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FocusChronic Diseases

22.09.14 @ 17:01

Chronic diseases are the main cause of death and disability in Europe and the growing trend is straining the region’s healthcare budgets.

FocusChronic diseases - the biggest killer in Europe

22.09.14 @ 15:16

Chronic disease is the leading cause of mortality in Europe. Over one third of the European population above the age of 15 have a chronic disease and two out of three people reaching retirement age will have at least ...

Marijuana should stay illegal, young Europeans say

22.08.14 @ 12:40

A narrow majority of Europe’s youth would ban cannabis, according to new research published by Eurobarometer. Opinion was divided on whether cannabis should be banned. Forty five percent believed that it should be ...

EU border agency keen to expand Mediterranean Sea surveillance

19.03.13 @ 09:25

Spanning some 2.5 million square kilometres, the Mediterranean Sea remains largely outside the surveillance scope of member states and the Warsaw-based EU border agency Frontex. “We do not know at present what is going ...

Criminals exploiting EU travel freedoms, Dutch data shows

15.03.13 @ 11:59

Fresh data from Dutch police shows how irregular migrants and criminals exploit the EU's passport-free borders. Under the rules of the so-called Schengen Area, which covers all EU countries except Bulgaria, Cyprus, ...

Europe's cocaine habit fuels West Africa instability

25.02.13 @ 19:03

The price and demand for cocaine in Europe remains high as shipments through West African transit countries to EU destinations has dropped. A report released on Monday (25 February) by the United Nations Office on Drugs ...

FeatureLife-saving drug hits eurocrat wall - a Kafkaesque tale

13.02.13 @ 15:53

A French medical laboratory and the European Commission are currently locked in a furious legal battle - at stake is whether a handful of EU civil servants, through use of byzantine rules, can defy medical opinion and ...

Illict drugs getting into EU via Internet

01.02.13 @ 00:20

Europe’s illicit drug problem is getting worse as online sale and distribution frustrate law enforcement. Online anonymous sale points known as "darknets" now provide discrete access to almost any sort of drug with ...

InterviewMali mission could up risk of anti-EU terrorism

23.01.13 @ 16:50

A top counter-terrorism official has said the EU military training mission in Mali will increase the risk of revenge attacks in Europe. Asked by EUobserver on Tuesday (22 January) if France's intervention in Mali could ...

Surge in new drugs as Europeans seek 'legal highs'

15.11.12 @ 17:24

New psychoactive drugs are appearing on the market at the rate of about one a week as Europeans seek "legal highs," a job made easier by the large rise in online drugs retailers. Fifty-seven new substances have already ...

Mexican drug cartels penetrate southern Europe

09.11.12 @ 09:25

One of Mexico’s largest and most dangerous drug cartels has expanded its activities throughout the world, including Spain, Italy and the Western Balkans. "The reach of drug trafficking cartels, in particular the Sinaloa ...

Merck stops cancer drug supply to Greek hospitals

05.11.12 @ 09:28

German drug company Merck has halted life-saving cancer drug shipments to Greek public hospitals. Its chief financial officer, Matthias Zachert told German paper Boersen-Zeitung on Saturday (3 November) that the crisis- ...

Drug supplies to EU crisis countries at risk, warn health analysts

23.08.12 @ 20:42

Speculators are threatening the supply of medication to countries worst hit by the sovereign debt crisis, according to research by business analysts GlobalData. GlobalData's report, published Wednesday (22 August) ...

EU and US at odds over Iran's role in Syria

18.06.12 @ 09:13

EU diplomats disagree with the US and Israel on whether Iran should join a Contact Group on Syria. UN emissary Kofi Annan last week called for the formation of a body akin to the one which steered events in the Balkans ...

Resignation at EU drugs agency highlights ethics issues

05.04.12 @ 20:49

A top scientist within the EU agency authorising new drugs resigned on Wednesday (4 April) after being fired from France's national regulator, itself embroiled in scandals over poisonous diabetes drugs and failing ...


07.03.12 @ 17:36

E-health is already the third largest sector in the healthcare industry after pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With new technology fundamentally changing doctor-patient relations and posing new questions on privacy, ...

VideoEU nags Turkey on terrorism and human rights

17.01.12 @ 08:22

Oomen-Ruitjen in her latest report on EU-Turkey relations underlined that Ankara must fulfill the EU's so-called Copenhagen Criteria on enlargement in the areas of press freedom and women's rights. She told EUobserver ...