14 March ...

Military chief: EU becoming 'marginal' in Asia-centric world

01.11.12 @ 09:27

EU countries must share military resources or become "marginal" powers on the world stage, a Swedish general has said. Hakan Syren issued the warning after chairing a regular meeting of EU military commanders in ...

Commission probes Italy asylum abuse allegations

20.07.12 @ 17:45

The European Commission is looking into allegations Italy is abusing the rights of asylum seekers by sending unaccompanied minors back to Greece. EU law requires member states to thoroughly process asylum claims and ...

EU and US at odds over Iran's role in Syria

18.06.12 @ 09:13

EU diplomats disagree with the US and Israel on whether Iran should join a Contact Group on Syria. UN emissary Kofi Annan last week called for the formation of a body akin to the one which steered events in the Balkans ...

InvestigationEU to spend €50mn on private security in Afghanistan

11.05.12 @ 09:24

The EU's external action service (EEAS) plans to spend up to €50 million on private security guards for its Afghanistan mission over the next four years. It unveiled the tender on Thursday (10 May), saying the money ...

EU police warn of new-model jihad threat

27.04.12 @ 11:46

The EU's joint police body, Europol has noted there were no succesful Islamist attacks in Europe last year, while warning about future Toulouse-type 'lone wolves.' Its report, out on Wednesday (25April), highlighted ...

Turkey and China host biggest EU outposts

26.04.12 @ 16:25

Staff numbers at embassies highlight EU interest in Turkey, China, the Western Balkans and in multilateral bodies, as well as member states' ongoing reliance on bilateral diplomacy. The EU's top 10 delegations in terms ...

AgendaThis WEEK in the European Union

02.12.11 @ 18:37

Almost every week for months now has appeared to be a crunch week for the eurozone, but with lending between banks freezing up, contagion spreading to Germany, and even the circumspect EU economy chief Olli Rehn ...