Obesity could qualify as disability, says EU court

17.07.14 @ 13:15

Obesity may be considered a disability if it affects how a person does their job, the EU's top court said Thursday


Controversial maternity leave bill scrapped

16.07.14 @ 08:54

A bill to reform 20-year old EU laws on maternity leave is being withdrawn after being stuck at the member state level for too long.

EU student programme hits record popularity

10.07.14 @ 19:14

The EU’s student exchange programme Erasmus funded the studies of nearly 270,000 students in 2012/3, a record 15,000 more than previous year, the European Commission said on Thursday (10 July).

Romanians and Greeks work the hardest in Europe

26.06.14 @ 09:22

A new study has defied stereotypes by showing that Romanian and Greek people are among the hardest working in Europe.


Greek workers face arrest for being on strike

13.07.14 @ 15:07

Market fundamentalists are testing something even more dangerous than privatisation of public goods in Greece; public workers now face arrest for being on strike.

EU fines pharma-giants €427mn in ‘pay for delay’ case

09.07.14 @ 19:17

French pharmaceutical Servier will bear the brunt of a €427 million anti-trust fine in the largest ‘pay for delay’ case brought by the European Commission.

Commission axes pregnant workers bill

19.06.14 @ 09:45

The European Commission has announced that a plan to extend maternity leave for pregnant workers is one of five bills that will not be retabled in the next legislature.

EU survey sees happy Danes, grumpy Bulgarians

18.06.14 @ 19:12

Scandinavians may be among Europe’s highest taxed, but they are also the happiest according to new research by the UK’s Office of National Statistics.

Austerity measures destroying EU social model: report

03.06.14 @ 09:28

Austerity measures meant to pull Europe out of the crisis have put some 800,000 children into poverty, according to a new report.

EU court ruling to boost holiday pay for workers on commission

22.05.14 @ 17:56

Thousands of workers across the EU are set to see a boost to their holiday pay as a result of a ruling by the EU's top court.

Public support for EU rising ahead of elections

13.05.14 @ 09:28

Public support for the European Union is seeing a gradual recovery, according to a new survey of seven EU nations.

EU official says response to economic crisis is flawed

14.06.14 @ 16:38

The EU’s social affairs commissioner lashed out at the EU’s response to the economic crisis.

Commission rejects citizens' campaign to ban stem cell funding

29.05.14 @ 09:16

The European Commission has dismissed a campaign to scrap funding for stem cell research and reproductive health services.

EU court: Countries are entitled to reject benefit claims

21.05.14 @ 09:12

Countries can reject benefit claims by citizens of other EU countries if they are engaging in 'social tourism', the advocate general of the European Court of Justice advised Tuesday.

Government backed torture is flourishing, says Amnesty

13.05.14 @ 09:27

Governments are failing to live up to their commitments to stamp out state-sanctioned torture, according to London-based Amnesty International.