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OpinionConfronting criminals, protecting vulnerable migrants

17.12.14 @ 17:37

... and human trafficking. We cooperate closely with EU border agency Frontex and the Fundamental Rights Agency, and look forward to working ...

EU intelligence chief: No way of knowing if information came from torture

10.12.14 @ 18:41

... EU’s joint police body), Easa (its air safety agency), and Frontex (its border control agency). But it principally serves the EU foreign ...

EU looks to African dictators for migration solutions

08.12.14 @ 09:29

... to Europe. According to a recent report by the EU border agency Frontex, nine out of ten departures in the Mediterranean during 2014 ...

TickerEU border agency gets French chief

27.11.14 @ 09:11

The board of EU border agency Frontex has elected Fabrice Leggeri as its new head. Leggeri is a French ... immigration and was posted as diplomat in South Korea, according to his webpage. Frontex is involved in border patrolling missions, particularly in the Mediterranean.

Supra-national border guard system on EU radar

19.11.14 @ 18:41

... of the European border guard corps. The EU border agency Frontex, under this final model, would primarily be tasked to conduct intelligence ... gathering and manage resources like personnel and equipment. “The agency [Frontex] would collect the relevant information for strategic analysis through surveillance ...

TickerPrivate ships to rescue Mediterranean migrants

13.11.14 @ 09:07

... UN refugee agency told the BBC's Newsday programme. The Frontex-led operation replaced Italy's much larger Mare Nostrum mission ...

TickerFrontex-led operation Triton has enough money for 2 months

31.10.14 @ 14:35

The Triton border surveillance operation in the Mediterranean only has enough money to last two months. Triton will cost €2.9m a month but as the 2015 EU budget is not yet approved, its future is unclear.“I would ...

EU border agency 'overwhelmed' by offers of equipment

28.10.14 @ 18:17

... overwhelming response, far more equipment than we could use,” said Frontex spokesperson Izabella Cooper. Triton, as the operation is called, now ...

TickerFrontex under fundamental rights probe

22.10.14 @ 11:23

... has opened an investigation into how the EU's border agency, Frontex, applies fundamental rights when migrants are forced to return to ... their home countries. "I want to find out how Frontex is equipped to deal with potential violations," said O'Reilly.

Police launch EU-wide crackdown on migrants

14.10.14 @ 09:22

... the EU’s border agency Frontex. Frontex itself was quick to distance itself. In a carefully worded statement, Frontex executive director Gil Arias Fernandez ... co-operation’ nature, which are not within the mandate of Frontex,” he said. Estimates suggest there is anywhere from 150,000 ...

Frontex mission to extend just beyond Italian waters

07.10.14 @ 18:46

... cost €2.9 million per month. The EU-border agency Frontex is asking member states to contribute two aircraft, three patrol vessels ... zone. The “search and rescue” distinction is also important because Frontex and its Triton mission officially have a border surveillance mandate. It ...

TickerFrontex mission to extend beyond Italian waters

07.10.14 @ 14:20

The EU's Frontex-led mission Triton will extend 30 nautical miles from Italy' ...

Ombudsman: 'Now the hard work begins'

01.10.14 @ 18:58

... two to three member states, since the EU’s border agency, Frontex, has no complaint mechanism of its own, she explained. Charter for public ...

EU embassies should take asylum requests, new commissioner says

30.09.14 @ 19:07

... commissioner-designate also wants to reinforce the EU’s border agency, Frontex, which is set to expand its sea operations in the Mediterranean ... to co-ordinate border surveillance among member states but Avramopoulos suggested Frontex should place more emphasis on search and rescue. “We should ...

Police crackdown saves 30 children, arrests over 1,000 people

25.09.14 @ 08:01

... had teamed up with the EU’s border control agency Frontex, the EU's joint judicial authority Eurojust, and the Lyon ...

EU commission creates new foreign policy cell

11.09.14 @ 09:18

... to border patrols organised by the EU’s immigration agency, Frontex. Amid the threat of Russian gas cut-offs in winter ...

FeatureRefugee rights highlighted ahead of Swedish vote

10.09.14 @ 09:24

... by dinghies, which have more chances of passing unnoticed on Frontex surveillance systems. They travel without captains, as the latter face ...

