EU men with guns: A comedy of errors

17.04.13 @ 16:47

The EU foreign service just did a U-turn on a €50mn tender for bodyguards in Kabul, with leaked documents posing questions how a British firm with a frightening track record won it in the first place.


24.04.13 @ 16:33

Very private security

24.04.13 @ 16:10

EUobserver investigative reports

22.02.13 @ 09:20

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British firm to guard EU diplomats in Beirut

12.08.13 @ 09:28

The EU has hired G4S, the world's largest security company, to guard its diplomats in Lebanon, amid increasing violence.

Controversial British firm wins EU security job in Gaza

30.04.13 @ 09:22

The EU diplomatic service has confirmed that British company PPS will guard its people in Gaza and the West Bank despite the firm's poor track record.

EU bins security contract, annoys Libya

29.05.12 @ 20:50

The EU foreign service has cancelled a €10 million contract with British security firm G4S in a minor diplomatic dispute with Libya.

MEPs voice worry on security deals at EU embassies

15.07.13 @ 09:25

MEPs have voiced concern about security arrangements at EU embassies, amid a "surprising" new decision on bodyguards in Kabul.

Security firm wins EU contract despite tax problem

15.03.13 @ 09:29

British private security firm Page Group has scooped a contract to protect EU diplomats in Afghanistan, but faces delays over local tax compliance.

Question marks over EU contract for Libya security firm

08.05.12 @ 14:06

The EU's foreign relations service has awarded a juicy contract to British security firm G4S in Libya despite the fact it has no permission to work there.

EU to spend €50mn on private security in Afghanistan

11.05.12 @ 09:24

The EU's external action service plans to spend up to €50 million on private security guards for its Afghanistan mission over the next four years.

Ashton to spend €15mn on private security firms

09.03.12 @ 16:58

Catherine Ashton's foreign service is to spend €15 million on private security firms to protect diplomats in dangerous places.