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OpinionKazakh leader comes to Brussels: Another wasted opportunity?

09.10.14 @ 09:16

The 9 October visit by Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbaev, to Brussels will serve as a pointed reminder of the EU’s colossal failure to secure human rights improvements as part of its engagement with his ...

OpinionSlick PR and the real story in Uzbekistan

03.10.14 @ 08:55

In Uzbekistan, as elsewhere, money can buy you publicity. In mid-September a London based PR agency made an appeal to “Free Gulnara NOW” claiming that Gulnara Karimova, daughter of Uzbek president Islam Karimov, was “ ...

OpinionEU missing the boat on Kazakhstan reform

30.06.14 @ 13:44

It may not make headlines that the EU and Kazakhstan are upgrading relations, in the form of an enhanced Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA), even as a delegation of government officials prepares to depart for ...

No plans for EU embassy in Iran despite improving relations

31.10.13 @ 20:57

The EU says it has no plans to open an embassy in Iran despite recent progress in nuclear talks. An EU source said a possible first step would be to "embed" a diplomat from the European External Action Service (EEAS) at ...

'EU trying to turn Azerbaijan into Libya'

25.10.13 @ 09:28

A senior Azerbaijani MP has accused the European Parliament of political "subversion" after the EU assembly said Azerbaijan's recent election was rigged. Elkhan Suleymanov - a deputy who is close to President Ilham ...

EU ponders reaction to Azerbaijan's 'appgate'

10.10.13 @ 09:30

French senators have congratulated Azerbaijan's President on a sweeping election victory, but they could have done it one day before the vote. The French politicians, Nathalie Goulet, Mohamed Soilihi and Jean-Claude ...

EU seals Singapore trade pact

20.09.13 @ 09:31

EU trade officials moved a step closer to sealing an trade pact with Singapore after negotiators for both sides presented the entire text of the agreement on Friday (20 September). "This is also the first step towards ...

US to EU: Middle East and Africa pose risk of 'dirty bomb'

14.06.13 @ 09:29

Countries in Africa and the Middle East are a greater threat than old nuclear facilities in former Soviet republics as sources of material for a "dirty bomb," US officials say. "In north Africa and the Middle East you ...

OpinionIran and the E3+3: waiting for Mr President

03.06.13 @ 17:56

Late last month, the electoral campaign for the 11th Iranian presidential elections scheduled for 14 June officially began, opening the floor to the competing candidates to promote their views in TV debates, in an ...

EU should help Bangladesh workers to unionise

21.05.13 @ 09:24

Imposing sanctions on Bangladesh for unsafe working conditions while concluding a trade agreement with its neighbour India without a strong social component would be a mistake for the EU. After more than 1,000 people ...

OpinionEU rhetoric/EU action: ending forced labour in Uzbek cotton industry

23.04.13 @ 11:40

European Parliamentarians deserve praise for blocking a textile agreement with Uzbekistan due to systematic and continuous human rights violations in its cotton sector. This week, the parliament’s trade committee will ...

InterviewWorld Bank highlights growth outside the EU crisis

24.01.13 @ 09:19

For those suffering from eurozone crisis syndrome, it is easy to forget that an economic world exists beyond the EU's borders. For all the talk of recession and depression it would be a mistake to think that economies ...

OpinionCentral Asia: Europe's Asia Pivot?

28.11.12 @ 09:58

World media has been abuzz with America's "Asia Pivot" and President Barack Obama's groundbreaking trip to Rangoon. But while the visit signals the importance of Asia as a strategic focus for Obama's second ...

Sweden protests innocence on EU-Iran sanctions

15.10.12 @ 17:57

Sweden has denied diluting EU sanctions on Iran. But fellow EU diplomats say it did. Walking into an EU meeting in Luxembourg on Monday (15 October), Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt attacked Israeli media reports ...

OpinionEU quiet as trouble brews in Asia

18.09.12 @ 15:20

As tensions rise between Asia’s economic giants, China and Japan, over a small group of uninhabited mini-islands in the East China Sea, reaction from the EU remains conspicuous by its absence. The world’s second and ...

Turkey and China host biggest EU outposts

26.04.12 @ 16:25

Staff numbers at embassies highlight EU interest in Turkey, China, the Western Balkans and in multilateral bodies, as well as member states' ongoing reliance on bilateral diplomacy. The EU's top 10 delegations in terms ...

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