International waters likely off limits to EU migrant mission

09.09.14 @ 18:24

... home affairs spokesperson, told Italian media in late August that Frontex Plus (now called Joint Operation Triton) would not operate in ... on Hermes and Aeneas; two Frontex surveillance and “early detection” operations already in Italy. But while Frontex itself participates in search and ...

EU migrant mission will not replace Mare Nostrum

03.09.14 @ 18:30

... euro-deputies in Brussels on Wednesday (3 September) the so-called Frontex plus will not replace Mare Nostrum, but will act as ... will be reliant on member state resources and budget constraints. “Frontex plus is not a replacement for Mare Nostrum. What exactly ...

France wants to create new EU migration post

02.09.14 @ 16:34

... of Calais. Paris also wants member states to commit assets to Frontex plus, an EU-coordinated migration operation in the Mediterranean set ... no specific details we can give,” said Malmstrom’s spokesperson. Frontex plus set to be renamed Operation Triton Triton, the mythological ...

TickerUN issues warning over new EU sea patrol

29.08.14 @ 22:13

... in by Italy. The European Commission announced plans for a Frontex plus mission to replace Italy's Mare Nostrum programme on ...

EU mission to help Italy save boat migrants

28.08.14 @ 09:30

... to the EU’s border-control agency, Frontex, in Warsaw, she said: “Two ongoing Frontex operations, Hermes and Aeneas, will be merged ... noted, adding that “Frontex will need more money”. Finding the resources to fund EU border control has proved difficult, however. Frontex’s budget was in ...

TickerEbola saves migrants from being returned

19.08.14 @ 08:17

EU border agency Frontex in Warsaw said on Monday it has suspended flights taking migrants ...

TickerBoat migrant arrivals to Italy up 500% in 2014

13.08.14 @ 09:28

... ,300 people arriving by the end of July, EU border agency Frontex's spokesperson Izabella Cooper said on Tuesday, according to AFP. Eritreans ...

EU grapples with smugglers as people fleeing conflict face torture

23.07.14 @ 09:28

... Alfano told MEPs in Brussels that the EU’s border agency Frontex needs to be reinforced and absorb some of the Italian ...

TickerItaly wants bigger Frontex role in Mediterranean

22.07.14 @ 12:50

... in Brussels on Tuesday he wants the EU's border agency Frontex to expand and take over some of the Italian-led ...

TickerNo immediate EU assistance for Italy on boat migrants

09.07.14 @ 09:24

... on Tuesday repeated calls for EU's border control agency Frontex to take over Italy's Mare Nostrum mission rescuing migrants ... . EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom who met Alfano in Milan refused, saying "Frontex is a small agency and cannot take over Mare Nostrum ...

Juncker: Economics commissioner will be a Socialist

08.07.14 @ 18:01

... said, noting that the budget for the EU border agency, Frontex - €80 million a year - is "ridiculous". He said he was the ...

Italy: struggling to make itself heard on migration

07.07.14 @ 09:23

... in investment, particularly to extend the EU's border programme, Frontex, to help with Mare Nostrum: "Budgetary decisions need to be ...

TickerEU will not commit more funds to migration policies

26.06.14 @ 09:31

... Nostrum," she said. But "to just replace it with a Frontex operation isn't possible. We don't have the money."

TickerItaly wants EU to take lead in migrant sea rescue operations

18.06.14 @ 09:21

... Reuters. Prime minister Matteo Renzi says the EU's border agency Frontex should take charge of Italy's naval operation, Mare Nostrom.

OpinionItalian MEP candidates scaremongering on immigration

15.05.14 @ 09:08

... million to Italy for migration management. The existence of a Frontex mission (the EU border agency) in the Mediterranean Sea is ...

TickerEU illegal border entry detections up 48% in 2013

15.05.14 @ 08:45

... percent when compared to 2012, according the EU's border agency Frontex. Last year some 107,000 attempted border crossings were detected ...

EU border surveillance system not helping to save lives

14.05.14 @ 18:50

... ,” said EU home affairs spokesperson Michele Cercone. Migrants fleeing conflict Frontex data confirms the commission assessment. Around 7,400 Syrians were ... the shortest distance to Italian waters. People inside the country have told Frontex that a large number of migrants and refugees are stranded ...

