Belgium paralysed by general strike

15.12.14 @ 09:09

Flights, trains, and buses all but grind to a halt in Belgium on Monday, as trade unions stage a general strike against public sector cuts linked to EU budget rules.


Inequality reduces economic growth, OECD says

09.12.14 @ 22:20

Rising income inequality has cost European economies up to 10 percent in lost economic output over the past twenty years, according to a new report by the bloc's leading economic thinktank.

Hollande first EU leader to visit Ebola-hit Guinea

28.11.14 @ 09:24

French president Francois Hollande's one-day visit to Guinea is meant to send a “message of solidarity”.

EU tax havens drain money from developing nations

13.11.14 @ 09:22

Tax havens in places like Luxembourg are zapping billions of euros from the coffers of developing countries and forcing weak governments to rely on dwindling international development aid, experts say.

Medical devices face uncertain diagnosis in EU

08.12.14 @ 11:15

After recent implant scandals, revised EU legislation should make medical devices subject to more stringent tests, but health ministers are dragging their feet.

EU anti-Ebola funds not reaching aid workers, Red Cross says

17.11.14 @ 19:44

Ebola is flaring up as aid agencies struggle to keep staff on the ground, while EU pledges and donations have yet to appear.

Tobacco giants win judicial review on EU bill

04.11.14 @ 08:45

The EU's recently-agreed tobacco directive will be challenged at the bloc's top court after cigarette manufacturers won the right to have a judicial review.

Ebola screenings at Heathrow to start Tuesday

14.10.14 @ 09:26

Spain says outbreak under control, but Belgium quarantines one traveller, while the UK expects a "handful" of Ebola cases in coming months.


Estonia same-sex law breaks taboo in former Soviet states

09.10.14 @ 17:14

Estonia on Thursday became the first former Soviet republic to grant equal rights to same-sex couples, amid a nasty atmosphere.

MEPs critical of 'underfunded' youth jobs plan

17.09.14 @ 20:52

Outgoing EU commissioner for employment Laszlo Andor defended EU-wide efforts to tackle youth unemployment amid critical remarks from MEPs.

One in three Europeans more educated than parents, research finds

09.09.14 @ 18:55

One in every three young Europeans has a higher level of education than their parents, according to new research.


Glasgow: Ahead on Roma inclusion

13.10.14 @ 08:58

Glasgow is often held up as an example of how to integrate Roma, but community workers say this has nothing to do with an EU-funded project active there.

Future EU countries could face new migration curbs

09.10.14 @ 09:26

The EU commission has said future EU members could face extra controls on movement of workers in a concession to the UK.

EU urges stronger Ebola response from member states

16.09.14 @ 09:26

The EU is pressing member states to step up efforts against Ebola as the epidemic continues to spread through west Africa.

Unemployment on slow downward trend, report says

04.09.14 @ 09:26

Unemployment has started to fall in Europe, but will remain next year at higher levels than before the euro-crisis, according to an OECD report.