Europe faces worst human rights 'crisis' in decades

17.04.14 @ 09:29

Europe is facing its largest human rights crisis in over two decades, according to the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe.


Regional unemployment highest in Spain

16.04.14 @ 09:14

Over two-dozen regions throughout the Union have an unemployment rate twice the EU average.

UN report calls for 'technological change' on global warming

14.04.14 @ 09:26

International climate scientists warn the world must shift away from fossil-intensive energy production, amid recent EU proposals to phase out subsidies for renewables.

MEPs back net neutrality law

03.04.14 @ 18:40

MEPs have backed open access to the Internet by tightening plans by the European Commission on net neutrality.

Malta legalises same-sex unions and adoption

15.04.14 @ 09:29

Malta on Monday legalised both same-sex unions and joint adoptions by gay couples.

Controversy over citizens' initiative on abortion funding ban

11.04.14 @ 09:27

A citizens' initiative demanding a change in EU law courted controversy on Thursday over its proposals to ban funding for abortion and reproductive health services in developing countries.

Internet providers can be forced to block access to illegal downloads, rules EU Court

28.03.14 @ 09:44

EU-based internet service providers can be ordered to block customers’ access to a copyright-infringing website, following a ruling by the European Court of Justice.

Charity documents 'human cost' of EU austerity

27.03.14 @ 18:01

A charity has gathered evidence of rising poverty, discrimination and exclusion in seven EU countries that have undergone austerity programmes in return for international loans.

German government to curb 'welfare tourism'

25.03.14 @ 09:50

A panel on welfare abuse in Germany has proposed tightening rules and giving child support only to people with a German tax number.

MEPs restrict child-friendly tobacco products

26.02.14 @ 18:26

New EU-wide rules to curb smoking are likely over the summer, as MEPs backed a bill to restrict tobacco flavourings, adverts, and the sale of electronic cigarettes.


Dresden: Bombs, neo-Nazis and Kurt Vonnegut

14.02.14 @ 17:39

A town of WWII destruction and reconstruction, Communism and floods, Dresden is now fighting to keep its memory untainted by neo-Nazis.

Political corruption seen as 'major problem' by most Europeans

26.03.14 @ 09:45

Three quarters of Europeans think corruption is a "major or widespread" problem in their political institutions, according to research published Tuesday.

New EU citizens' appeal targets press freedom

11.03.14 @ 21:41

Verdi, a German trade union which triggered the only successful European Citizens' Initiative so far, is throwing its weight behind a new project on press freedom.

Greece and creditors guilty of 'denialism' over public health crisis

21.02.14 @ 18:45

Athens and its creditors are guilty of "denialism" about the scale of the public health crisis caused by the country's harsh austerity programme, medical researchers have claimed.

EU bids to end US dominance in internet control

14.02.14 @ 09:29

The EU commission wants to end US control over the governance of the internet, according to a report published this week.