Italian right calls for end to migrant rescue programme

23.04.14 @ 09:29

... last week. For its part, the EU's border patrol agency Frontex has provided €7.1 million for its Italian operations so far this year ...

TickerItaly: Boat migrants are landing 'non-stop'

09.04.14 @ 18:25

... [the EU] cannot say that, having given €80mn to [border agency] Frontex, the problem has been resolved," he added, the Guardian reports.

Migration routes change, migrants' security does not

01.04.14 @ 09:32

... way to Europe increasingly turn to unsafe routes. Route by route Frontex collects detailed information on eight routes taken by undocumented migrants ... ” of migrants on each route, in collaboration with European member states. Frontex starts and coordinates so-called “joint operations” between member states, that ...

InvestigationThe Migrants' Files: surveying migrants' deaths at Europe's door

31.03.14 @ 09:27

... then Greece, underscoring the dynamic, adaptable nature of migrant flows. Frontex is the European Union’s border security coordination system. Its Operation ... the situation of migrants more precarious. Data from Frontex backs those findings but Frontex does not track dead or missing migrants, nor ...

AgendaHollande and Merkel plan EU 'revival' this WEEK

17.02.14 @ 17:58

... same day vote on how the EU border control agency, Frontex, should treat migrants rescued at sea. Brussels will this week also host ...

EUobservedSaving migrants with cameras

31.12.13 @ 08:39

... intercept them before they arrive. Malmstrom's border control agency, Frontex, has a new mandate to do search and rescue operations in ... from participating states. Each one sends near-live data feeds to Frontex, which raises the alarm if it gets a warning about ...

EU countries offered €6,000 per head to take in refugees

04.12.13 @ 19:37

... also says its border control agency, Frontex, needs an additional €14 million to co-ordinate sea patrols. Frontex told this website the money would ... put out guidelines that say whichever EU country is hosting the Frontex operation involved should take them in. But Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy ...

TickerEU border surveillance system comes into force

02.12.13 @ 09:02

... near-live data streams directly to the EU border agency, Frontex, for co-operation of activities.

Border agency accused of failing migrants' rights

26.11.13 @ 17:58

... , EU ombudsman Emily O’Reilly criticised the EU border agency Frontex for skirting its responsibilities on fundamental rights. O’Reilly told euro ... the blue armbands, which identify them as participating in a Frontex operation. Frontex already has a code of conduct, a new fundamental rights ...

TickerOmbudsman tells Frontex to deal with complaints

14.11.13 @ 11:04

... , Emily O'Reilly, Thursday called on EU border control agency Frontex to establish a mechanism for dealing with complaints about fundamental ... right infringements arising from its work. "I do not accept Frontex' view that human rights infringements are exclusively the responsibility of ...

Greek special forces push back Syrian refugees, NGO says

07.11.13 @ 16:56

... the EU border agency, Frontex, is making progress institutionalising human rights in its activities. He noted that Frontex is no way linked to ... the agency from individual migrants, were immediately followed up, says Frontex. “When we receive such information, we immediately request the member ...

OpinionThe Mediterranean Sea: A migration border

30.10.13 @ 16:16

... main reasons for emigrating. This means the EU's border agency, Frontex, will not be able to prevent new emergency situations involving ...

Germany shows little sympathy for Italy on migration

25.10.13 @ 18:52

... EU's immigration system. They called for the "reinforcement" of Frontex and for "swift implementation" of Eurosour, a new surveillance system ... Manuel Barroso told reporters that some EU countries pledged to give Frontex more money, boats and planes. The meeting fell short of calls ...

MEPs agree 5 percent cuts in bid to break budget deadlock

24.10.13 @ 09:35

... slightly increased. Jensen also wants to increase funding for the Frontex agency, which deals with EU border control, in response to ...

US spying to trump economy at EU summit

24.10.13 @ 09:28

... help. Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta has urged European leaders to bolster Frontex border agency and speed up the creation of Eurosur, a ...

TickerBulgaria wants money to help with Syrian refugees

22.10.13 @ 09:10

... entering the country, reports Novinite news agency. The EU border agency, Frontex, is sending extra staff. "They will send us 29 employees ...