Secret EU lawmaking: the triumph of the trialogue

04.04.14 @ 09:29

The setting could not be less spectacular – but trialogue meetings are a central hub of the EU's law-making machine.


Hack the EU: IT security cuts cause concern

20.05.13 @ 09:03

A plan to cut spending on IT security in the EU diplomatic corps is causing concern among officials who handle classified files.

Multi-million market for inside EU knowledge

03.10.12 @ 15:06

Lobby firms are the "eyes and ears" of their clients, with the daily hunt for EU information worth up to 70 percent of their business.

List of EU lobby firms by income

03.10.12 @ 17:15

EUobserver's list of 144 lobby firms in Brussels, with financial data where available.

What is 'SECRET UE' anyway?

24.09.12 @ 08:44

EU countries have a protocol for sharing official "secrets." But motives for classifying files are not always pure and the number of really hush hush papers in Brussels is tiny.


Intelligence chief: EU capital is 'spy capital'

17.09.12 @ 09:17

The head of Belgium's intelligence service has said Brussels is home to more spies than almost any other city.

Espionage in Belgium: recent cases

18.09.12 @ 09:16

With Belgium's spy-catcher-in-chief speaking out on espionage in the EU capital, TargetBRUSSELS and EUobserver profile recent cases which came out in the open.


Belgian intelligence chief talks to EUobserver: transcript

17.09.12 @ 09:17

Full transcript of EUobserver interview with Alain Winants, the head of the Belgian intelligence service, the VSSE, on espionage in Brussels.